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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 10, 2015.

By STLcardsWS on Sep 10, 2015 at 7:23 PM
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    The original version of webMAN (deank's vanilla version) is able to use the android interface droidman for various remote function that the plugin is capable performing. However droidman never did fully support webMAN MOD but thanks to the release by Mr Smithy x who has released an Android app (apk) called "WebAnd" supports webMAN MOD. Which allows for many remote features that webMAN MOD plugin is capable of running. Such as remote mounting and un-mounting of games, Remote file explorer, [break]hh[/break] Temperature Settings and Reading available of your internal RSX and CPU readings and v fan controls straight from your android device.. The webMAN plugin contains various other remote functions that this interface is capable of handling..


    : WebAnd_Beta.apk

    Source: PSX-Place.com


Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 10, 2015.

    1. epicboy
      Woooah. I just asked for an update and someone did it. Amazing. I have that much influence? (I kid. Thank you Mr Smithy x for this app and [MENTION=2]STLcardsWS[/MENTION] for the news.)
    2. bitsbubba
      been waiting for something like this for a while now since droidMAN is no longer being updated
    3. kadorna2
      The games tab doesn't show anything no matter which system is selected, any ideas? Great app btw
    4. Phil
      Sony z3 compact running latest lollypop. Freezes everytime it finds my ps3. Any fix for this?
    5. Mr Smithy x
      Mr Smithy x
    6. Rudi Rastelli
      Rudi Rastelli
      Hi !

      I just tried your app and i really like it.
      If you need help for the german translation then let me know and just send me a txt-file with the english phrases and i'll send back a german translation.

      BTW... pls check your account settings... it's not possible to send u a private message.

    7. Mr Smithy x
      Mr Smithy x
      I changed my settings i think it should work now :)
    8. Mr Smithy x
      Mr Smithy x
      The latest update of WebAnd was around Sept, 16, 11pm est time. I just widen the audience. The application is compatible with 4.0+
      In the mean time i'm building the iOS version of the app, so support for android will be rather slow.
    9. bitsbubba
      just downloaded the latest and still no games show up under the "GAMES" tab (except PSX)

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      Last edited: Sep 17, 2015
    10. Mr Smithy x
      Mr Smithy x
      I found the root of the problem, i'll find a fix for it.
    11. Mr Smithy x
      Mr Smithy x
      Updated the app, try it out and let me know if you have any problems
    12. aldostools
      I've found some minor issues:
      1- The game list is not sorted... It makes difficult to find the games.
      2- The game covers are too small.
      3- The tab "Settings" start on File Manager
      4- The web browser does not allow to zoom or swipe (in slider mode).
    13. Mr Smithy x
      Mr Smithy x
      Thanks, i'll work on fixing these in the next update
    14. Bad Jester
      Bad Jester
      Thanks for this app. I haven't tried yet but sounds like it's great.
      I'm not on everyday and sometimes miss some posts, soo
      Is there anyway to differentiate between the different beta versions so I can tell if it's been updated or not?
    15. sbp
      Also please add access to show what is in the net directory under the games view if possible. Also I noticed a refresh button hidden under the games buttons that show up in the list, I assume this is a layout issue. Great app, keep up the great work. Maybe add movian controls to your future feature list as well.
      Last edited: Sep 20, 2015
    16. bitsbubba
      Link is always up to date with the latest beta build
      Last edited: Sep 20, 2015
    17. Mr Smithy x
      Mr Smithy x
      I've never used movian, but i'll check it out and will see if there's something I can do with it/
    18. Metalomeus
      Very useful App....Thx for this.
      Maybe it is possible to implement some inverted layouts (Designs)to WebAnd ?

    19. sbp
      Ohhhh , I thought every ps3 user has movian installed. Lol. Anyways here is a thread that will help you out with some other people's project git links and some discussion with ideas etc. Hope it helps. https://movian.tv/boards/6/topics/8944

      Keep up the great work. Cheers

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