XMBPD (XMB Package Downloader) v0.20 by DeViL303

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By STLcardsWS on Mar 29, 2016 at 8:24 PM
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    For the PS3 CFW community there is a niffy release from DeViL303 who has brought the PS3 audience various XMB Modifications & releases over the years. In recent months the developer has returned to the scene and picked up right where he left off in providing some great mods for our beloved CFW enabled PlayStation 3 Consoles. We seen the initial release of XMBPD (XMB Package Downloader) back in early February and since that time we have seen the development progress in the official XMBPD Support Thread that DeViL303 has started here in the psx-place forums. Since the original POC, there has been plenty of changes that will please many users.

    Now instead of a long list of homebrew, the mod now consist of 4 categories that are labeled as follows: Backup Managers , Emulators & Games, Tools/Mods/Misc , Media Applications and also an upcoming Themes category will be added in the future . This adds a much cleaner and organized feel to the mod that fits seemless with some of the official content and without the need of needing a USB Storage device and installing for you once downloaded, it truly makes for an impressive modification. With the included installer the developer also includes an optional add-on of adding "CFW Applications" folder to your XMB, which complements to the "Custom Firmware Tools" Folder Mod very well. it will allow you to keep your XMB Apps separated from the Games Column on the XMB. There is tons to checkout in this update view some of the details and features that DeViL303 has outlined below:

    NOTE: FOR USE WITH REBUG 4.78 CFW ONLY - Other CFW will result in a SOFT Brick (Recoverable)
    [HR][/HR]Download: XMBPD_v0.20.00_(Rebug_4.78_Only).pkg
    Source: PSX-Place.com
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 29, 2016.

    1. STLcardsWS
      Impressive Release [MENTION=22544]DeViL303[/MENTION] , Download and Install in one go all on the internal is something i did not mention above that is impressive about this release
    2. DeViL303
      Thanks, Im happy with how it turned out, especially the categories/icons. I think it fits in nice with the other custom XMB additions like Rebugs Package manager and Custom Firmware Tools and XMBM+.

      There was a lot of work in it, more than people might imagine, a lot of trial and error in figuring out the xil system early on as there was no real info on it and I don't think anyone had ever tried to mod it before, then finding the correct sprx/offsets to get it auto updating, and then figuring out how the variables worked, and then a lot of time spent writing xmls for the downloads etc.

      Will take a break for a few days and then look at adding a load of themes to it and a keep adding more packages slowly.
    3. Mephistopheles
      need help dont know how to makes my homebrew go into cfw applications and also nothing shows up in backup managers emulators and games all the folders besides media applications
    4. STLcardsWS
      Sometime you may need to reboot PS3 or just wait for content to sync. (one time thing)

      Once you see the downloads in the tools folder you will see the dls you need to switch those apps to the CFW application folder. i think (CT) or something like that is at the end.
    5. Mephistopheles
      ight ima do that now i did it already but i didnt see anything ill do it again
    6. Mephistopheles
      nope nothing happened every homebrew is still in the game area and not in the folder and same with the package downloader no homebrews r in there
    7. Mephistopheles
      nvm i see it lol thankz
    8. Mephistopheles
      lol i cant manually move what i have in games to the CFW folder y is that ?
    9. DeViL303
      You can install the "CB" applications included in XMBPD directly to CFW applications.

      Or you can move any already installed applications to the new "CFW Applications" folder by changing the category to "CB" in the Param.sfo file (found inside dev_hdd0/game/TITLEID/param.sfo), You can use param.sfo editor, once you change it to CB and then reboot the item will move to the new Folder.

      Alternatively if you already have an application installed, like Rebug Toolbox for example, you can use the link "Rebug Toolbox (CB)" in the Tools/Mods/Misc section and it will move the app over for when it installs.

