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In the PS2 Community developer @VTSTech has been sharing a few new tools and utilities and the developer recently release the FORTUNA FMCB LANUNCHER (SCPH-9XXXX Models w/ 2.30 bios), currently residing at version 0.2 the tool is a great asset to the recent breakthrough of the Fortuna Project, which a new ps2 exploit by developer @krat0s (from With this utility by VTSTech you can "quickly launch FMCB or BOOT2.ELF from either Memory Card" as VTSTech details below for full info surrounding this recently released tool:
One of the advantages of having an exploited system is the ability to create solutions and developer GrapheneCt has done just that with this latest release for the PS Vita or a PlayStation TV/Vita TV. If you find yourself with a hardware limitations/malfunction (like a broken volume button) or simply the ability to adjust the volume in real-time by an alternate means, then Volume Control Pack is something to keep a watch on as this project develops. In this initial release you can install the vpk or you can also install plugin for some added functionality.

According to famed Vita developer @Rinnegatamante this release marks the first "system app" homebrew.. "system app which means you can run it while another app is running (eg: Open VitaShell and then open this homebrew and it won't ask you to kill VitaShell at app launch)"​
PS2 Classic GUI (by @The Darkprogramer ) is an essential utility for PlayStation 4 user's with homebrew capabilities (aka jailbroken) console when it comes to the creation of your own Custom PS2 Classic packages. These packages can contain your individual ps2 game's from your collection to use one your PS4 or you can even prepare homebrew pkgs, as some PS2 Homebrew is capable of running through the Ps2 classic emulator on the PS4 (a few examples). This utility makes preparing and customizing the packages very user friendly (includes a built-in tutorial) and then exported is a ready to install pkg on your PS4 capable of running homebrew (currently that is from the PS4HEN exploit on firmware 5.05)

The developer did state on twiiter "There are a few eggs hidden as well." However there has been no changelog listing for this update? So, be on the lookout and comment below if you notice any Easter Eggs... There has been one potential easter egg shown with this tweet
The latest move in the next gen hype has embarked on us as Sony unveils the PS4 PS5 logo as CES to leave the gaming community on a cliffhanger. While not much was mentioned about the next generation console we have came to one conclusion that the PS5 logo budget seems to be about the same as the budget for PS3 firmware updates. Also a few days ago i figured it was due time to add a PlayStation 5 Section to the forum as well. Right now there is just a general discussion area for now, it will evolve as the PlayStation 5 is released in the 2020 holiday season We have a dissuasion thread here in the forum about some of the rumors and specs of the next generation console here.

Are you hyped for the PS5? Will you buy at launch or do you like to give the platform time to mature?​
Developer @dnawrkshp originally ported Lazy Bastards's Artemis to the PS3. The PlayStation 3 port is a cheating system for applying cheat to games utilized on CFW/HEN enabled console's that also comes with a companion plugin (sprx) for additional functionality. @bucanero who you may recall is the developer who ported PKGi recently to the PS3. has now turned attention to updating Artemis-PS3 for 4.85 use and the developer has added two new features to go along. First, we have an Online Cheat Database that will allow you keep your cheats up to date with a simple online download and also a Local Database Update feature has also been incorporated into the system. Also a shoutout to @Berion who's designs still looks great in the GUI :) .
(Update R2 released) Developer @OsirisX is back with release 2 of the PS4 port of RetroArch , this unofficial port (based on v1.8.1 of the main project) now contains 37 libretro cores adding an additional 12 since the initial release, those cores include the arcade core FBA & also a Sega Saturn Yabause (curious how that compares to the standalone from znullptr), while N64 emulation still needs some work the parallel_64 core included in v1 has seen a new companion and n64 offering in the addition of the Mupen64 core. The new n64 core does offer some small speed improvements from parallei_64 and may still need some improvements to come in the future hopefully (please share your results/feedback below, which games are working for you?).. Also a bug other's and myself experienced has been addressed, the issue being (in r1) where we could not launch any content in other locations, such as in playlist has now been fixed in the r2 release. That is a welcomed bug to be squashed as now playslist/collections/favorites ect.. should work fine. The PS4 homebrew scene looks in alot better position then it did weeks ago. You have to really stop and look the PS4 now has 37 different things it can now run that was not possible a couple weeks ago. Stay tuned as this is port is sure to mature even more with time and likely become an official release sooner or later for the RetroArch project. The libretro team has already expressed support..​
The PS3Xploit's Flash Writer has seen an unofficial update provided by developer @Imn7 that adds a few additional checks to see if HFW is installed prior to using (HFW is a simple modified (hybrid) firmware that re-adds a vulnerability (from OFW 4.82) used in ps3xploit tools), dont have HFW installed or do not know upon launching you will be prompt with "You must install Hybrid Firmware (HFW) 4.85 before using the flash writer!" Also a check to view the minimum factory firmware that was installed in factory on your console. This is important check (automated or done manually) because it will help determine if your console is a Custom FirmWare compatible unit or not. Anything over 3.56 firmware installed in the factory can not install a CFW (those models should look into using PS3HEN if that is the case.). This unofficial build of the flash writer will provides extra detection/checks in the addition to the magic found in the original tool, a list of full checks can be seen in the release notes provided by the developer below:​

Year after year, many Hackers and Developers around the Globe come together for a "Meet&Greet" at the City of Leipzig, Germany, where they share and discuss their newest Achievements with Hacking and other Security Subjects leading the way. Since you are a trustfully reader of this Site, you shouldn't be suprised anymore that like for last year, we decided to give you the full coverage about this years Chaos Communication Congress again - stylized as "36C3 - RESOURCE EXHAUSTION" by it's host. Last years Congress (35C3) was already an impressive one, which showed us many new Achievements, especially for both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita. Indeed, speaking about the PSVita, the stages at 35C3 led to various new Exploits and Homebrew Releases afterwards, which you are already familiar about and probably downloaded a thousand times. This years Congress will also show us the newest Achievements in the Console Scene and since your own demand was already so high for the last year, we had a reason more to keep you informed for the full coverage of this years 36C3. So, the only thing you need to do like you did last year is to keep this Article bookmarked, since we keep this Article updated after each new presentation. So you won't miss anything!​
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It appears that OpenBOR Engine has been ported to Jailbroken PS4's from developer @Znullptr .we seen last year when the engine was ported to the PS3 by @White Dragon, but now we see Znullptr whom has been supplying the scene with various PS4 Homebrew releases like the recent Mednafen (multi-system emulator), Sega Saturn, mGBA and other emulation now has released (via @Markus95) the latest PS4 brew in the form of this classic beat em up style game-engine that support many unique user created creations found around the net at places like Currently the highest firmware hackable on a PS4 is 5.05 (also 5.07 FW found in select regions). Thanks to the efforts of znullptr we have been seeing some great brew finally coming to the PS4, Hopefully this trend does not stop and we see improvements to what has been released and/or some new things but we have a great toy to tinker with as this new engine is now available for the PS4.​