PS3 webMAN MOD v1.43.26 - Latest Update by Aldostools brings new functions and improvements

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 8, 2016.

By STLcardsWS on Feb 8, 2016 at 9:55 PM
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    One of my personal favorite projects for the PS3 has been update. The PS3 plugin for CFW user's webMAN MOD has progressed to v1.43.26 following the recent release by developer aldostools. This update contains new functions and improvements, some of the changes include new http commands, Ps3Lock added to ps3mapi plugin list, Game Grid improvements on html view. See these changes and more in the changelog provided below:​

    Additional Info.
    Download: webMAN MOD v1.43.26 (Installer) (SRC_1.43.26.rar)

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 8, 2016.

    1. ARCH

      great job, thx.
    2. Dr. L Ron Bumquist
      Dr. L Ron Bumquist
      Thanks [MENTION=2]STLcardsWS[/MENTION], And thank you [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION]
    3. Сhocoladik
    4. djluiluv
      Thank you very much! I really love this app. Very well done! (y)
    5. dragoss91
    6. Zoilus
      I love how this tool always stays fresh and on top of things! fantastic work
    7. ricardo18
      I dont know what happened but prepNTFS doesn't appear integrated in the menu and some icons changed aswell. Is this normal?
    8. aldostools
      [strike]It could happen if you installed an old version of XMB Manager Plus (aka XMBM+). Try reinstalling webMAN MOD with the updater.[/strike]

      [MENTION=6824]ricardo18[/MENTION] I just found that webMAN.xml was not included in the latest updater. You can re-download the updater 1.43.26 from my website.
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    9. Rudi Rastelli
      Rudi Rastelli
      Hi !

      Have a little problem calling VSH menu !

      I was on FERROX 4.78 + Mamba (Funny Installer) and changed now to HABIB 4.78. (I've uninstalled webMAN_mod and psnpatch before flashing HABIB 4.78 via XMB)
      I've pressed R1 to install VSH menu and i also get message that VSH menu is loaded... but pressing SELECT to call it doesnt work.
      I also noticed that i have "wepftp_server_ps3mapi.sprx" in plugins folder... is this normal ?

      Any ideas ?

    10. kozarovv
      You should have also wm_vsh_menu.sprx there.
    11. self_slaughter
      I used a full install of webman 1.43.26 (Hold L1) on habibs 4.78 (Installed over 3.15 OFW) today allthough I disabled vsh menu via webman setup, so I haven't tested that yet.
      You do actually have to hold select for 3-5 seconds before the menu appears, It would make more sense if it said "hold select" rather then "press select" to open menu.

      webftp_server_ps3mapi.sprx and wm_vsh_menu.sprx are both normal. one is webman and the other is the vsh menu.
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    12. aldostools
      I just changed the message to "Hold [Select]"... I increased the time required to hold :but select: to reduce conflicts with other combos that use SELECT + other buttons.

      webftp_server_ps3mapi.sprx is installed if PS3MAPI is detected. PS3MAPI is integrated into all recent Mamba/Cobra builds.
    13. self_slaughter
      You're on the ball as always mate. :)
      Might save answering the same question a thousand times in the future.
    14. Rudi Rastelli
      Rudi Rastelli
      Thx 4 help mates... but it's not the 1st time i use VSH menu. So i'm aware i have to hold SELECT 4 a few seconds... but it doesn't show up.
      It just shows starting notification message when i boot ps3 and that's all.
      I've started webMAN_mod updater with R1 pressed just like i've done so many times before.

      I've found out what caused the problem:
      Seems it has to do with the usb-dongle for my logitech guitar plugged in. VSH menu only shows up when i switch controller to 2,3,4 etc
      Only when i remove the dongle it works for controller 1 as well.

      But thx for your help anyway !

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    15. DeViL303

      Ive had the same thing where the notification shows up but not the menu, not sure what fixed it for me. I have reinstalled FW (rebug 4.78) and WMM since and now its fine.
    16. self_slaughter

      Glad ya sorted it mate, Seems like a pretty rare scenario. Good spot. :)
    17. Rudi Rastelli
      Rudi Rastelli
      Yes that's true... seems the dongle itself isn't registered as a controller. Only when i connect the guitar it gets a controller number.
      Didn't noticed that little problem before, because most of the time i play the drums with madcatz midi adapter which is a fully registered controller.
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    18. psydefx
      "Added scanning for .img, .mdf, .bin to /BDISO and /DVDISO folders"

      thanks for this aldo :chewy:

      edit: gettin error when compiling

      $ make
      /C/MinGW/ps3sdk/host-win32/ppu/bin/ppu-lv2-g++ -mprx objs/printf.ppu.o objs/li
      bc.ppu.o objs/main.ppu.o objs/cobra/cobra.ppu.o -zgenprx -zgenstub
      -L ./lib -Wl,--strip-unused-data -lfs_stub -lnet_stub -lrtc_stub -lio_stub -lcra
      shdump_system_export_stub -lsysPrxForUser_export_stub -lvsh_export_stub -lpaf_ex
      port_stub -lvshmain_export_stub -lvshtask_export_stub -lallocator_export_stub -l
      sdk_export_stub -lstdc_export_stub -lpngdec_ppuonly_export_stub -lxsetting_expor
      t_stub -lvshnet_export_stub -lnetctl_main_export_stub -o webftp_server.sym
      undefined reference to `restore_blocked_urls'
      make: *** [webftp_server.sym] Error 1
      Last edited: Feb 13, 2016
    19. aldostools
      Check flags.h you may need to enable the following flags: REMOVE_SYSCALLS and PS3MAPI

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