PS3 XMB Manager Plus 2017 (XMBM+ 2K17) by Berion

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By STLcardsWS on Mar 14, 2017 at 9:39 PM
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    Here is a new release for the PlayStation 3 CFW Community by developer Berion, The popular mod (XMBM+) that gave the XMB tons of new functionality to the XMB Has now been updated with features and changes that are optimized for 2017, so the dev has dubbed this unofficial release XMB Manager Plus 2017 or simply XMBM+ 2k17. Release details and a tons of screenshots can be seen in the included details provide.


    • > What is this?
      • It's a nice menu with shortcuts to various stuff in Game category menu in XMB. In short: it's a simple Cross Media Bar hack.

      XMBM+ 2K17 is just yet another unofficial fork of XMB Manager Plus made by whole Team XMBM+ years ago and later modded by @aldostools. What's different in 2017 release? I have corrected, added or updated some descriptions, changed positions of some menus.

      All icons (except save data icons) is now read from dev_hdd0 instead of RCO from dev_flash and all of them is "rebugified" to match Rebugification PlayStation 3 theme (but any other skin like i.e Metalification can be easily add in future).

      Also I have integrated Custom Firmware Tools, WebMAN/WebMAN Mod settings menu from full versions, Plugin Switcher Manager (with few pre-configurations) and XMB Package Downloader (but in "mini version": no themes, wallpapers and game links, no per app icon).

      I have removed all old internet website links and added Childproof Mode option which disabling any potentially harmful options.​

    • xmbmp2k17_scr_02.png xmbmp2k17_scr_03.png xmbmp2k17_scr_04.png xmbmp2k17_scr_05.png xmbmp2k17_scr_06.png xmbmp2k17_scr_07.png xmbmp2k17_scr_08.png xmbmp2k17_scr_09.png xmbmp2k17_scr_10.png xmbmp2k17_scr_11.png xmbmp2k17_scr_12.png xmbmp2k17_scr_13.png xmbmp2k17_scr_14.png unspecified.png

    • > What is Childproof Mode?
      This option permanently disabling:

      • File Manager - because user can deleting files and folders from any mounted device/fs
      • Plugin Manager Switcher - because user can deleting boot_plugins.txt
      • Custom Firmware Tools - because user can kill console using improperly

    • > Requirements?
      1. Obviously, a PS3 with installed any modern CFW (like i.e Rebug 4.81.1).
      2. User must have installed and active WebMAN or WebMAN Mod for some of the options (all for WebMAN menu, Plugin Switcher Manager, XMB Package Downloader and few in other places).
      3. Also Custom Firmware Tools must be active (turn it on in Rebug Toolbox on Rebug CFW or add custom xai_plugin to boot_plugins.txt). Without it, almost all options in Custom Firmware Tools will not be working, resulting in console forced restart + mandatory file system checking/repairing.​

    • > No PKG file? How can I install this?
      • I don't like PKG format and in this case is even completely useless. It's sufficient to use file manager or FTP client.

      1. Copy "xmb" folder info "dev_hdd0/".
      2. Be sure to have installed and active xai_plugin and webmanmod.
      3. Got to "dev_blind/vsh/resource/explore/xmb/" and make backup of files:
      • category_game.xml
      • category_game_tool2.xml
      • category_network.xml
      • category_network_tool2.xml
      4. Copy all "xmb/flash/*.xml" to "dev_blind/vsh/resource/explore/xmb/".
      Or if You don't like my Game and Network category, edit them herself adding below node in proper place:
      <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="xmb_manager_plus" src="xmb://localhost/dev_hdd0/xmb/xmb_manager_plus.xml#xmb_manager_plus"/>

      5. Restart PS3.

    • > How can I uninstall this?
      Delete or change name of "dev_hdd0/xmb/" and restore Your backuped XML.
      Or just reinstall Your CFW.

    • Special thanks for:
      • Team XMBM+ for gigantic work of original XMBM+
      • DeanK and Aldostools for hard work on WebMAN and WebMAN Mod.
      • DeViL303 for help with Sony's XMB XML syntax.

    I hope You will enjoy. - Berion

    Download & Source:
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 14, 2017.

