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It has been a while since we last reported about OPL Manager. This update bringing the app to version 16 is packed with additions by developer danielb. These include the ability to export the list of your games to a easy to use CSV file and local PS2 HDD support. There are more [break].[/break]fixes and additions too. Also note the changelog below for the previous version we missed.


It has been a long time since we reported about PS2Ident, a very handy tool for PlayStation 2 owners. For those not aware PS2Ident allows you to dump the ROM chips of PS2's and gather other useful info from the device. You can view more about that here and here. In this updatePS2Ident reaches version 0.821 by respected PS2 developer SP193.


A new face on the PS2 Scene, a developer by the name of Sameh, has released a couple of great tools for use with the PS2 and other systems as well. First he brings us Arabization, a project that converts Arabic text into something usable on devices that do not normally support the Arabic language; such as a PS2 for example. Secondly, Sameh gives us SubtitlesConverter; a tool used to convert Arabic subtitles so they [break].[/break]can be used on system that do not support Arabic. SubtitlesConverter was originally intended for use with SMS Player, but can be used with other things. It is also interesting to note that the SubtitlesConverter tool was based off of the Arabization project; food for tthought!


You can find downloads and more information about these great projects here at PSX-Place:
As most PS3 CFW user's know launching PS2 ISO (w/ Cobra) after firmware 4.46 caused many problems for nonBC consoles. Developer HABIB has been mowing down these obstacles, first he found a solution for the wireless sync issues on a single controllers, Then later on he fixed this for all controllers connected . Then also the developer has fixed the memory card bug.[break]s[/break]

Now developer HABIB has released a new version of PS2 ISO Launcher (v1.03) for HABIB COBRA 4.70 V1.02 CFW. This release comes with empty memory card and same klicensee. Also this version comes equipped with a PS2 Classic Converted Game (Homebrew Game), that you should start first before mounting a PS2 ISO, this ensure controller syncing and is a very important step. View all the details from HABIB below:


For those of you still hanging onto the legendary PlayStation 2 here is a new application to breath life into old games. Developer root670 has released Cheat Device, a application that allows you to seamlessly add cheats to your games.[break].[/break]


Cheat Device Features:

Instructions & Info:
As the PlayStation 2 community awaits the official release of OPL (Open Ps2 Loader) v0.9.3, which is expected to be released in the near future. There has been some unofficial work being done on the open source project with PS2 Developer s0ck3t over at PSX-Scene releasing the latest version of E2OPL (v0.1.1). E2OPL is OPL with EXT2 File System Support Added.[break]d[/break] There are several benefits that arise from using this file system such as the ability to use files that are larger then 4GB in size and no need for defragmentation . The complete details and usage can be found below and in the included ReadMe file in the download.

OPL Logo 3.JPG

As we wait for the next official release of Team Rebug's next Custom Firmware (CFW), The team has shown they have been working on some great new advancements. As you may recall a couple of weeks ago we told you about the new PS2 Placeholder that works with both PS2 Classic's and ISO format games for NONbc Consoles. Well the Rebug Team has went a step farther and resolve the Controller sync issue with PS2_GXEMU for Semi- Backwards Compatible Consoles (Semi-BC), the developers also believe they will be able to do the same with HWEMU for Full BC consoles. [break]dd[/break] (in testing). Checkout the tweet & video below from REBUG developer Joonie as Habib was able to slay this troublesome issue that plagued PS3's since firmware update 4.50. So there you have it, in the next REBUG CFW we should see a solution for all PS3 consoles. Huge Thanks to Team Rebug, we are looking forward to your next release

ps2 bug.png

PlayStation 2 Homebrew user's will be please with a new update to OPL (Open Ps2 Loader) Manager with CFG Editor released by PS2 developer danielb. This update marked as v14 comes equipped with several fixes that will improve your experience as Network Mode will not delete games correctly now, Improved Game Listing and also the dev has fixed a bug that would crash the application when renaming a game in the "bad iso tab". Also for anyone who natively speaks Italian or Russian languages you will be please to see those new translation are avaiable in this release of v14 . Additional details about this application can be seen below in the quote from the developer.


Talented PS2 developer SP193 has stop by our forums to let us know about his latest update to his very useful PS2 utility know as the PlayStation 2 Identification Tool . With version v0.810R the developer has made some new improvements since it's previous update that came exactly a year prior. With this tool you can do many things such as Dump the boot ROM, DVD-ROM, ROM Chip, Memory Cards and much more. This tool supports multi-languages and is a very good PS2 utility. [break]..[/break] View all the details below.