PS3 webMAN 1.45n - With new NTFS Support by deank

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By STLcardsWS on Jan 21, 2017 at 10:42 AM
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    If you have been keeping a look on this thread: libntfs_ext library compilation with cellsdk in the forums you will have enjoyed some great development conversations as developers worked with deank together taking this idea and putting it to practice. With this update there is no longer a need for prepNTFS v1.0 (an app by deank which, in the past, provided webMAN with NTFS Support (see update tab for extra details on prepNTFS)), you will have the ability to access your NTFS drives via FTP with upto 2 drives (4 partitions) connected to the your CFW enabled PS3. Checkout all the details in this latest update coming from deank.


    • I think webMAN 1.45n is ready for official release with ntfs support.

      Thanks to @freddy38510/@Zar/@bguerville for the good job with libntfs_ext cellsdk changes, @aldostools for the information about the vsh exported libraries, @Joonie and @bguerville for the tests. Hopefully still there are users who use webMAN over the feature-rich webMAN MOD. :)

      • Added access to ntfs drives via FTP
      • Up to 2 drives x 4 partitions supported (/dev_ntfs00 to /dev_ntfs70)
      • No need for external prepNTFS (ntfs drives are scanned at system startup or if later attached - when refresh html/xml buttons are pressed or when FTP session is created)

      Source can be compiled with or without NTFS support by defining USE_NTFS in main.c and changing the Makefile.


    • Core Features of webMAN (aka webMAN (official) , webMAN Vanilla)
      • FTP server with remote control functions (shutdown/restart)
      • WWW server with remote control functions (scroll down for the complete list of shortcuts)
      • Support for loading and browsing of [local] PS3 games in ISO and folder format, DVD videos in ISO format, Blu-ray movies in ISO format, PS1/PS2/PSP games in ISO format with cover display
      • NETISO support for network loading and browsing of PS3 games in ISO and folder format, DVD videos in ISO format, Blu-ray movies in ISO format, PS1 and PSP games
      • NTFS support for PS3 and PS1 games in ISO format, Blu-ray movies in ISO format and DVD Video in ISO format
      • Dynamic Fan Control and in-game temperature monitoring
      • PAD shortcuts (*open include/combos.h for a complete list of shortcuts)
      • Keep USB device awake
      • Mount last game or AUTOBOOT.ISO to system startup
      • NEW NTFS Drive Support (no need for prepNTFS as of v1.45n)

    • I would like to clarify that "No need for external prepNTFS" refers to prepNTFS 1.0. prepNTFS 1.17 has some extra features that are not currently supported by the internal prepNTFS in webMAN 1.45n:
      • Support for multipart ISOs (*.ISO.0....n) on NTFS
      • Creation of fake ISO (.ntfs[BDFILE]) for video and pkg files stored on ntfs
      • Patch ISO for lower CFW (e.g. games that require 4.80 on 4.75)


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 21, 2017.

    1. deank
      I guess not. You can try it yourself to test.

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    2. bguerville
      No GPT support on the PS3 afaik. The ntfs library used here is the same as the one used in Irisman, movian or prepNTFS so there is no reason to expect that kind of changes.
      deank already said he was looking into multiman atm.
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    3. dew
      Okey-dockey. And for example what about /dev/usb071, usb-hubs, etc. with FAT32 partitions?
    4. bguerville
      Fat32 support has not changed afaik.
      071 isn't supported but it's possible to add support easily by changing the source code a little. It might also be possible to remap /dev_usb071 or any other hub port to an unused /dev_usb00x using sys_map_path in a self or adding the command to webman.
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    5. Dino05
      Hi @deank
      I have an issue with some games on hdd NTFS, after scanning the ISO games (startup scan or refresh html/xml).
      eg. God of War 3, when I mount the game and start but it back to XMB
      eg. Batman Arkham Origins, I have black screen after the verification of trophies, then trying to exit the game PS3 beeps 3 times and restart.
      But if I unmount the game, use prepNTFS, then I mount and Start the game it works fine.

      Maybe the video can help you understand...

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    6. RICHARD49
      i need you pkg it
    7. bguerville
      There is no pkg for webman.
      Here is an excerpt from the Readme concerning installation.
      Another option is to use wMM Updater pkg to install wMM then replace the webftp_server.sprx manually...
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    8. deank
      Yes, there is a problem. It seems that 4GB+ isos get wrong sector count - it is a bug in the libntfs port and I'm trying to find what is wrong.

      Until it is fixed you can redownload the .sprx (it won't delete/create .ntfs[*] files).
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    9. deank
      @Dino05: The problem is fixed now and the proper sector size is returned in the .ntfs[*] files.

      The download links (zip/sprx) are updated.
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    10. deank
      Also ntfs drives are now listed in the web-browser.

      @aldostools: In the proposed code that you posted the other day there were few issues. Wrong buffer size for file-transfer (copy/paste error from the ftp function), missing ps3ntfs_dirclose when listing the folders and some missing #ifdefs to make it compile without ntfs support. If you decide to add this to wMM - the source is in the .zip as usual.
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    11. aldostools
      Instead of start from scratch, you could try to fix this *TEST* build:

      I haven't done a lot of tests, but it seems to be functional.

      The major issue that I found was in the FTP server:
      - I had to remove many of the FTP SITE commands in the NTFS edition (full edition).
      For some reason that I haven't found yet, the FTP stops working with NTFS flag when I use the latest code from 1.45.10. So I use a modified version of webMAN vanilla's FTP server in the full edition; and wMM's FTP server is used for the other editions.
      Last edited: Jan 27, 2017
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    12. deank
      I know it was long time ago when I released the discBOOT app back in 2011, which allowed for playing games from burned DVD-R (SL/DL) or BD-R/RE discs. I wonder if there are people still interested in this, because I think webMAN can overcome the limitations that once discBOOT had (direct-boot games).
    13. atreyu187

      Was actually just speaking to a guy in Reddit about this discBOOT was the mod of ps3homebrew. So I'm sure there is some interest still.
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    14. bguerville
      There is definitely still some interest @deank.
      I remember various posts of people looking for it & at least 3/4 users have asked me specifically for info about an updated version in the past 6 months...
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    15. deank
      Just to be clear - I'm not talking about 1:1 (encrypted) copies of original game discs. Not that loading 1:1 copies is impossible, but it is not the current idea (at least for now).
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    16. deank
      On a side note - I wonder why no one thought/asked about updating the display of the webMAN section in XMB without restarting, since it is now possible to force category refresh (for example seg_mygames in category game). :)
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    17. aldostools
      Did you have success doing that? Few months ago I tried refreshing the XMB sections using different commands of explore_interface->ExecXMBcommand and in my tests the lists were already the cached one.
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    18. atreyu187

      Yea I used it before running a few games from some DVD+R DL I had just to test as I didnt have a Blu-ray burner at the time. I tried all forms of DVD media and even high capacity CDR's like 900mb 100min disc and CD-RW, they all worked fine so long as the data for on a disc discBOOT had no issues loading them.
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    19. deank
    20. Joonie

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