    1. DeViL303
      Some screen shots with no background.

      Looks great! :D
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    2. Berion
      @DeViL303 / @aldostools: Thanks for screenshots and opinions.

      I don't see Your post now @aldostools (deleted?) but I remember what's contained. So answering: I have irregular CCFL lightening so I cannot be sure now about proper light level. Also supported colours by screens could be very different in different monitors (I don't have professional one, it's to costly for me). So then, maybe indeed it's to dark. But I don't plan updating it, as PS3 offering easy choosing users wallpaper. Maybe in far future. Again: thanks for feedback.
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    3. LuanTeles
      Please update the XMB package downloader inside
    4. Berion
      I will but not in near future. ;) There is a lot of stuff on my todo list for XMBM+ but currently I don't have time for it. However You can easily update it by Yourself, just take link from XMBPD (which are updated, new, working etc.) and inject into proper xml. It's a lot stuff to do but it's quote simple. If You have any questions I can help.
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    5. atreyu187
      I used the PKG install method not your way and while it adds XMBM+ 2017 it doesn't neatly hide all the stuff as your method does. But what I do like about it is I can keep Rebug PKG Manager and XMBPD/LaunchPad as well.
    6. DeViL303
      There is a much easier way too, users could install XMBPD v0.70, and then just add the entry for the full version of XMBPD to this and remove it from the network xmls. Just one line of XML and then it will show XMBPD v0.70 inside XMBM+ 2k17, if you want to re write XMBPD completely for this every time by changing every link and moving the icons and xmls, you can of course, but if it was me I would link to the full version, as then users of this can get the updates as soon as they come out. I think the only benefit to putting everything in one folder like that is if you want to use a single content ID to install/update everything, but as you are not using a pkg for installing this then it isn't such a big deal.

      For anyone out there, if you don't like where XMBPD shows on the XMB by default, then you can delete this line from the network xmls, and then add it wherever you want XMBPD to show, you can add it in multiple places if you wish:
      <Query  class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="seg_xmbpd_main" src="xmb://localhost/dev_hdd0/game/XMBPKGDLR/USRDIR/FEATURES/XMBPD.xml#seg_xmbpd_main"/>
      Last edited: May 31, 2017
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    7. Berion
      I will rewrite due to custom icons. ;) In XMBM I pointing all download items to one icon, instead of apps icons. It looks in my opinion much consistent (and saving some space and i/o). Also I want keep everything in one location. To be honest, everyone can easily "switch" to XML from XMBPD just editing one string in main XML of XMBMP2K17 so it's not big deal. I think that I'll add this info into new superior readme. ;]
    8. DeViL303
      Ok, I understand, definitely having the icons all the same is more consistent, but you could say the same about icon0 if that is the case, they should all be the same too maybe. For me as these are all stored on hdd and its only at 4MB now I have not been considering the space as an issue, if I was integrating it into a PUP I would use a single icon though. The entire thing could be made to fit on flash then.
    9. LuanTeles
      what theme is it?
    10. Berion
      Metalification. It's untested by me but everyone saying it's ok. ;)

      Download on previous page...
    11. pinky
      @Berion does good work with his themes. I'm currently using his vita theme, phalaris suite, on my pstv. :) he made some icons for various apps as well which I'm using. I don't believe I'm using his vita shell theme though. I think it's default at the moment.
    12. LuanTeles
      How the progress is going of the empty Master System, Megadrive/Genesis, Nes
      PS3,PS2,PSX empty Retro Games Categories?
    13. Berion
      More details please. ;]
    14. LuanTeles
      Seems like i edited something and i dont remember XD

      I used the XMBPD by @DeViL303 configs under urs lite one.

      XMBPD Under Retro Games category only has games in the Gameboy and SNes categories
      the others like Master System and etc are empty
    15. Berion
      I never used newest DeViL303's creation so I don't know. And as I remember, I'm using the same configs for webMAN MOD as Aldostools. It's the only thing which I never tested in XMBM+ 2017 as I don't have any roms on PS3 and never use it for emulation (besides short episode with Gimmick and RetroArch). I'll promise to look into this in my last release of this fork (in this year for sure but I cannot give You any specific data).

      The quickest will be if You experiment himself. ;) It's not hard to understand Sony xml syntax used for menu constructions.

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