PS3 [WARNINGI] PS3 Firmware 4.82 Appears to be Live - Likely to close 4.81 exploit (PS3Xploit)

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 13, 2017.

By STLcardsWS on Nov 13, 2017 at 9:43 PM
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    UPDATE >>>>: Its appears that 4.82 DID NOT close the PS3Xploit.

    It appears Sony has released a system update to Firmware 4.82 for the PS3, which is likely to close and patch the recent 4.81 exploit (PS3Xploit) as expected, The update came a bit quicker then many (including myself) expected, but you just never know with these type of things. If you planned to take advantage of the PS3Xploit hacks (Software Downgrader / Possible HEN (Homebrew Enabler) on Super Slims) DO NOT UPDATE TO THIS NEW OFFICIAL FIRMWARE 4.82, Stay on Firmware 4.81. As this firmware is investigated by scene developer's and also as Sony releases official details will be posted/updated in this article.​

    Current CFW user's be sure to keep this thread in your bookmarks, As updated CFW ad new homebrew are released to support 4.82, we will add in our list that you can find >>> here <<<


    • Official Details:
      • Sony has not released and details or release notes yet
      • This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.

      Unofficial Details:
      • Patched PS3Xploi (unconfirmed) UPDATE: PS3Xploit was not patched,


    Update the PS3Xploit exploit was not patched, thus did not close the exploit. It seemed a bit fast for Sony to patch to quickly, was just coincidence that Sony had a planned update in the works, but I WOULD EXPECT SONY TO PATCH THIS EXPLOIT in the coming weeks.
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 13, 2017.

    1. chris
      Quick little question here. I believe have a Downgradeable PS3 slim here (2501A Agusst 2010) and my understanding of how this is going to work is "any' Downgradeable PS3 can take advantage of this exploit eventually for a FULL downgrade to OFW 3.55.. right?
    2. Zeonis
      @chris You can't downgrade the firmware on 25xx+ models so you can't downgrade your PS3 Slim.
    3. Amaan Khan
      Amaan Khan
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    4. Zoilus
      not true! you can jailbreak and or downgrade ( two different things) 25xx models as long as it was manufactured in 2010 , i've done a bunch of them .. i believe the ones made in January of 2011 came with 3.56 which can be jailbroken but never downgraded.

      Flip the ps upside down, on the big sticker on the bottom is the date , for 25xx series as long as it says 2010 you're good. if its 2011 then the month should be January.
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    5. Amaan Khan
      Amaan Khan
      Hi bro
    6. Kootraparagon
      So my ps3 model CECH-30**A can be jb and downgraded?
    7. Zeonis
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    8. chris
      thanks for the info, she's (August 2010) just making sure. I have a teensy++ but never could get the motivation to solder it in.
      but now its just a simple waiting game and I'm good at those, motivation is a disadvantage :)
    9. chris
      JB Not as soon as the previous models but eventually in a similar way to 'HEN'
      A Downgrade to 3.55 on your system model or models above might not be possible for a while.
    10. Mozzy5837
      Put a couple hours aside and Just solder the teensy, about as easy as it gets m8 the hard works been done for you as in nor test points jpg ,all the GUI,.
    11. ed89
      so all the unhackable PS3's (full of stability ;)) are finally hackable thanks to (webkit) haha cool
      exploit them all! haha $ony PS3 is not stable enought lol

      Of course i know it was not easy to exploit, would have been a lot of work.
      thanks to the creators! (bguerville and esc0rtd3w) thxU

      I still has CFW PS3 myself but maybe I can exploit a OFW (newer model) ps3 for somebody else so they can have fun too
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    12. Zoilus
      hey whats up! I know you from my channel .. :smiley simmons:
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    13. Zoilus
      Right now NO 30xx series can be modded...BUT hopefully this exploit being worked on , will change this
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    14. Zoilus
      Exactly ...

      if there's ever any doubt just take this PS3 folder as is, put it on the root of a fat32 usb, stick it in any of the usb ports of the ps and go into settings, update, and manual update, ok, then it will kick up an error but it will show what the lowest firmware that machine can go down to is. As long as that number is 3.55 or lower then it can be jailbroken and or downgraded. 3.56 only can be jailbroken.
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    15. Zoilus
      E3 flasher on those is what i use always. but now with this hopeful exploit, you won't need that either and years and models will no longer matter.
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    16. ed89
      HEN Type exploit for (some newer) CECH25xx, CECH-3xxx, CECH4xxx, would be more than enought at least this models are considered as non hackable maybe not anymore soon would be awesome so everybody can have some fun ;)
      Did not think that such a thing would happen. :applause::victorious:
      Great news.
    17. Zoilus
      The developers here are different ... when the devs are actual members of this site, you can trust what they say. They don't play around here, yes they have fun but they're serious, when they say something you can trust it...not like everywhere else. And if they are not to sure about something they will say it, they're pretty open and transparent that way.
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    18. Amaan Khan
      Amaan Khan
      Yeah man I love your videos so much :)
    19. Amits
      So ps3 xploit 4.81 cfw will work on my CECH 4308A ps3 model?
    20. sandungas
      Everybody is doing the same questions, let me help you guys in doing the right questions, otherway you are not going to have a direct answer :P
      As yoda could say... answers are given to the accurate questioners

      Q - My PS3 in a firmware equal or smaller than 4.82 is going to be able to run a HEN firmware ? (a.k.a. Homebrew ENabler/d)

      Q - My PS3 in a firmware equal or smaller than 4.82 is going to be able to run game backups ?
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