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Following up after the release of Modoru last week, which allows you to Downgrade your PlayStation Vita to a lower System Firmware to enjoy again great Hacks and Exploits written for System Firmware 3.60 or even below, today same Developer TheFloW released an updated Version of h-encore, namely with Version 2.0! While this update gives you new and additional Features like spoofing your PlayStation Vita to Sony's newest System Firmware 3.70, Developer TheFloW reminds you that if you aren't still in use of h-encore, then now it is the right time, especially since you can Downgrade your PlayStation Vita now if h-encore isn't enough for you and you want even more "out from your Device". This is recommended for a better Game Compatibility as well as for Homebrew, which needs higher Permissions from your Device, such as the famous HENkaku Ensō for instance. This update should also allow you to use the PlayStation Store more easier again but keep in mind that connecting to the PlayStation Store with a "hacked" and "exploited" Device - especially when the core of the Device is still based on a lower System Firmware - can always be dangerous and brings huge risks to a banned Account and/or similar. So please use this with caution.
Yes, I know, we are late again. :) But trust me, this last Progress Report for 2018 has "packed a punch". Not only that both performance and graphical issues has been improved from many AAA Game Titles, but also that in conclusion, the Team behind this wonderful Project has improved many other things as well, such like a better Controller Support (including better Mouse Support) and a (again) revamped Compatibility List by removing duplicates and other mistakes, which will be detailed down below. This means also that the Announcement from the November 2018 Progress Report with having now more than >3000 Game Titles on their list is now redundant, since they was able to find so many duplicates that the new List from December lists 100 Game Titles less now. But don't worry, even with 100 Game Titles less, the Team was still able to improve so many Game Titles, that the "Playable" Category has been improved compared to November 2018. So with now exactly 2938 Game Titles listed on their Compatibility List, it's just a question of time when they will reach the >3000 Game Titles mark again.​
VitaHEX Games is bringing the heat with his recent release of ZombieBound Reloaded (a CoD Zombie inspired game) and then with the much anticipated game (upcoming) release simply titled "The Hallway", when you see the first screenshot of this game you will see that all the title needs as its remake of the Hallway from the infamous Silent Hill P.T. demo, Then as we all know that game was unfortunately abruptly canceled, but this inspired VitaHEX to bring his vision of the game he created some time ago to the PS Vita / PlayStation TV through the power of Unity 3D which has also been seeing its fair share of PS4 Releases as well of late.. Wink Wink @ VitaHEX have any plans/interest for some PS4 ports of your awesome games creations?

Let's take a look at the recent update to ZombieBound Reloaded (v0.21 currently) as the homebrew game has seen a lot of improvements in the latest updates. Since the initial release of "Reloaded," we can now buy/unlock new weapons and purchase new levels (w/ in-game currency (gold bars)) from the Store that has now been included. 4 new weapons appear, New Level "The Hospital" has been added, New Zombie Sounds, Improved Fog and Lighting are just some of the new inclusions in v0.20 and 0.21 (which was quickly released to address a shotgun aiming bug,)​
webMAN MOD has received an update after developer @aldostools provided details and code that needed to be compiled for the new update,. Since developer aldostools doesn't have a ps3 environment setup currently for compiling. He requested someone to make the compile for him and our very own @kozarovv step in and compiled the latest update for webMAN MOD that should provide proper 4.84 CFW (CEX) support for the popular plugin.

WebMAN MOD is a plugin (by @aldostools) which is a fork of the master project from @deank's webMAN (or sometimes unofficially called webMAN "vanilla") and while deank version is equipped with plenty of great features the "MOD" version takes it a bit farther and adds some new functionality not found in the original project, If you would like to learn more about the webMAN MOD plugin there is no better place then to checkout the official forum here in the psx-place forums with tons of information to get the most out of this handy plugin for CFW enabled PS3's with background plugin functionality (A Cobra CFW or a Standard CFW with MAMBA installed and equipped).​

