PS3 webMAN Launchpad v0.13 - New Icons & Background

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 2, 2016.

By STLcardsWS on Nov 2, 2016 at 11:13 PM
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    Developer DeViL303 has a new updated version of webMAN LaunchPAD as an alternate way of launching and displaying webMAN Games is born with this XMB modification that has been officially supported by the webMAN MOD plugin for awhile now. In this update there has been some new icons added, created by psx-place member Berion, also a new darker background which is a welcome addition can be seen in this new update. View rest of the change is v0.13 and not the changes from a version earlier in the week in v0.12) also.


    • NEW - webMAN LaunchPAD v0.13
      • Added Berions v4 icons for the 3 default functions available on install.
      • Removed red "timeout" loading squares via rco edit.
      • Removed "new" icon on place holder via rco edit.
      • Changed background to the darker ones (from aldos post).

      WebMAN LaunchPAD v0.12 (Rebug 4.80 Only)
      Small Changes:
      • Changed message that appears when mounting a game or using a function to "Performing requested action..Please Wait.."
      • Removed XMBPD from the installer as that is now separate.
      • Changed XMB items title to "WebMAN Launchpad" for all languages.
      • Added the wm_launchpad.xml in the same format as the one that WMM creates, just 3 functions at the top and local icons.
      • Added local icons to installer incase XMBM+ isn't installed.
      • Changed icon for installer so it matches item.

      Note: You can delete the installer after you run it and select option 1. You will need it again if you want to uninstall Launchpad, so keep the pkg.

    • fKyPXLh.png 6DRds7J.jpg jGSEHNv.jpg

    Download: webMAN Lauch Pad v0.13

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 2, 2016.

    1. Phil
      After updating seem to still have, clear recently played. Clear launchpad catch and restart ps3 with the old icons. How do I get rid I've cleared the batch but all is the same. Loving the new look tho
    2. DeViL303
      Press triangle on the Launchpad and clear clear cache, should sort it hopefully, if not try reinstalling the latest webman mod 1.45.01 FULL.
    3. Phil
      I've tried clearing the launchpad and refreshing my games and got the latest webman installed but still no joy a don't know where I've gone wrong
    4. DeViL303
      Are you sure it's the latest build of webman mod 1.45.01 you have? older builds might include the older icons. Im not home right now so I can't check and see if the one available via XMBPD is 100% up to date, I think it was updated yesterday.

      You can check the icons located in the hdd0/game/XMBMANPLS/USRDIR/IMAGES folder. The background is on flash in the vsh/resource/explore/icon folder. I'm not sure why they not updating for you though. will look into it.
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    5. Phil
      Strangest thing happened my console double beeped 3 times then restarted but after that the launchpad is the way it's supposed to be so all is good apart from the mysterious beeps
    6. DeViL303
      Weird, maybe a full reboot is needed after installing it, not just a soft restart. Maybe the old icons were still in RAM or something like that.
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    7. Orelha
      So, the last CFW I installed was the Cobra 4.78. I've not been playing online that much, so I hzd no reason to search for new stuff. Your app seems cool, and you said it works with Ferrox 4.81, so I downloaded and installed that. Also installed Webman 4.75.1 (full version), wich works fine. I am able to play online again and etc. However, your app says that it doesn't support this firmware.

      Do I need to install 0.12 and then this one? Do I need another application other than webman 4.75.1?
    8. DeViL303
      Well it works with Ferrox 4.81 CFW and WebMAN MOD 1.45.00 but I havnt actually released it yet. There will be a new version of Ferrox out soon so I will probably wait for that before I release, a couple of days I expect.
    9. DeViL303
      Changed my mind, here is v0.14. I will update it again when new CFW comes out.

      WebMAN Launchpad v0.14

      • Support added for Ferrox 4.81 CFW. So this v0.14 installer now supports Rebug 4.80.1 REX and Ferrox 4.81 v1.00 Cobra)
      • Installing this on Ferrox 4.81 v1.00 will make all icons blue.(If installed on Rebug 4.80 the icons will not change)
      • When you install this on Ferrox it will add support for XMBM+/XMBPD as an added bonus. :)
      • Added Translations for the "Launching" string in 7 languages.
      • Changed Launchpad sprx files so they now call custom title entries in the RCOs and also it now has a custom icon filename, this will make it easier to toggle the Launchpad should the need arise, as the original icon and titles will still be in place, so the RCOs wont need swapping.
      • Added the new custom entries in the RCOs to the bottom of the text files for Launchpad, so it matches the mod above, this will make it easier to translate in the future.
      • Fixed missing Launchpad title on in-game XMB.
      • Changed title so it has a lowercase "w" to match "webMAN Games".
      • Added a new warning to the installer that basically says to make sure you install the right version for your CFW, and to use it at your own risk.
      Last edited: Nov 4, 2016
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    10. DeViL303
      Sorry for double posting these but kind of needs to be here too..

      WebMAN Launchpad v0.15

      • Support added for Playerpk420's 4.81 v1.00 Cobra CFW.
      • So this v0.15 installer now supports Rebug 4.80.1 REX , Ferrox 4.81 v1.00 Cobra, and Playerpk420's 4.81 v1.00 Cobra.
      • If installed on Playerpk420's 4.81 Cobra CFW it will fix the missing icons on the in-game XMB.(See cfw settings)
      • If you ONLY use the option to uninstall on Playerpk420's 4.81 Cobra CFW it will fix the missing icons too.
      • If installed or uninstalled on any of the supported CFW's it will add support for XMBM+/XMBPD.
      • As usual it requires webMAN Mod (1.45.02 or higher recommended).
      • Users of v0.14 on other CFW's don't need to update, only new CFW support added.
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    11. STLcardsWS
      We are going to set things up for you to make it a bit easier and you will like it i promise. :)

      Let me work and PLEASE give any feedback on what I am about to do :).. (stay tuned)
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    12. maniek6666
      thanks @DeViL303 the launchpad ;)
      I question whether it will support "Cfw SPY 4.81. Cobra 7.3"??

      thank for @ll the developer who support the scene ps3 ;)
    13. DeViL303
      I'm not sure if I will support that CFW officially, adding support for a new CFW means a bigger pkg, and I have to install the CFW for testing etc and then take a clean set of files from that FW and Start from scratch to be 100% sure of no bugs, and I think 3 is the limit for different CFW's that I can do on my own.

      It should work on other cfw like SPY no problems, all that would be different is the Cobra hashes/location in theory but I still like to use a full set of files from the new CFW when I am porting it . So someone could install and test the Ferrox or Playerpk420's version on SPY or other CEX Cobra CFW if they wanted, and then fix thier hashes and it might/should/would work fine. (at your own risk). Note: if you install the Ferrox version it will add package manager.
      Last edited: Nov 5, 2016
    14. kozarovv
      Darek always can add support by itself in his cfw. He can even integrate it in PUP, so his cfw will be unique (excl. working GXEMU). I can help if he want. :) Basically most "problematic" thing is that new stage2 need to be added for every single firmware included in installer. Launchpad is messing with explore_plugin which is one of sprx's that cobra is accessing thru it's hash. So every single cfw need to be maintained manually, and here is place for cfw devs. :)
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