PS3 XMB Mod Collection Disc [PS3 EXTRA - ISO]: Contains over 100+ mods

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 26, 2016.

By STLcardsWS on Dec 26, 2016 at 5:21 PM
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    We have seen several of PS3 Extra ISO releases from developer @0_obeWAN containing very useful collection of XMB Mods that are very simple to install. Bringing an incredible use to the PS3 EXTRA structure we have seen collection like the XMB Waves , Coldboot, PSN Icons (xmb) & Fonts. Now the developer has updated those collections with a bit more and combined them into a single ISO that contains a staggering 113 modifications for the XMB on a Custom Firmware enabled PS3 Console. Checkout these mods that spawn across many contributors from around the PS3 community.


    • Here is an ISO compilation of previous mods discs collections released

      Disk image (iso) allowing the install and change
      • XMB Modifications
        • Coldboots
        • XMB waves
        • PSN icons
        • XMB fonts
      • Installation:
        • Copy the iso file to PS3's hard drive in dev_hdd0/PS3ISO/

        • Mount iso file with your usual backup manager
        • Navigate on the disk to choose the mod to install
        • Validate X + answer YES to install, wait for the return to the XMB
        • Mod is installed

    Download & Source:
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 26, 2016.

    1. Zwei
    2. SockNastez
      Do you know if there is a PS4 wave created for PS3 CFW?
    3. Phil
      Would it be possible for one of these to launch roms like Wemban does at the minute but would be great to have all you roms in an iso format. Just a thought like
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    4. aldostools
      Yes, it is possible. All you have to do is :
      1- Create the structure of a dummy game (you can use the ISO created by 0_obeWAN and remove the folders in PS3_EXTRA)
      2- Create a pkg for each ROM using RetroXMB Creator (available in ps3 tools coolection)
      3- Put all the pkgs in the root of the dummy game and use Create PS3_EXTRA (also available in ps3 tools coolection) to generate the PS3_EXTRA with your games (roms)
      4- Customize your icons & build the ISO

      RetroArch must be installed. You can include it in your ISO too.
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    5. gosseux
      @aldostools Thanks for the tuto.
      I followed this tuto to build iso with large pkg files. Very useful for fat32.
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    6. SockNastez
      Anyway to get the PSN icon to appear on the XMB ingame?
    7. Dubbiez
      Yes, search for PS3 pro xmb mod
    8. pinky
    9. LuanTeles
      But the resolution needs to be lower, otherwise it will not show if used the same settings of xmb_plugin_normal.rco
    10. pinky
      well, tbh, it's been so long since I've messed with my ps3 that I didn't/don't remember that. I didn't even realize until this week that they changed the psn icon actually. lol
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    11. LuanTeles
      lol HAHAH, i'm messing with the ps3 because its the only thing that can be modded that i still have.
      My phone died (waiting global release of Galaxy Note8) , vita too, psp too (wish that kinda theme support in ps3, good old days) , my windows doesnt support Aero Glass yet (and every insider they change the dwm framework, so not worth) and ps4 not modded yet.

      And there is a last thing that i want to mod in the ps3 with my pro theme and then i will mess with android again ;.
      Last edited: Sep 16, 2017
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    12. pinky
      I've been modding the ps vita these days as well as the 3ds. on the 3ds, I have a samus splash screen which is pretty neat. on the vita, I have a dq theme; on my pstv, I have @Berion 's theme. I've made some modifications to the app.db as well, and I created a csv to fix issues if I have to inject the information back into a newer app.db. rebuilding the database removes those mods which is y I need to keep those files as backup. :-p

      I look forward to ur ps4 pro mods. what did u have in mind? I haven't messed with mods on the ps3 in ages, but I still remember a lot. I never looked at psdevwiki for that sort of thing though. I just kinda found all of it myself through hours of patience. I did look at psdevwiki when it came to keys and things like that though. lol I'm very interested in how the whole system works which has been my goal ever since I started writing tutorials. all that has branched out into other systems. before the ps3, I just followed tutorials, never answered help questions since I didn't have the answers, and whatnot, but learning about the ps3 has whet my appetite to learn more about other systems on top of the ps3. ;)
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    13. Berion
      P3T are more superior than PTF so I'm not sure what kind of support do You have in mind. ;p
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    14. LuanTeles

      That kind of.... CFT format (rcos edits)
      earlier i was trying to add the X and O rotation effect in the ps3 with no sucess even thou the code is almost the same in the animation tree.

      in that time i made a ps3 one identical but i lost it and never upload LOL
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    15. LuanTeles
      For ps3 pro mod i already made some new changes and i asked @Berion to add a sprx that replicates the PS4 XMB Music Background sound

      Last edited: Sep 17, 2017
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    16. pinky
      well, I hope to see that materialize. u've done a good job with ur mod already.
    17. kozarovv
      CXMB baby! :P
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    18. Berion
      Oh, right, I forgot about CTF which is not firmware independent. ^^

      And I agree about playing sound, such module would increase look & feel. This is part of PSV "bubbles" which I love.
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    19. Spawn
      I use this, but when I mount the iso I can't see the previews so I never know what I'm choosing to install. Anyway to fix this?

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