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It has been 20 years since we fist seen Sony enter the Gaming market. We all can thank Nintendo for that !!! .. The original PlayStation was released back in good ole 1994 and here we are in 2014 and we have seen the PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 Consoles then the handhelds from Sony that include the PlayStation Portable (PSP) & PlayStation Vita and even the Recently Released PlayStation TV, So there is alot memories that Sony has brought us over the past two decades [break]dd[/break] and since the PS1 Since 1994 Sony has dominated the gaming market. To celebrate this event Sony has unveiled a New Special Edition PlayStation 4 (PS4) Console that can be Seen below. This console gives homage to the original PlayStation 1 colors and looks really great but these consoles of course are in short supply. So they are bound to turn up on ebay with people asking ridiculous prices.

What has been your favorite PlayStation Games? Console? and PlayStation Moments? It's hard to believe it has been 20 years. Just to give you a flash back to 1994 this was Microsoft's first web-page link . This was some of the top music and artist link. Michael Jordan gave baseball a try after retiring from basketball the first time: link . It was a long time ago, what were you doing 20 years ago. Where your alive and born or were you still a "swimmer"?


Sony has released a new System Update (aka firmware update) for the PlayStation 4 Console. This update looks to be a small update and officially Sony States that the usual Improves "quality during use of some applications has been improved". Also be sure to checkout our PSX-Place PS4 Log for all the previous PS4 updates. [break]..[/break]


From just yesterday developer Deank released updates to the official webMAN brining it to version 1.33 and in true fashion a slew of updates for webMAN MOD by Aldostools followed. Check below for all the changes from versions 1.32 to 1.33.


Developer deank following his release of webMAN v1.33 has also included those changes in his popular backup manager. Also with this version of multiMAN the developer has released not only a CEX version but also DEX and a Stealth version of the homebrew application. The changes like in webMAN have been aimed to improved Game Compatibility for various problematic games,[break]dd[/break] the developer was able to confirm that "Shadow of Mordor" can not be launched in Folder Format from both internal and external HDDs. This method should also work with other games, but if you still have some problem ber sure to report these issues to deank. Checkout all the details and changes in this version of multiMAN found below.


Download: multiMAN v04.66.06
A new official update for webMAN has been released by developer deank. webMAN v1.33 contains a fix JB (aka folder format) games like "Shadow of Mordor" That have been known to cause issues. This game can now be ran Internal / External and in both ISO or Folder Formats. Also in Cobra CFW deank has made a change where /app_home will not be redirected to /dev_bdvd.[break]ddd[/break] All versions of the Official webMAN (aka Vanilla version) plugin for the PlayStation 3 can be found below:


Note: Plugins can only be launched via Cobra CFW or on nonCobra CFW using PRX Loader

Mirrors: Link

Orion has updated GameSonic Manager to version 3.37. In this update the new anti-ode fix by developer deank has been added, This update also provides some improved translations as well as some other fixes and clean-up performed by developer Orion. See all the details in the changelog below:



Following deank's official release of webMAN v1.32, the modded version of the plugin (webMAN MOD) by developer's aldostools & [email protected] has progressed to v1.32. All the changes in the official version are included as well as various things such as new icons from brunolee, PS2 Classic Toggler for the upcoming REBUG v4.65.2 and various other additions as seen in the changelog provided below.


Here some BIG News coming from Team REBUG. The PS2 Controller Sync Bug that has affected PS2 ISOs on CFW 4.50+ has been resolved by a new approach from developer HABIB. Fellow REBUG developer Joonie has shared a few details with me as well as releasing a video to show off this new feature that will be coming in the next REBUG CFW Release. [break].[/break] This works similar to the original PS2 Classic Placeholder (by CaptainCPS-X) and will need a one time activation, but after that it will launch your PS2 ISO or PS2 Classic converts with no controller syncing issues. This works in not only CEX but with DEX also. This is welcomed advancement that will soon be released with the next REBUG CFW Release that is to hit the PS3 Scene soon. Checkout the video demonstration provided by REBUG developer Joonie.




View our REBUG Thread for additional information on various REBUG CFW's

Developer deank has released the latest version of the Standard version of webMAN or otherwise known as webMAN (Vanilla). In this update the Homebrew Developer has fixed some issues on 4.66 Cobra CFW's. Also the developer has a new "lite" plugin for Cobra CFW user's. this new Lite plugin will use less memory but it does not give support to ps3netsrv. So if you are a Cobra CFW user that uses ps3netsrv (which is a great feature and exclusive to COBRA CFW) be sure not to use the Lite plugin. View the official release quote below and also additional information about webMAN can be seen in the link provided at bottom on this article.


A new update for webMAN MOD has been released by developer Aldostools. In the latest version marked as v1.31.01, there have been several options a few fixes provided for the popular ps3 plugin. In this update the developer has added 4.66 CEX detection for Cobra CFW, Addressed a bug displaying icons for split ISO's. Replaced was habib's anti ode patches and replaces with deank patches from webMAN v1.31. Plus various other changes that can be seen in the changelog provided below.


Download & Source: