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Hacking and Exploiting Video Game Consoles by both Hardware and Software always had a high demand by many people, not only when we talk about Consoles who had the name "PlayStation" inside. In fact, a lot of Hacks and Exploits can come across aboard when we compare all Releases from a whole year, like in 2018. But as usual, at the end of every year, many Hackers and Developers from all different branches come together to the city of Leipzig, Germany, to present their achievements in front of the wide audience worldwide. So as for this year, the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) welcomes you to join and to participate at the 35th Chaos Communication Congress - or 35C3 in short - which will held from 27th December until 30th December 2018. And because there were always many Hacks and Exploits presented for various Consoles from the "PlayStation-Family" in the past, this Thread will give you a good overview for - as the Title already suggests - Everything you need to know to keep track to the newest "PlayStation-related" Hacks and Exploits. This Thread will also keep updated if you will miss any important presentation for example, so you will be able to watch any Stream or Presentation in repeat. So better keep this Thread here bookmarked in your Favourites. :)
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Home Consoles such as the PS4 or Xbox One are made for playing them "at Home" right? Well, I bet there are at least a few people who already asked themselves several times: "Why I can't play Red Dead Redemption 2 while sitting on the train?" Sadly the answer was mostly that "You can't" before, due to several technical problems. Sony had some good ideas with their PlayStation Vita to play "AAA Game Titles" on the go but lacked of actually those "AAA Game Titles" and due to expensive accessories you needed to get most of the Console. And playing on the Nintendo Switch is not satisfying for everyone. So you had either the choice to buy one of those very expensive "Gaming Notebooks" for several Thousand Dollars or you read a book while getting to work or to school by train. But the People behind the "GameBook" had bothered oneself about this problematic question by starting a Kickstarter-Campaign to introduce their newest invention to people like you who asked the same question from time to time. And the coolest thing about this Campaign is, you won't need to disassemble your PS4 bit by bit to create your own "Custom PS4 Notebook" only to get the PS4 Hardware fitting inside a Notebook Case. Just use your regular PS4 and you are already on the go. How convenient is that?​
Developer @deank needs a little help, so he can help us all. The legendary dev known for various projects like the iconic multiMAN / webMAN & SMAN for the PS3 needs some help to keep multiMAN's web services going strong into 2021. To accomplish this goal the developer is seeking 500 Euro's in donations. The good news is deank is almost at 50% with his goal (as of writing this (12/16)). The bad news we only have a couple of weeks to meet that mark. Which in all honesty, should not be that big of an issue and very easy to accomplish. If the many reading this gives a small amount You can find details about donations in the link at bottom of this post..​
Developer m0rph3us1987 will be giving a talk "at #35c3 on the Chaos West stage. on December 28 and the dev will be discussing exploiting the official PS4 Video Apps. This should be a very interesting topic as the dev has stated "I'll show you how to exploit them to run your own unsigned code (regardless of the firmware version installed)" already known for his work with one of the few PS4 Homebrew's (PS4NES) and his work on the "holy grail HEN" looks to elevate the PS4 with something exciting. Will this be the event the PS4 needs, This will certainly be something to pay attention to as we get closer to the 28th later this month and i think we need all may need to say thank you to m0rph3us1987's wife :)
UPDATED: Final version Release

Developer @Markus95 who we know from his various projects such as Resident Evil Operation (PS3-Paintown Mod), DragonBall (PS3 - Paintown Mod & Resident Evil Code Vita to name a few projects, has now taken his talents to the PS4 and brought his along Streets of Rage MOD to an exploited PS4 Console. Adding a much needed virtual entry into the PS4 Homebrew library collection . This beat-em up style homebrew game can be ran on either 4.05 / 4.55 / 4.74 or 5.05 firmware (w/ active exploit) and of course pays homage to classic Streets of Rage series. If you had an exploited Wii / Wii U / Switch / PSP / PS Vita or a PS3 you may recall this release of this game for those platforms by @Markus95
PS4 homebrew development while at a sluggish pace since the PS4 was first exploited (in 1.76) does have some developer's that keep building the foundation for the scene. Developer flatz has provided and shared so many accomplishments on various devices, but the developer is one of the talented PS4 devs that is doing their part and then some to move the scene forward. In my opinion i still believe the ps4 console needs a current exploit as explained here to reach that next level and draw in more developer's and truly be a great platform for homebrew. However one of the busiest developer is doing alot following the previous coverage of OpenGL and C# code support developer flatz has now released a new Write-Up detailing the OpenGL ES implementation on the PS4. This is no doubt a good things for development of homebrew and the PS4 scene in general, but the question is how many developer are out there on the platform that will make good use of it with a new project..Obvious this is a great step forward..​
It has been no secret and quite honestly comes to no surprise by the lack of participation in the development circles around the PS4 and more specifically homebrew development on the console, Don't get me wrong there has been various developer's working their tails off and doing some amazing things on the platform and alot of great documentation on the console, which alot of that documentation can found at places such as the PS4DevWiki, but when has a scene or a community been about a few individuals or groups? It never has and no small groups of people can carry a scene by themselves, Around the scene you see things being stated like "anyone can help contribute" and while that is true due to many things being Open Source from some of developer's working on the PS4, However, what can we expect for a platform (past exploited firmware) that never had that current firmware window (as all other exploited devices typically have at some point)? That has been the longstanding issue for the PS4 Homebrew Community by not having an exploit that originates on the current firmware of that time of release. Even if that window is short
And there it is. After other Console Developers like Nintendo, SEGA or ATARI re-released their older but wonderful and classic Home Consoles in it's new and tiny chassis marketed with some catchy words like "Mini", "Retro" or "Flashback", Sony decided "to jump on the bandwagon" by releasing their own Classic Console in a miniature format - namely the "PlayStation Classic". Announced back in September 2018, the PlayStation Classic is a dedicated version of the Original PlayStation (in short "PS1" or as you would know it as "PSX") providing 20 Classic Video Game Titles built-in. And while reviews from other video gaming journalists showed already that sadly, the PlayStation Classic is a bad example how to re-release a "Retro Console" compared to it's competitors, this Thread will help you with Everything you need to know about the Console itself, it's built-in Video Games and how fast several well-known Developers from other Sony Consoles are already tinkering with it to fix several Problems Sony was too lazy for and to provide additional Features like Emulators and other Homebrew etc.​
Following the release of SEN Enabler v6.1.0 that gave support for 4.83 CFW CEX there was an issue with how the application was handling the Cobra Payload and while it would not interfere with the functionality of SEN Enabler and its feature it was having a side affect of things like PS2 ISO's not working, the developer has done alot of work the past month to resolve the issue with this new update of 6.2.0 that is now available for download (see links below). From here I (STLcardsWS) will allow for Evilnat to take over with all the details pertaining to this update that also include a number of other new additions and fixes.