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Developer Rudi Rastelli who has brought us various tools such as PS3 ISO Tools & PS3 Game Updater, has now released PSN Liberator. This Windows Tool is very handy if you want your purchased PSN games to be displayed in backup manager such as multiMAN/ IRISMAN / webMAN ect or simply sick of having to re-activate your purchased content all the time. This tools main feature is that it will convert your PSN Content into ISO or Disc format, allowing you to add your DLC and Game updates into the convert also.[break]ss[/break] This tool also has alot of other very useful features and functions, so check it all out below and keep in mind that this is the first beta released to the public, if you experience any bugs be sure to report them in the comment section below. This application should only be used for your legitimately owned Content.

psn liberator.PNG

Just out is the latest installment of Universal Media Server. Developers SubJunk, SharkHunter, valib and infidel release version 5.0.0 of the very popular video streaming app. There is a massive amount of changes below. Some include UPnP, IMDB, HTML 5 and GUI changes. Be sure to read up![break][/break]


For PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita owners there is an upcoming PSN maintenance that will rear its head on Thursday. The downtime will be from 17:00 PM to 21:00 PM GMT or 09:00 AM to 13:00 PM Pacific Time or 12:00 PM to 16:00 PM Eastern Time depending on where you reside. The maintenance will address backend improvements to the network and will allow limited access to certain features depending on your online activity and devices.

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UMS Developer SubJunk has updated the Universal Media Server to version 4.4.0. This release adds and improves support for renderers and file formats, fixex many bugs, improves speed and more. For a full list of the changes in the new update, see the changelog and notes below.[break].[/break]

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Sony is amping up the PlayStation Now Service as the start of 2015 as they now have started a Streaming Plans for PlayStation 4 Owners. Starting on January 13 2015 for $19.99 a month (or $44.99 for 3 months) Sony is offering a subscription that gives access to over 100 PlayStation 3 games for PS4 user's to stream as much as they want compared to what many called high rates for limited playing time in some of the early PlayStation Now Pricing. This is sure to make the service more attractive, lets just hope Sony continues to improve the streaming loading and performance of this Beta platform.

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Yesterday after a very hectic Christmas day with the family I finally sat down at around 9PM and thought I would check out GTA V online. After a few login attempts I was met with many PSN errors and then finally that PSN was under maintenance. Then it slowly dawned on me... Lizard Squad and their promise to disrupt PSN and Xbox Live over Christmas and even indefinitely with DDOS attacks. So going to their Twitter feed confirmed my suspicions that they indeed went through with their plans [break][/break]and the internet blew up with allot of angry gamers who wanted to play their newly bought games.

Then in the early hours of the morning of the 26th renowned owner of Mega, and the former website Megaupload, Kim Dotcom Tweeted to Lizard Squad that he would give their entire team lifetime access Mega if they would stop their attacks on said servers. A single package includes 500GB storage and is worth $99 per year, he is said to have given 3000 packages out.

I too feel like this is just pure marketing at its best but I'm sure that many will just be happy that they can enjoy their gaming over the holidays without Lizard Squad rearing their ugly heads. What is your thoughts regarding this?


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I am sure everyone here knows of the website but who owns these websites? That is a very good question, and one i found my self asking a few times as i noticed the ads looked very similar for sometime now. As when comparing them to other websites such as the ones owned by CaputoMedia and the ever growing neglect and lazy approach the owner Pirate had for what was suppose to be his own website. Well the truth has come out and its very clear that Pirate does not own but is rather a puppet of CaputoMedia who was hired after the sale to maintain the site. [break]..[/break]

They asked Pirate to stay on and maintain the website as the company feared that the same type of backlash would occur when they bought up rest of the scene's popular websites of PSX-Scene / DashHacks / PSgroove .. So how do we know that Pirate no longer owns the site. Well the easiest way to confirm this is follow the money. The ads on the website all have several things in common. They are all the same and from the same company. but there is a unique identifier that can not be denied. This is called the poolid


If you search "61976" on the four websites page source, they will show that is the poolid for CPMStar (which is a Gaming ad company). This ID is unique, think of it like an account number. Some site has multiple numbers if they want to see which ads are being clicked more and all that but also many sites will use the same number for all the ads. but in this case the number is being used by all four sites. Which only happens if all the ad revenue is going to the same account.. So this is 100% factual and not any type of speculation as this is the smoking gun evidence that proves Pirate is not the owner of the website known as / As you see in the pictures included below and you can search this for yourself that all those ID match. So there you have it....
A quick update has been released to Universal Media Server bringing it to version 4.3.1. The update mostly fixes a bug when starting up the app and with it comes a few other improvements to the Windows installer itself and a couple of renderers.[break][/break]


Here is the beta build of Universal Media server following yesterdays stable build. The update has a redesigned status tab, improved player control and more. Just remember that this [break][/break]is a test build so do expect some bugs to be creeping around as with any beta's.


SubJunk and crew have rolled out this months first update to Universal Media Server. The update addresses a few bugs and adds H.265 transcoding. Included are updates, support and fixes to 12 devices.[break][/break]