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The PS3Xploit's Flash Writer has seen an unofficial update provided by developer @Imn7 that adds a few additional checks to see if HFW is installed prior to using (HFW is a simple modified (hybrid) firmware that re-adds a vulnerability (from OFW 4.82) used in ps3xploit tools), dont have HFW installed or do not know upon launching you will be prompt with "You must install Hybrid Firmware (HFW) 4.85 before using the flash writer!" Also a check to view the minimum factory firmware that was installed in factory on your console. This is important check (automated or done manually) because it will help determine if your console is a Custom FirmWare compatible unit or not. Anything over 3.56 firmware installed in the factory can not install a CFW (those models should look into using PS3HEN if that is the case.). This unofficial build of the flash writer will provides extra detection/checks in the addition to the magic found in the original tool, a list of full checks can be seen in the release notes provided by the developer below:​

Year after year, many Hackers and Developers around the Globe come together for a "Meet&Greet" at the City of Leipzig, Germany, where they share and discuss their newest Achievements with Hacking and other Security Subjects leading the way. Since you are a trustfully reader of this Site, you shouldn't be suprised anymore that like for last year, we decided to give you the full coverage about this years Chaos Communication Congress again - stylized as "36C3 - RESOURCE EXHAUSTION" by it's host. Last years Congress (35C3) was already an impressive one, which showed us many new Achievements, especially for both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita. Indeed, speaking about the PSVita, the stages at 35C3 led to various new Exploits and Homebrew Releases afterwards, which you are already familiar about and probably downloaded a thousand times. This years Congress will also show us the newest Achievements in the Console Scene and since your own demand was already so high for the last year, we had a reason more to keep you informed for the full coverage of this years 36C3. So, the only thing you need to do like you did last year is to keep this Article bookmarked, since we keep this Article updated after each new presentation. So you won't miss anything!​
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It appears that OpenBOR Engine has been ported to Jailbroken PS4's from developer @Znullptr .we seen last year when the engine was ported to the PS3 by @White Dragon, but now we see Znullptr whom has been supplying the scene with various PS4 Homebrew releases like the recent Mednafen (multi-system emulator), Sega Saturn, mGBA and other emulation now has released (via @Markus95) the latest PS4 brew in the form of this classic beat em up style game-engine that support many unique user created creations found around the net at places like Currently the highest firmware hackable on a PS4 is 5.05 (also 5.07 FW found in select regions). Thanks to the efforts of znullptr we have been seeing some great brew finally coming to the PS4, Hopefully this trend does not stop and we see improvements to what has been released and/or some new things but we have a great toy to tinker with as this new engine is now available for the PS4.​
The PlayStation Vita was a "powerful" Handheld Console back when it was released by the end of 2011 - wow, already 8 years old btw :). But claiming by Sony that it can bring you the same power and good Gaming Experience like a Home Console, soon many people found out that this isn't the case for all Games released. But luckily, thanks to the great Homebrew Community behind the PSVita, we already saw in the past many "Overclocking Plugins", which can bring you the full potential to your PSVita, even more powerful than Sony would allowed. But sometimes, even those weren't perfect :(. Either they slowed down your Games when in use, they crashed the whole System or it was just some simple things like that the whole Screen was "crowded" with the Details of each of your setting everytime when you needed to change them. But the cool thing is, this Homebrew Community hears your complaints. So Developer Electry worked on that and introduced his very own Overclocking Plugin - it's "yet another overclocking plugin" to quote him - by fixing all those problems mentioned before. And the coolest thing is, it looks pretty damn good and it's very useful as well, if you ask me!​
We re-tweeted this when it was released a week or so ago but wanted to get something up on the news page about this project, Developer leeful has recently released a new Exploit Host menu for serving up the essential payloads for exploited PS4 (5.05) Consoles's. This host menu theme is based on the PS4's main home screen bringing a seamless look. The host menu contains descriptions of various payloads it provides (which is about all) that will provide alot of features when executed such as Fan Controls, Linux Loader, Mod Menu's, firmware spoof, Update blocks ect.. You can see many of the payloads included in the sceenshots attached. Various methods to using this exploit host menu are available , see additional details in the installation tab below about using this new host menu:.

