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    We have seen recently Zelda Time to Triumph , Zelda ROTH (Return of the Hylian) & Zelda Oni Link's Begin already ported to VITA / PSTV (by various devs including usineur) and why stop there usineur has another port with Zelda NSQ - Zelda Navi's Quest as the story is a sequel to the trilogy series mentioned before. So there is plenty of gameplay in this series you can enjoy on the Vita, Tell us which is your favorite in the comments below :

    znsq4.jpg znsq3.jpg

    • ZeldaNSQ - Zelda Navi's Quest port for PSVITA / PSTV (by usineur)
      znsq1.jpg znsq2.jpg
      Zelda: Navi's Quest is a sequel game that follows the Vincent Jouillat's Zelda fanmade trilogy.​

      Story >> > Hyrule Kingdom had been in peace since the Hero Link had defeated the evil forces which threatened it. Once his quest was complete, he ran away from honor and fame and crossed the seas, hoping to find unknown territories where he could quench his thirst for adventure.

      Although his journey took him through countless kingdoms, his attention was not caught until he happened into a bar, quite by mistake, and was told of a rumor... He heard about a legendary place, the most popular seaside destination at the time: the famous Fairy Island.Was it his hero instinct that made him sail there in all haste?However as he approached the island shores, Link was attacked and beaten by a terrifying sea monster.

      • Controls can be accessed when in game, press "Select" to display help.
      Left stickMove Link
      Right stickMove Navi
      CrossCarry / Confirm / Pass text
      CircleRead / Open / Speak
      SquareUse weapon
      TriangleUse selected object
      Right D-PadItem selection
      Up D-PadSee the map
      Left D-PadSee barter items
      Down D-PadOni Link transformation
      L + SquareNavi's heal
      L + TriangleNavi's attack boost
      L + CircleNavi's defense boost
      L + CrossNavi's ultimate burst
      SelectDisplay help
      StartSave quit
      Credits: Vincent Jouillat, for Original game

      Have fun, do not hesitate to report me any issue you can found.​

    Download here

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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 11, 2017.

    1. Berion
      Nice to see another port.

      I'm currently playing and almost finishing "The Legend of Zelda: Return of The Hylian" and the port is very good. To bad this game have poor level design and some sprite collision detection problems (but still fun; I love Zelda games and hacks). I have also playing a little with "The Legend of Zelda - Time to Triumph" but I'm stuck. ;p And also trying for a while "The Legend of Zelda - Oni Link Begins" but scalling and stretching the screen, graphics glitches and sound issues dishearten me. Horrible port TBH.

      So, for sure I will also play "The Legend of Zelda - Navi's Quest". Thanks for Your job.
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