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Developer 3141card has released a new and improved PS3 LuaPlayer with update v5.2.3, this version was used in Swing Copters (v1.0 Final) by Sandroron. In this update 3141card added sound support with using Estwald's (aka Hermes) spu sound library and also his tiny3d library for 2D/3D graphics. This is no doubt a huge improvement for the LuaPlayer. Already it was put to great use. Hopefully we see some additional creations from this work by the developer. [break].[/break]


Release Notes:

View Additional information via this forum link

Download: PS3 LuaPlaye v5.2.3

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Here is a collection of tools and updates from developer brunolee with the updates to XMB Mod Manager & his Waves Tool for the XMB. Plus various other tools to aid in customization of your CFW enabled Consoles XMB. With XMB Mod manager you can install a variety of Package Manager's along with some other XMB hacks and tweaks. Plus the developer has included various other tools as seen below. [break]m[/break]


Release Notes
PlayStation TV (aka Vita TV) was just released in North America and the device came shipped with firmware v3.20. So the guys at hackinformer have written a guide showing you how to run Total Noob's- eCFW (TN-V) on the device. If you plan on running TN-V on your newly acquired PlayStation TV it is suggested you do this right away as the method could be blocked soon. The method is fairly simple, to achieve so checkout the details below:


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Over at developer zecoxao has posted code sources to various dumpers, payload frameworks and various Linux Syscon stuff. After talented PS3 Developer/hacker flatz had instructed him to share these source with the community. These are sure to be useful to many knowledgeable developers in the PlayStation 3 Community. So stay tuned and see what good comes from these source release..


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Talented PS2 developer SP193 has stop by our forums to let us know about his latest update to his very useful PS2 utility know as the PlayStation 2 Identification Tool . With version v0.810R the developer has made some new improvements since it's previous update that came exactly a year prior. With this tool you can do many things such as Dump the boot ROM, DVD-ROM, ROM Chip, Memory Cards and much more. This tool supports multi-languages and is a very good PS2 utility. [break]..[/break] View all the details below.

Developer Sandroron is back again with and this time has a new Exclusive release for with the release of Swing Copters (Final) for the PS3. Thanks to fellow developer 3141card who has updated the PS3 LuaPlayer to v5.2.3 with some nice improvements that Sandroron has taken advantage of like adding SOUND to the LuaPlayer. So with this version of this Swing Copters Port, it now contains sound. Also you can now exit the game using the PS Button and In-Game XMB. View some of the screenshot and information below of this fun PlayStation 3 Homebrew Port of this popular game that was originally developer by Flappy Bird Indie Game developer (Dong Nguyen). Thanks goes out to both 3141card and Sandroron for all the work they have done to make this an impressive and fun PS3 Port..


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Developer Quake has updated §imple PS3Updates, a application that you can use on Windows to download PlayStation 3 game updates. The application, now in build eight of version 1.6, fixes a file handling issue and other minor bugs.[break].[/break]

§imple PS3Updates.gif

Download: EXE | RAR

Source: trading-post

Additional §imple PS3Updates info and releases can be seen via this: Link
Developer Habib is back with an update to his Toolbox and his standalone QA Flag for Cobra custom firmware 4.65 users. The below still requires 'CFW Habib 4.65 with Cobra Toggle' or any other '4.65 Cobra Edition' custom firmwares. The developer does mention plans [break].[/break] to make this work on all versions of CFW in the future. The below download includes the update Habib Toolbox and the standalone version.


Download: Habib Toolbox Version 1.02.02

Source: PS3Hax / PSX-Place

Additional Habib Toolbox info and releases can be seen via this: Link
CyanogenMod PSP-C has another update courtesy of developer Joel16 who dropped by our forums yesterday. CyanogenMod PSP-C has seen many testing builds and in test build four you can see many more improvements from the developer. Joel16 does mention that after this release version[break].[/break] 2.2 will see its first stable build and he plans on working on the gallery app and homebrew/backup launcher next. Stay tuned for further updates to this fantastic piece of PSP homebrew!


Download: CyanogenMod PSP-C Alpha Build 2.2 Test 4

Source: PSX-Place

Additional CyanogenMod PSP info and releases can be seen via this: Link