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RetroArch hits the PlayStation Portable today. RetroArch is the very popular multi-system emulator that many know from the PlayStation 3 scene and others. The Beta release supports various cores, namely tempGBA, fceumm, prboom and more. Future [break].[/break]versions will support more cores as explained via the source below.


Download: RetroArch PSP - Beta Release

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Has the PS4 been hacked? That is the question that is being asked today after two developer Nas & Proxima have taken the recent concept of PS Vita webkit exploit to the PS4 with firmware v1.76. At this time it's unconfirmed what this exploit will allow hackers to have access to on the console. However this is exciting news as it does allow developers to learn more about the console. This exploit is unlikely to be of use to end user's at this point and thus will not magically bring for instances a PS4 CFW. [break]..[/break] This exploit is good for the PS4 hacking community but what the exploit can achieve is something that will take some investigating by various developers before we get a clear picture, on what can be achieved by the exploit.. The bad news is this will most likely be patched in the upcoming v2.00 update that was announced recently. So stay tuned as this story is sure to progress over the next days and weeks, we will bring you all the latest details and what this means for the future of the PS4 Community as this evolves. View some additional information and details on the quote below from Vita developer wololo

Update: Respect developer cfwprophet has drop by our forums and gave his take on this recent exploit, and what it means for the PS4 community

Developer Andreas Oman has released some of the latest Bleeding Edge (Testing) updates containing some new improvements and features for the very popular homebrew Media Player.. There have been many changes under the hood as well as some PS3 specif changes like video now pausing when you bring up the In-Game (or In-App) XMB menu. This homebrew continues to evolve with the player and the vast amount of plugin's it offers that continues to grow checkout the logs below and more information about this app in the links provided below.

Showtime PS3.png

Universal Media Server reaches version 5 today. The alpha build, which requires JAVA version 7 and upwards, adds universal plug and play support. Also in the mix is file name referencing via IMDB and HTML 5 support. [break].[/break]Full changelog listed below.



osx-icon1.gif winicon1.gif linuxicon1.gif

Source: universalmediaserver
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Developer littlebalup has stop by our forums today with a new release of his GUI for NORway/NANway/SPIway. in this latest update marked v2.02 there has been added compatibility with the latest USB serial drivers from PRJC. This now means that "Teensy USB Serial" driver now detected as well as the old one & would now give Windows 8.1 Support. See the full details below.



It appears the official REBUG wait may be over, as a new REBUG CFW was announced to be released very soon to a PS3 Console near you. The REBUG Team has also announced an expansion with two new developer's joining the Rebug Team. At this time it's still a bit of a mystery of whom the devs are but should be announced when the new firmware is released. It's also unclear which version of firmware this version will be based on but if i were a betting man i would say it's a v4.65 REBUG CFW release. So stay tuned here at as we will bring you all the details when this CFW is released to the public.


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Following up on yesterdays article regarding the webkit exploit for the PlayStation Vita, developer Davee is back with some more good news. This time around it is for those who have purchased the recently released PlayStation Vita TV. If you have the little box on firmware 3.20 you are in luck as Davee [break].[/break]has ported the webkit exploit to the device as shown in a Tweet some hours ago.

ps vita tv.jpg

Remember that you can test the exploit out via this link on your PS Vita TV.

Source: @DaveeFTW

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Orion makes an unofficial update to System Manager increasing the version to 1.4. In this update the System Manager originally developed by Estwald for Mira La Tijera (MLT) CFW (since has been ported to various CFWs) has now been expanded to even more CFW this time for all DEX Firmware 3.55 through 4.55 DEX are now supported. View the details of this System Manager update below:


Check out Additional Information about System Manager via this link

Download: System Manager v1.4

Source: PlayStationHaX /
The latest coming out of the PSP community is a huge update to CyanogenMOD - PSP by developer Joel16. This mult-ipurpose homebrew app. keeps impressing with every update and that doesn't change in this massive update. That now includes an update feature, New Recover Menu, New Homebrew Screen and a vareity of other fixes and features have been jam packed in this update marked v2.2 as seen in the changelogs provided below. The developer is looking for feedback on his work so be sure to leave the developer some feedback of this impressive looking homebrew application.[break].[/break]

The New Homescreen
The New Recovery Menu
Don't use this bit, if you don't know what you're doing.
Gallery App
The RAM Menu

A while back the scene had seen the return of well known PSP hacker Davee when he released a tool called RopTool that could aid in ARM CPU hacking. The developer has now released a native exploit through Webkit that in its initial release only ran on firmware 2.60. The developer has now promptly updated the exploit to run on all firmwares [break].[/break]up to 3.18. So if you updated to firmware 3.30 you are out of luck. The developer via his blog also gives credit where credit is due and mentions that the driving force behind this exploit comes from developers BBalling1, Josh_Axey and Archaemic.


You can test the vulnerability on your Vita by visiting the link provided below and when executed correctly you should be met with a message that reads "Congrats, this vita is vulnerable". On some firmware versions it is reported that anything but error codes such as error: 1, error: 2, error: 3 is a good sign that the exploit is working. For example when the browser page hangs for a few seconds then refreshes. Developer BBalling1, aka Codelion, has also released his version of the exploit for firmware 3.18 which requires netcat. More about that can be found on his github page which is also quoted below.