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Game Mod Developers joshchawks and Death_Dealer have updated Minecraft Elite Edition to version 1.10. They actually released version 1.12, which added Festive mash-up (Christmas) as well as various bug fixes. However, various features were not working properly as a result of the buggy Mojang code. For example, many of the Minecraft: Elite Edition[break][/break] texture packs were not working properly. Therefore, the devs removed v1.12 and released v1.10, which included all the new content from v1.12. Now, the Elite Electronics team is waiting for Mojang to release a new update with bug fixes at which point they plan on releasing Minecraft Elite Edition v1.13. Check out the quotes below to see exactly what the developers had to say.


January 07, 2015:
January 02, 2015:
Following up from his recent updates to multiMAN and webMAN, deank has rolled out multiMAN v4.66.09. This update fixed a minor issue in mmCM and added the prompt to launch multiMAN if mmCM fins itself in non-cobra mode. As always, you can download the update here, or you can download it directly from multiMAN on your PS3. Check out the changelog below for more details on the update.


Changelog for multiMAN v4.66.09:

Homebrew developer Aldo Vargas (aka aldostools) has released an updates to webMAN MOD, prepNTFS (webMAN MOD Edition) and also the webMAN Portal. In webMAN MOD v1.41.02 the developer has added support for the latest PS3 Manager API Update from NzV,and plenty of other impressive additions and also a few fixes that can be viewed in [break]s[/break] the complete changelog below. Also the webMAN Mod edition of prepNTFS (v1.06) receives a new update that will now extract the ICON0 and PIC1 on multiMAN's cache folder. Then also the developer updates his webMAN Portal (website) with some new links such as the addition of All the details of these releases and updates can be seen in quote found below:


Last week Developer _NzV_ released the PS3 Manager API (PS3M_API) which is a really great addition for using and implementing cobra and/or mamba features. For more information about what exactly the PS3 Manager API is, follow this link. The updated version brings improved check and disable syscall, adds partial disable syscall 8, better error management, support for more CFW and many more features.[break][/break] Check out the changelog below for a complete list of the various improvements.


PS3 Manager API v.1.1.1 Changelog:

Following up on his the Christmas Edition of the GameSonic Manager, scene developer Orion has released a couple new versions of his GameSonic Manager bringing it to v3.48. The updates have added patches to deank's payload, added a reset function for the USB Bus, added support to CFW 4.66 DEX, added code and functions of PRX Loader and quite a few other changes and improvements. For a full list of the new features and fixes,[break][/break] check out the Changelogs below.



TheDarkprogramer has updated PeXploit bringing it from its beta release to version 0.1. The update has some GUI changes, a few additions and some code optimization for improved speed and file cleanup.


Download: PeXploit

Source: playstationhax
Following the previous update to IRISMAN developer Aldostools has two updated apps for custom firmware users. First up is the popular IRISMAN MOD which includes the patches made by developer Deank in his latest multiMAN and webMAN releases. Last Play also gets a update bringing it to version 1.03.[break][/break]


IRISMAN Changelogs:
Last Play Changelogs:
Downloads: IRISMAN 3.38 |...
With all the recent updates to multiMAN and webMAN, this may be a good time to also update your Cover Packs as well. Over at aldostools has pushed the latest updated cover packs with the release of v3.6. This update contains alot of covers in various regions (ASIA-USA-EUR) for PlayStation 3/2/1 Games. See all the contents of this collection below.
Scene developer aldostools has released a couple of updates for his webMAN-MOD. 1.41.00 was released and then followed by 1.41.01. These updates fixed various bugs as well as adding a some features such as an auto-fix for PS3 games in ISO/game folder formats, the shortcut SELECT + O to unmount the current game, new translations, new blackscreen patches and quite a few other improvements. Check out the full changelog below for a list of all the new features in both updates.


Two PlayStation 3 Homebrew Applications have been updated by developer deank, the very popular multiMAN (v4.66.08) and webMAN (v1.41) have received the same update. This update biggest change was the removal of Habib's Patches that were replaced with deank's own patches to improve Game Compatibility. [break]dd[/break]This seems to be the last fix as deank talents seemed to fix all affected games. The developer did not stop there with this update he also fixed several issues, such as one with Homebrew Locks / Blackscreen and various oddities on 4.65 - 4.66 CFW's. Then the developer also fixed an issue that affected Cobra CFW's when using more then one USB HDD externally. See all the details about these updates and also view the latest Showtime for multiMAN files found below also.

multiMAN - webMAN.JPG