The host menu also adds the convenience of replacing the User Manual (first option in Settings>>User Manual/Helpful info) for easy and quick launching for when you power on your Console and have to activate HEN.​
There has been a PS4 developer's known as Znullptr who has ported several emulators to the PS4 (jailbroken) already with systems like the Sega Saturn, Dreamcast & PS1 to name a few of the ps4 homebrew ports present on the GameOS side of the console (ps4). We know already that emulation via PS4 Linux is capable of running many more emulators like RetroArch (Linux) for example, but lets be honest ps4linux can be a bit of process to get up and running when you power on your console for some quick convient play. So when we see new things on the PS4's main menu that is exciting to see, when its in regards to emulation especially.

This time around the dev decided to port a popular multi-system emulator, no not RetroArch but Mednafen, originally the port was released some weeks ago by port developer Znullptr and presented to us by Markus95 and since @Markus95 has seen presented some improvements with regards to the cfg file that has fixed several broken platforms (Virtual Boy, WonderSwan & WonderSwan Color) due to the control scheme that was not compatible with the DualShock 4 layout, with a re-configured "mednafen.cfg" file those issue are eliminated. There has been 4 player support added also and a few new tweaks Markus95 plans on addressing via future tweaks of the cfg file.​

The PlayStation 2 Scene is still going strong as we head into 2020 and with the great grandchild the PS5 is on the horizon in the near future, the ps2 continues to prove it's has been a still a powerhouse in the homebrew/development community. This week alone we have seen several developments in the community that are quite spectacular to see released. First we seen a glimpse of potential N64 emulation on the PS2 and then yet another new exploit for the PS2 (not to be confused with this recent method involving a demo disc) that will enable homebrew on your PS2.
The Stages from CCC are always a very good entrypoint to present the newest and latest in Hacking and Security, especially for Video Game Consoles as seen in the past. In fact, last year in 2018, you can probably remember how much Talks we saw for both the PS4 and the PSVita (just in Case you missed it [I dare you if you actually did :)] or you want to watch all Important Streams in Re-Live again - click here). So of course, as it's for this year, many Developers are welcome to join the Stages for this years #36C3 Event to present their newest Achievements such as in Security, Hardware & Making, Ethics, Society & Politics, CCC [internal], Entertainment, Science, Art & Culture and Resilience & Sustainability - as you are always used to it. So while the Preparations from both the Event Organizers and all Developers are at full blast, today known Developer @oct0xor announced that he will be also participate on the Stage with a PlayStation-related Talk, where he will "shed a light on internals and security of Sony PlayStation Blu-ray disc drives" together with Topics of "Firmware Dumping", "Reverse Engineering" and getting "Code Execution" for their respective Blu-ray Drives on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4! This is definitely worth to follow, especially since this Topic always kinda lacked in the Community, due to showing less Interest to the Blu-ray Drives.​
Update (December 05, 2019) -- r5 has been released

Super Mario War was ported to PlayStation 3 (PS3) Custom Firmware originally by lahrymose, the installation back then required a pkg install and then data files to be placed on root of the PS3 HDD. Recently psx-place user @blckbear_ had released two revisions (r3 / r4) which has negated the need for the data files and only the pkg needs installed now. Also this pkg is signed and works with not only CFW but also PS3HEN. Plus blkbear_ also has added several other subtle enchantments for your viewing pleasure..

What is Super Mario War? It's a fan created homebrew game that is a tribute to Nintendo and some of its iconic characters. its a grueling multiplayer (up to 4) stomp fest while navigating various obstacles to squish your opponent(s) , The hunter becomes the prey very quickly in this addicting party game, Below we have attached a video demonstration of Super Mario War gameplay in action on a PS3 Console (note: video is v1.8_r2 )​