Following the previous update, Developer DEFAULTDNB (aka KiiWii) is back again a large new update (v1.5.5) for the PS4 utility known as X-Project. This PS4 AIO "Swiss Army" knife for the PS4 is jam packed with immense functionality and has added even more abilities in v1.5.5. This Self Host utility will inject various payloads to your PS4 while containing other useful features, Additional details about this release for your 5.05 exploited PS4 can be seen in the included dialog below and even more important details can be seen in the link included at bottom of the article.
UPDATE (February 16) - Now the 16th Video Released >>> The next PS3 NVidia RSX accelerated steps
(Original Article from Nov. 14) Is the PS3 a bit closer to gaining Hardware Acceleration (via RSX) in OtherOS (Linux) with a proper driver to enable the GPU chip? We are not there, but we may be getting closer to a reality. Earlier this year (back in April) we detailed some of the progress that the busy dev RenéRebe has made with unlocking the potential of the PlayStation 3's RSX chip and now today we have been greeted with a new video and what we can expect with this project as the developer starts to undertake the challenge of further unlocking one more component of the Ps3 hardware,. The developer has alot of videos on other intresting subjects in his diverse YouTube channel >>> (Bits and More) <<< many very informative video's..
We have two version of 4.84 Dualboot firmware that was released for CFW user's. One by developer @littlebalup and also one by developer @Bobby_Downgrades (Overflow) (bobby did make a mistake on his previous Overflow dualboot version but is an experienced developer and took full credit for the mistake while trying to making it right for user's that had issues.) .Now for those of you who do not know about a DB firmware, A dualboot firmware is an official firmware with one key difference and that being it has the ability to install a CFW over it. An idea originally brought to the scene by @habib

So here is the scenario you on CFW already (this is only for CFW user's only) and you have your Gran Turismo 5 (or any disc game) like pictured and you want to play/connect to PSN. However you do not want to be banned and want to reduce your chance of a ban . The good news is you can by simply installing a dualboot firmware for the latest firmware, in this case in one of these 4.84 release and when your done gaming online with your disc based game and you want to play Super Mario Bros. or the Legend of Zelda on your PS3 through RetroArch simply re-install the 4.84 CFW of your choice and be back in CFW land of features, This has been a very effective way to avoid bans on games like first person shooter that are much more proactive in detecting modded consoles (as they should be) ..​
Along with the 4.84 Standard CFW release by @Bobby_Downgrades the developer has also released a suite of 4.84 COBRA (v7.55) CFW for the scene as well. A "Cobra CFW" has the cobra payload injected into the firmware giving the CFW even more features, like the ability to use Background running plugins / ISO Support / Streaming of games from a local point on your network and a variety of extra features not found in your standard firmware. In versions 1.00-6.00 this cobra "payload' was sold on a usb dongle known as CobraUSB by the Cobra Team.

After a year plus of neglect by the team to the people whom purchased the device there were various attempts to crack the device open for all and Cobra Team was prepared, as they secured the device very well. Then there was a person that simply asked them to release it to the public so the community could make use of it, They later agree and did release the source code . Then months a followup release was made by CobraUSB former lead developer (whom was no longer affiliated with Cobra Team at the time and cleaned up the source code, explained what it was doing and also implemented it into a CFW (a re-post as the original forum tortuga-cove is longer active) that marked for the first time without the need of CobraUSB dongle user could enjoy the Cobra features and the community could then expand it.​

@Bobby_Downgrades has released a 4.84 STANDARD CEX CFW, that comes equipped with the usual set of patches for homebrew execution and personal backup support, from there each "Standard CEX" cfw is a bit different with personal touches and features added, this build from Bobby comes with Cinavia protection disabled for disc and hdd and a variety of other XMB mods as labeled in the features on the release notes found below. For Console owners with broken consoles, there is a NoBD and a NoBT version of this Standard CEX releases as well.

Also note Cobra CFW versions as well have been released (>>additional info<<)
Great news for the PlayStation Vita scene, as today developer The_Flow, just hit a huge milestone with the developer's newest release to the community, Modoru (1.0v) for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV (Vita TV) provides user's with the amazing ability to Downgrade your device with supported Firmwares up to 3.68. An incredible achievement that includes additional details below for executing this on your device.