PS Vita YifanLu Is working on a MicroSD adaptor for Vita 1100 (3G Only)

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By DeViL303 on May 28, 2017 at 5:13 AM
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    Seems YifanLu (of Team molecule) is going to help the scene out even more, He has an idea for replacing the 3G modem in a Vita 1000 OLED model with a SD card adapter. However he needs help raising money for prototyping and development in undertaking this project. He is looking to raise $2374, and the developer has already raised over $1000 at the time of writing this (Update: $3,092 was raised exceeding what was sought.).

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    • The Idea
      Vita memory cards are too expensive and it would be nice to be able to use a microSD card. The 3G feature is pretty useless. Combing those two thoughts and I decided "what if we replace that modem with USB storage?" This works because the Vita's modem port is simply a USB 2.0 port that uses the miniPCIe form factor. A hacked Vita running 3.60 has the ability to load custom drivers, and it is just a matter of putting all the pieces together.


      • At the core of the adapter is the USB2244 chip, which is a SD to USB microprocessor. It is a high end chip (you won't find it in cheap SD to USB adapters) that has good power consumption and a long lifespan. It supports SD/SDHC/SDXC cards.
      • You need to open up the Vita and replace the modem card. This is relatively simple and is akin to changing the battery. You can put in a large microSD card, install it, and forget about it.
      • With HENkaku Ensō, you can use the adapter on boot
      • Because there's extra space on the board, I also added two debug ports that the original modem uses to communicate with the Vita. Using them is optional. Developers and hackers can use this for their homebrew and hacks.
      • All design files, Gerbers, schematics, layouts, BOMs, software drivers, etc will be public and open source. Anyone can produce the board as well as modify it.

    • Your Help
      I am not doing this to make money. You will help fund all the supplies and the development process. I will work on this project on my spare time and your funds will not be towards labor costs I incur (designing, building the prototype, shipping and packing, etc). To be completely transparent, I will break down the supply costs of the project:
      • $89.05: supplies for prototyping (components, solder paste, inspection microscope, tweezers)
      • $13.95: breakout board I designed to test the signals from the prototypes. Design files will also be open source.
      • $15.12: First prototype run. 10 boards unassembled with no special options. Just to test the design.
      • $74.40: Second prototype run. 10 boards unassembled with hard gold fingers and stencil. This will be the "product verification test" and is a small run of production quality boards (for example, gold fingers on the connectors are expensive but required if you want any durability).
      • $100 (maybe): Any additional prototypes. This is in anticipation that there's some major bug found in the second prototype. Up to two more runs with no special options. I hope this won't be the case and my estimates are overly conservative (better to factor in this cost now than ask for more money later).
      • $1830.26: Final production of 100 boards assembled with hard gold fingers. The boards themselves will cost $597 and is mainly because of the gold. The components will cost $539.43 (main cost here is the mechanical microSD card slot and the USB IC). The assembly will cost $693.83 since I don't plan to solder 100 boards on my own.
      • $45: shipping supplies (padded envelopes and ESD safe bags)
      • $207: fees taken by Indiegogo and the credit card processor
      More detailed breakdown of the component and board costs can be found in the BOM spreadsheet that will be released as part of the open source package.

    • Is my Vita supported?
      This adapter will only work for a specific set of Vita owners. You must have a 3G OLED model (typically the model number is PCH-110X) that is running firmware 3.60 or less (in order to use the HENkaku hack, which is required). However, a quick search on Aliexpress shows that Vita motherboards running firmware < 3.60 are on sale for about $25 a piece. So you can always buy one and swap your current motherboard (even if it is a Wifi only OLED model) with it.

    • No Warranty
      I'll be upfront about this so there won't be any confusion later. I am doing this in pursue of knowledge and expect to make no money. Therefore, I can't afford to waste time and money with customer support or technical help. You are expected to know how to open up the Vita and how to install HENkaku and the custom driver (instructions will be provided, but I won't have time to help you individually). Additionally, I cannot vouch for the quality of the PCB manufacturer and assembly service (SeeedStudios). They are the cheapest provider, but not 100% of the boards they send back are high quality. So in a order of 100 boards, I expect maybe 75 of them to be completely functional and 90 of them to be mostly working (maybe insertion will be difficult or maybe a connection won't be perfect). In that case, I will not have any extras to send nor will I be testing each unit before sending it out.

      Please note that when funding this campaign, you are mostly paying for the development and getting a working board would be a bonus. You are not buying a tested and working product.
      However, everything from the software and the hardware will be open source. Once the project completes, anyone can decide to invest the money in mass producing it for sale. If you do so, I don't expect any royalities or anything.


    This is a cool idea, I am delighted as I have an almost new OLED 3G PS Vita here.​
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by DeViL303, May 28, 2017.

    1. kozarovv
      I doubt there was any other hack supported so professionally by it developer, like HENkaku one. It's amazing.
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    2. DeViL303
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    3. baileyscream
      If your sending hardware that's supposed to be in limited production and past beta testing and paid for by the recipient then I'm sorry but you should fully test the hardware
      Also distant selling regulations allows you 7 days from delivery of the item to have it returned for full refund or replacement at the buyers request
      So your manufacturer should incur the cost for faulty hardware not the buyer
      That's just stupid
      I was about to send you a substantial amount up until I read the above passage I quoted
      What a disappointment

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    4. bguerville
      I understand that people are paying for development & not for a finished product but....
      I believe it's better not to use the cheapest board provider if only 70% of their sales are in proper working order... A third of the production with defects is a really high failure rate & it makes you wonder how well made even the "good" ones will be...
      I am sure people would prefer to contribute 10 bucks more than take the risk to receive a bad "bonus" board when others are getting good ones...

