PS VITA / PS TV Xerpi is back with two new taiHEN plugins, Viimote & DS4Vita

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By atreyu187 on Jan 2, 2017 at 8:03 PM
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    So we all know we can use the Vita as a PS4 remote but developer xerpi is aiming to turn the tables allowing one to use the DS4 as a remote for the Vita thanks to the taiHEN CFW framework. But that isn't all he has also made a plugin to use our Wiimotes on the Vita even adding "Classic Controller" and third party pad support as of late. This may come in handy for those using developer xyzz of Team Molecule's Moonlight or even using rinCHEAT by developer Rinnegatamante to stream your Vita screen to your PC for a pseudo PSTV of sorts. The possibilities are endless. Updates seem to be coming out daily if not hourly at some times for these two great plugins. So lets take a look at what we have so far with ds4vita first.


    • ds4vita-et-wiimote-de-xerpi-pour-controler-la-vita.jpg

      ds4vita 1.0 (Stable)
      • Fixed a bug which caused misbehavior when using other Bluetooth devices along with a DS4.
      ds4vita Beta 2.2
      • Fix kernel joystick emulation
      ds4vita Beta 2.1.1
      • Fix right analog up/down
      ds4vita Beta 2.1
      • Reduce emulated buttons duration (should feel more responsive now)
      • Call ksceCtrlSetAnalogEmulation with proper parameters
      • Reset input emulation data when disconnecting
      ds4vita Beta 2
      • Use ctrl emulation functons instead of hooking (buttons and analogs), this means that the PS button works now.
      ds4vita Beta 1.4
      • Reset auto-suspend timer when buttons or touch change.
      ds4vita Beta 1.3.2
      • Reduce thread stack and mempool sizes (smaller footprint)
      • Also map R2 to R and L2 to L
      ds4vita Beta 1.3.1
      • Also hook the sceCtrlReadBuffer{Positive, Positive2} functions (should increase Game compatibility)
      ds4vita Beta 1.3
      • Check if DS4 sticks/touchpad are moved/press before overwriting vita input.
      ds4vita Beta 1.2
      • Hook sceTouchPeekRegion (the touchpad should work almost everywhere now)
      • Properly map touchpad to touchscreen
      ds4vita Beta 1
      • Enable the plugin, go to Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth Devices and press SHARE+PS on the DS4 during a few seconds to connect.
      • The touchpad isn't working yet.
      • DS4 pairing Coming Soon.

      Now lets see how Viimote plugin has come since its release. Now it isn't out of Beta testing yet but still doesn't take away from how impressive it is and just how far he has taken it since day one.

    • vii.png

      viimote Beta 5.3
      • Fix kernel joystick emulation
      viimote Beta 5.2
      • Set center values to right joystick (when using nunchuk) and triggers
      viimote Beta 5.1
      • Fix Classic Controller
      • Map ZL and ZR to Volume up/Volume down
      viimote Beta 5
      • Add Classic Controller support (not tested)
      viimote Beta 4
      • Reset auto-suspend timer when buttons or touch change. (no more screen dimming when using the controller)
      • Use ctrl emulation functons instead of hooking (buttons and analogs), this means that the PS button works now.
      • Reduce thread stack and mempool sizes (smaller footprint)
      • Reset input emulation data when disconnecting
      viimote Beta 3.2.1
      • Should fix a bug on PSTV
      viimote Beta 3.2
      • Add proper Bluetooth pairing (use 1+2 to pair).
      • Fix Nunchuk reconnect bug.
      • Now it should be compatible with ALL the Wiimotes (including 3rd party ones).
      viimote Beta 3.1
      • Change report type when Nunchuk disconnect
      • Properly initialize Nunchuk values
      viimote Beta 3
      • Added Bluetooth pairing:
      • You first need to connect the Wiimote by pressing the SYNC button instead of 1+2, once the connection is established, the Wiimote will be paired, and if you power it off, you simply need to press any button (instead of pressing SYNC or 1+2) to connect it to the Vita.
      viimote Beta 2
      • Added initial Nunchuk support (with hotplugging)
      viimote Beta 1
      • No extensions (such as Nunchuk) are supported in this release.

    As you can see he has been up to a lot of work and dedication on his behalf. Seems the taiHEN CFW framework has brought quiet a few plugins in a short amount of time. It took a while for the PS3 to see quiet this many. So great time for the small niche audience of homebew enabled Vita users as lets face it there aren't many Vita's out there exploited or not especially compared to the 3DS

    Download & Source Code via Github:
    ds4vita / viimote
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by atreyu187, Jan 2, 2017.

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      Formatted a bit as requested and added to mainpage (thanks @atreyu187)

      Always nice releases from Xerpi
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      @STLcardsWS seems the DS3 has joined the party as well. I'll try to update the post when I finally get off work but if you can I won't be offened either


      Keep in mind this is the very first beta but if it's anything like the other two it will shape up quickly.

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