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PS3 webMAN MOD has been updated to v1.30.34 by Aldostools

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 5, 2014.

By STLcardsWS on Nov 5, 2014 at 8:38 PM
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    Sep 18, 2014
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    Developer Aldostools has recently updated webMAN MOD to v1.30.34 after successful test were reported on the previous test version, that corrected some issues in webMAN MOD v1.30.33 that was included in the REBUG REX v4.65. Also Danish language was added making webMAN now comparable for 21 lanaguages. You can view the complete Change-logs below. Also Checkout this forum link for additional webMAN MOD information.


    Download: via brewology

    Sources of Release: PSX-Place.com / brewology.com

    View Additional webMAN MOD information and details via this link

    Thanks to littlebalup for the News Tip !


Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 5, 2014.

    1. JOshISPoser
      how do you update covers?
    2. aldostools
    3. JOshISPoser
      the thing is, it's not like i have extremely new games, some games just don't seem to pick up covers. does naming matter or does it read like the sfo?
    4. chris
      yes it reads a file in the games folder/ISO
    5. No0bZiLLa
      [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION] will this still rip games using button combo? also i had an issue ripping a game like that only time i tried, it was outputting the right files, but they were unusable for some reason. looked as if they were either encrypted, or did not copy from disc correctly
    6. littlebalup
      Updater tested on REBUG. Works great.
    7. aldostools
      That code hasn't been changed... So, yes, it still should be able to rip the games. Please, try with a different game.
    8. Rudi Rastelli
      Rudi Rastelli
      I would like to see an easy uninstaller... or do i miss a thing and it's already included ??

      Don't get me wrong... i know how to remove webMAN-mod manualy... but because this project is not just for enhancing webman it's also for easy installation.
      So in my opion an uninstall.pkg or an uninstall-option within webMAN-mod itself would make it more complete.

      An issue i had with previous versions is that it takes 30+seconds to make game list appear in xmb... i use network-streaming from my nas... is there a workaround to speed things up ?

      Last edited: Nov 6, 2014
    9. littlebalup
      Did you unchecked webman startup notification? You can try that.
    10. aldostools
      In addition to unchecked webman startup notification as littlebalup mentioned above, also try the following settings:
      - Uncheck: Delay loading of AUTOBOOT/last-game (Disc Auto-Start)
      - Uncheck: Check for ... on start up (if you don't use it)
      - Uncheck the usb devices that you don't use (e.g. leave checked only /dev_usb000 and /dev_usb001)
      - Uncheck the content types that you are not using (e.g. PSX, PS2, PSP or Blu-Ray / DVD Video)
      - Reduce the waits to the minimum allowed by your devices (e.g. test if "No wait" works for you or try 5/0 or 5/3)
      - If you have only one ps3netsvr running, check only PS3NETSVR#1 and uncheck PS3NETSVR#2
    11. atreyu187
      Yea unchecking unused items made mine go from 20 seconds to instantly. This have evolved into one of the finest plugins ever.
    12. No0bZiLLa
      i dont even have a ps3 anymore :(
    13. atreyu187
      That is sad to hear, hope you still have the means to downgrade one in case you get one in the near future.
    14. aldostools
      After further investigation I found a bug in the filecopy function (where it checks if it needs to make a shadow copy instead of a regular copy)... I'll make some tests and release an update soon.
    15. JOshISPoser
      just a semantics thing, but aren't you in fact checking stuff? like disable checking USB, etc.

      I pretty much just have ftp and usb polling going and then 5 seconds for one usb and 3 seconds for another. It might be able to go lower, but it really isn't like noticeable, it just seems like a boot up. Then again, i am running cobra/rogero 4.46 and still running webman 1.30.
    16. atreyu187
      I got rid of it scanning for PS2, PSP, DVD, and Bluray ISO as well as PSP Remasters and PS2 Classics launchers as I don't use any of those games/launchers on my PS3 as I have a chipped PS2 and a PSP Go/Vita TV. Also no additional wait to scan for drives as I don't use any just a 1tb internal so no I'm not checking anything only unchecking as stated.

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    17. JOshISPoser
      you're right. i thought there were more disabling that were needed. i need polling for one of my drives, of course i use ftp, i access webman remotely and i use multiman covers.
    18. Rudi Rastelli
      Rudi Rastelli
      Disabling notification and reducing times to 0/0 did the trick for me. Anything else was already set the way @aldotools adviced me.
      Now i can access game list immediatly after xmb appears... thx [MENTION=48]littlebalup[/MENTION] and [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION].
      Last edited: Nov 6, 2014
    19. atreyu187
      Updating rebug via Dev_flash tested and working

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