      You can find a PARAM.SFO editor in the PS3Tools collection by aldostools. = http://www.psx-place.com/forum/ps3-news/aldos-ps3-tools-collection-version-2-7-40-released-9222.html
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    10. 0_obeWAN
      I had a short test yesterday night, ans all seems to be fine
      Tested App folder in game category with (BC) homebrews it's works well

      Just to know that the video Stores no more show up on XMB for FR region

      Great work
    11. DeViL303
      Thanks [MENTION=16840]0_obeWAN[/MENTION] .

      Hmm..No video store showing up in FR region.. Thanks for spotting, I would have never noticed this as we don't get that here in Ireland, I dont get it on my US or UK accounts either.. I see now I included an xml from another project by mistake.

      This one should solve it but I cant test myself = https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/giin579xe9bvc79/XMBPD_0.20.00_category_video_fix.xml.zip .

      I will include this xml in the next update whenever that is.
    12. 0_obeWAN
      I have try your file but Store not show up :( same with original category_video.xml
      Maybe because yours files are region EN or US signed ??? I don't know
      If you need my file with FR let me know maybe it coulld help you for video store ?
    13. DeViL303
      Not sure, you see I havnt touched the links for the "src="sel://localhost/welcome?type=xxx" items at all, they are separate to the xil items that I have modifiied, so it should be showing for you. If your "TV channels" and your "whats new" are working then the store should be too as they all use the "welcome" code...but I really don't know to be honest and its a bit of an unknown area.

      Can you try restore to original XMB using the XMBPD installer, does the video store come back then? If it doesn't come back then maybe you made some other mod yourself around the same time?

      I might be interested in modding the video store some day but for now there are lots of items to work with.
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    14. pasha4ur
      Shows only installed Movian. All other folders are empty
      I reverted installation.
      Last edited: Mar 30, 2016
    15. DeViL303
      Please give it another chance..What country is your PSN account set up for?

      After install Did you reboot and wait a few minutes for it to sync like the notes above say?

      Best if you just leave it sit on the XMB for about 2 minutes, sometimes a lot less, depends on internet speed. (This is only required after initial install or refreshing categories)
      Last edited: Mar 30, 2016
    16. crj1985
      The only thing that shows is movian in the media section everything else in the package downloader is blank. And I have refreshed and rebooted about 5 or 6 times.. If I have to mess with param.sfo ill just delete it until another version comes up im not gonna run the risk of messing something up over this..When I never have an adequate amount of time to focus on it.
    17. DeViL303
      No you don't need to touch the param.sfo for this app to work, that is a separate add on which you don't even need to install. its just if users want to move their currently installed apps to a new folder on the XMB that any param.sfo editng is required.

      The only requirement is that you do need to be logged in as a user that has a PSN account (like Ive said it doesn't need to be signed in or connected to PSN).

      Once its installed (or after refreshing) just reboot leave it sit on the XMB for a couple of minutes. Note: its not rebooting that makes the categories fill up, its the downloading of the XMLs and icons that's going on in the background when your just sitting on the XMB after rebooting. If you are doing stuff on the XMB like playing a game or a music track etc it slows down the process so best to just reboot and don't do much for 2 minutes (maybe longer if your internet is particularly slow).

      There is very little actual data downloaded when it syncs (about 4MB), but the PS3 just does it slowly, I suppose it just doesn't dedicate much bandwidth\priority to it.
      Last edited: Mar 30, 2016
    18. crj1985
      I waited 5 minutes after reboot and still 0. but i have a console wide ban on mine so i cant even get on psn anymore so I guess that knocks me out of doing anything
    19. DeViL303
      Ah yes, That explains it, for now it does require a PSN account on the console initially. I might look into what files are required from PSN someday, it should be possible to run this without a PSN account in theory as a connection to PSN isn't required and you don't ever have to sign in.

      You could try to add a new PSN account to your PS3. Will it let you add the email and password as that's all you need to do, you don't even need to sign in once (ive tested it after a restore)? You could try making an account on your PC and then just adding the email and password on your PS3, (select signup for PSN - use existing account).

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