      Anyway, the project itself is sound. Good luck with it all...
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    5. pinky
      interesting. I don't own an original vita, only the slim vita, so @atreyu187 @DeViL303 and the like will have to tell me how bad ass this is once it's released. :-p I have faith in YifanLu 's r and d, and I wish I could contribute in some way, but it looks like I'll just have to watch...for now. ;)
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    6. DeViL303
      Like he said, "you are not buying a tested a working product" so distance selling regulations don't come into it...if you get a board it is a "bonus", it would be the same if he told you it would arrive broken, I don't think he could be much clearer, He also said expects 90% to work somewhat, you are free to not donate as he is well past his goal anyway, and you are free to use his plans to make your own super high quality version of you want to. Its hard to please everyone though.

      I suspect he is just trying to cover himself if some of them dont read properly, it could end up costing him money otherwise. I don't see it as a big deal if some pins need to be pulled out to get it to read properly, or the card doesn't go in nice and smooth, I used to items like the E3 that are not 100% perfect.

      Also , if 75 out the first 100 ever made work perfectly I think it is fairly good success rate? This is a new device that is only just in POC stages.
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    7. atreyu187

      You bet I will they have MicroSD to USB adapters. I would happily mod my case to have a USB port!! Flash drive on the go and a USB HDD at home.
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    8. DeViL303
      Yeah I had forgotten about those adaptors.

      Extenders like this could be handy too if people want to have an external microSD that is hidden in their Vitas protective case maybe.

      There are also these, I wonder could someone make a custom driver for one of these so it would work on the slim Vitas in the microusb port. That would be a nice solution that doesn't require the Vita to be opened up. Only downside would be no charging while its in use unless a special cable was made.

      The above could be used with one of these to keep it out the way.
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    9. baileyscream
      Yafin is purchasing them as a full build from the manufacturer
      Once he takes receipt of them he then has time to test them and return any faulty under the distant selling regs
      It's then up to the manufacturer to put them right at there cost not yafin's

      So yes distant selling does come into it as HE is buying a product

      At the end of the day he is asking for donations that cover every step
      I don't think it's much to ask that he checks the build quality and workability of the items he is buying fully built before sending them out
      Otherwise why add the final builds to his donation request

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    10. DeViL303
      Well, that would be true once they are making them in bulk, but I do not think you expect 100% of the first 100 you ever ordered to be perfect, its not realistic, there are always "teething" issues. Look at it this way, if buys 100 ic chips, and he buys 100 sd card slots, and he buys 100 boards. there is a good chance there will be some defects in those, even if its only slight, this is only normal, I have worked in manufacturing. When you are manufacturing and you find a bad component, you do not run back to your supplier with every one, it would take too long and the components are not worth the time and effort, what you do is buy some extra components to account for this, so yeah he could buy 110 of each, and then he could spend extra time testing them by writing lots of files and reading lots of files through each one, but that all takes time and he is not doing this to make money, if he was I am sure things would be different, he is developing a new product for someone else to make in the future.

      Maybe it would not be much for you to test them all, but even if spends 5 minutes testing each one, not long really. that's like 9 hours with no breaks. All when he is not doing it for Money...
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    11. DeViL303
      Its simple anyway, if you are not willing to donate on his terms, Dont get involved in development of it and simply wait for a final product. Problem solved.

      I really think he is just trying to cover himself in case of problems, he is only guessing that 70 out of 100 will work, I bet it will be more than that.
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    12. nCadeRegal
      I think he is being as upfront and honest as he can be given what he is doing. Look at his track record so far. I think he is trustworthy enough. Didnt wololo take donations for him for dumping the vitas internals some years back? What he is asking for isnt much, and he clearly stated the given risks. I would know going into it that its not a plug and play solution, if you cant micro solder , you shouldnt touch this.
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    13. atreyu187
      Btw the 3G models aren't 1000 models but 1100
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    14. nCadeRegal
      I got in on the 101 to 500 batch. Ill let everyone know how it goes when it arrives later this year. Im excited about this one. I am curious of the limitations of it though, like card size and what not. Doesnt specify anywhere i read on the indigogo page.
    15. atreyu187
      Well you can buy a 3G board on 3.60 or lower for $25 and swap them out on the 100X models so even if you do not have a 3G model but have an OLED you can convert them to a 3G capable system
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    16. kozarovv
      As far as I know there is no limitation about card size. Also with Enso card will be mounted at boot (pstv users with Enso can use project right now ;) ).
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    17. atreyu187

      How did I let that slide past me? Thanks for the heads-up
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    18. DeViL303
      New Video put up by YifanLu

      Wouldn't it be great if boards like this would work:


      Mini pcie, dual slot, and already available for €5.75. It looks like it would fit physically, so we would just need a driver..I think its not possible though as the port on the Vita uses a custom layout. It might be possible to make an adaptor that converts the custom layout to standard, that would open up loads of possibilities, 4G modems, sata adaptors, etc.
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    19. nCadeRegal
      I also noticed that the wi fi only one is only missing the card slot from the board. Im willing to bet if i populate with hardware and solder to those points it would work. Has anyone else saw that the boards are identical? Might be just adding something in the firmware to trick it into thinking its a 3g model.

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