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PS3 ISO Tools by PlayStation 3 developer Rudi Rastelli has been updated to v2.0, with plenty of enchantments and changes contained in this update. Instead of using Estwald's "makeps3iso" utility, the developer has instead opted to use "genps3iso_v2.5" , the reason for the change is to give ODE compatibility, This update also contains some changes in Game [break]dd[/break] Patching, and various other changes as seen in the log below. Also be sure to checkout the updated README file that contains plenty of Tips and additional notes about this very useful Utility from Rudi Rastelli. The readme is included with the download and can also be seen in our forums via this link with additional PS3 ISO Tools Info.


PlayStation 3 Developer Evilnat has dropped by PSX-Place Forums today with a new update to the very popular and useful SEN Enabler. The latest release being labeled as version 5.7.2 has been tested and confirmed working on 4.66 DARKNET - Cobra Edition, [break].[/break] this update adds a new syscall mode path,Also, newly added support for PRX MAMBA Loader and various other improvements and details can be seen about this update from the developer below:



The first public Cobra CFW hits the PS3 Homebrew Scene today as Custom Firmware developer darkjiros has released his finished 4.66 - Cobra CFW. In 4.66 DARKNET COBRA the developer has taken his previously released DARKNET V1.00 (Standard CFW) and added the Cobra (v7.00) features. [break]ddd[/break] The developer has tested various models and also many popular managers and homebrew applications. See this data and other additional details about this CFW in the official release notes found below:

Also below you can check out many applications and other 4.66 Related Releases in this link



The Control Fan Utility (GameSonic's fork) has been updated by Orion, With the release of v3.05 comes the addition of 4.66 Custom Firmware Support, that the developer has tested with success on FERROX & DARKNET 4.66 (CEX) CFW's. Also in this update Orion has added a new CFW Detection system. The full changelog can be seen below, but let me warn you it has been Translated by Google Translator.


Download: GameSonic Control Fan Utility v3.05
View Additional 4.66 Releases: Link

Source of Release:

Although not necessarily related to hacking, this news article caught me eye. For those who aren't aware, the Federal Trade Commision (FTC) filed civil charges against Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) on behalf of the public for falsely advertising "game changing" technological features. Specifically, the FTC alleged that SCEA advertised false claims about the Vita's "cross platform gaming" ability, the Vita's "cross-save" feature and the Vita's "remote play" capabilities. As most Vita owners likely know, none of these features lived up to Sony's advertisements.[break][/break] In fact, without CFW, the number of PS3 titles that have been available for remote play is laughable. You can find a link to the FTC's Civil Complaint HERE.


According to the FTC's press release from this morning, it appears SCEA and the FTC have reached a settlement agreement. The terms of the settlement agreement are as follows:

  • SCEA is barred from making similarly misleading advertising claims in the future.
  • SCEA will provide customers who bought a PS Vita before June 1, 2014 either $25 cash or credit refund, or a $50 merchandise voucher for select video games, and/or services.

Apparently Sony will provide notice via email to the consumers who are eligible for redress once the settlement between SCEA and the FTC is finalized. Upon reading this news I tried to remember when I purchased my Vita I found my Vita receipt and I purchased it in February of 2012. I went onto Sony's website and registered my Vita in hopes I receive and email with a $50 psn card or something. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how Sony is going to determine who purchased Vita's prior to June 1, 2014 and it will probably take quite some time. But, I'll update you all as soon as I know anything else.

Check out the video by clicking...
PS VITA / PS TV PS Vita Bubble Hack Update
Katsu is at it again but this time revealing some minor information regarding the bubble hacks we have been seeing on Twitter. This method is deemed useless at the moment and has gotten a few developers hot under the collar since any hints regarding the bubble hack could get Sony onto a early patching spree. The instructions you will find below will get you, with the use of a PS3 and PS Vita exploit, installing you very own bubble on the PS Vita. [break].[/break]However at the moment the bubble will only serve as some visual stimulation since it does nothing more but Katsu does mention homebrew is inbound. Check it out.


Thanks to Hakaze for the news tip.

Source: Katsu via Wololo |...​
Recently a new version of RetroArch PSP was released marked as v1.0.0.3 - Beta2 . New comes a change as there is separate version. One for PSP-1000 models and the other version being for PSP-2000+. This Port of RetroArch to the PSP comes equipped with 7 libretro Cores, and some improvements have came to them like with this update a new speed improvement to pce-fast that now allows the emulator to run CD-ROM games at near full speed. Then also tempGBA will not correctly save files correctly. [break].[/break] These cores can be seen here along with some additional information about this PSP version of RetroArch.


Scene developer Orion has updated GameSonic Manager to v3.36. This update brings various improvements such as adding a new offset to prevent blackscreen issues, fixing various bugs and cleaning up the source code. See the[break][/break] changelog below for a list of all the improvements.





Additional information regarding GameSonic Manager can be found HERE
Developer deank is back again with another release for the PS3 community and this time around the developer has a new version of multiMAN with the release of v04.66.04. Trying to rid the issues that some experience with black screen games the developer has utilized a USB patch option that was actually used back in the 3.41 FW days and the option can be toggled in "Settings" .. View more information about this release below by deank below ..