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Update (v1.47.27 - 20200517) since the initial release of webMAN MOD v1.47.27 @aldostools has made huge improvements to the plugin with these latest revisions to v1.47.27.The developer is adding alot of new functionality to the plugin and has some big announcements in the latest changes. See UPDATED changelog and also quote from developer Aldostools himself about the latest progress provided to the PS3 Plugin in this latest update
(Original Article) Developer @aldostools whom recently updated IRISMAN for 4.86 Support (& more) has also updated the popular plugin webMAN MOD to version 1.47.27 with support for 4.86 firmware. That has not been the only changes provided to the webMAN MOD plugin. For instance, If you are transferring files via FTP that information will be displayed in the Temperature Monitoring page (from a networked connected broswser: your ps3ip/cpursx.ps3). The plugin has some other additional features and fixes provided in this update marked in the changelog provided below.
We have more Nintendo 64 Emulation news following the recent port to the Vita, It appears after 9 years since it was first announcements and previewed, the mythical PS3 Port of wii64 (mupen64) has finally surfaced, From one of the developer behind the port emukidid, the developer recently found the files for the old (unreleased) PoC for the PS3 on an old HDD and decided it was time to release the PoC to the public, However, don't get too excited as the emulator is very rough around the edges and is simply a proof of concept as stated that needs alot of work but the developer does leave some bits of info and even a lending hand. Back in 2011 development did not get off the ground to far past the initial phases due to various roadbloacks (explained below), In the current form its only running in "interpreter only" and does not have the advancements needed to run many games at all, but compiled in pslight v2 could provide some recent changes and maybe even better support. Below you will see a quote from the developer (emukidid) and also some instructions / video demo from psx-place user @SniperSnake whom recently was exploring some N64 options himself.

Its great to see this emulator and its source finally emerge and perhaps gives some hope or inspirations for others to bring this project full circle and create a stable n64 emulator for the PS3.
In our Interview Series, we always try that you can profit with each of our candidates by mainly three things. First, you gain an insight behind each Developer and his/her work he/she is doing for the community. Second, we summarize the most important Releases from each Developer, so you can get a good overview of which Tools and Homebrew you need to make a specific task easier by your own (like for "jailbreaking" your PS3 for instance). And as a third goal, we always try to make those interviews so useful, that you can draw some lessons from it when you want to study further behind some Hacks, Exploits, and other Homebrew or when you want to develop your own Hacks and Homebrew Applications from ground-up. This is why you already probably recognized from our previous coverages, while the "final questions" were mostly such of them. But with our guest today, we can promise that you will learn more than ever before, even already from the very first question. :) And the coolest thing is, you don't even need a hacked console to make his Homebrew runnable since it even runs on Original Firmware for both the PS3 and the PS4. And didn't you always dreamed about creating a Homebrew Game on your own as a small kid? If so, then you should read further because without further ado, our Guest Today is BD-J Developer mr_lou - the creator of "Blu-Play"!​
UPDATE (April 26th, '20) - Another New Video Released >>> The next PS3 NVidia RSX accelerated steps
(Original Article from Nov. 14) Is the PS3 a bit closer to gaining Hardware Acceleration (via RSX) in OtherOS (Linux) with a proper driver to enable the GPU chip? We are not there, but we may be getting closer to a reality. Earlier this year (back in April) we detailed some of the progress that the busy dev RenéRebe has made with unlocking the potential of the PlayStation 3's RSX chip and now today we have been greeted with a new video and what we can expect with this project as the developer starts to undertake the challenge of further unlocking one more component of the Ps3 hardware,. The developer has alot of videos on other intresting subjects in his diverse YouTube channel >>> (Bits and More) <<< many very informative video's..
Developer @littlebalup has released a 4.86 Dualboot Firmware. This firmware only of use for current PS3 Custom Firmware user's was an idea originally crafted by @habib several years ago. The purpose was to give Custom Firmware user's a safe way to go online (such as playing your disc based games) without a risk of a ban for using a Custom Firmware.

The Dualboot (DB) firmware is nothing else but an Official Firmware (OFW) . The ONLY difference is that you can RETURN and INSTALL a (4.86) CFW directly (without having to run an exploit again). So this is only useful for those existing CFW user's. To review, basically you install this PUP when you want to be official (for doing things like using PSN) and then re-install your CFW PUP when you want your custom firmware abilities back, such as launching homebrew. Additional details about this firmware can be seen below in the release notes provided by littlebalup​
Developer Enstone recently released an update to the CFW ONLY application CCAPI (Control Console API), that should never be used on PS3HEN / With 4.86 released, CCAPI like other homebrew needed a small maintenance update to support the new 4.86 firmware for CUSTOM FIRMWARE user's and Enstone has provided that update earlier this week

ControlConsole API (CCAPI) allows for communications from your PS3 to other device's for software designed for either your PC or Android Smartphone/Devices . This can provide PS3 Temperature monitoring, Editing of IDPS and PSID, Running of non-fself *fself in real-time and Real Time (RTM) Game Modding as well. CFW user's have this project as a choice and also the PS3MAPI solution as well (nowadays implemented into webMAN MOD).. You checkout some of the release details and information about this project from developer Enstone below​
As the 4.86 OFW update has the PS3 developer cranking out updates, we now have a couple Custom Firmware choices for capable PS3 models (to know if your PS3 model can install a CFW, simply load the exploits page of bguerville PS3 Toolset in your PS3 Browser, more info here) Its good having two well known developer's release CFW's since the 4.86 OFW update .

First we had @Joonie (of team rebug & hfw developer) release 4.86 REBUG LITE, now we have another known Custom Firmware developer in @Alexander with the release of 4.86 FERROX COBRA.
this cobra cfw comes with v8.20 of the payload and contains the usual tweaks in the FERROX brand . For those of you new to this CFW you can view some of the features listed below, the developer offer's some additional XMB mods that can be found in the source link provided below wi6th instructions in how to install.​
Developer @deank (who we recently interviewed) has pushed an unofficial update for Movian, a multi-platform project originally developed by Andreas Smas (available on Android, Linux, OS/X, Raspberry Pi and PS3) .For those of your that are new to this longstanding PS3 project, it's a robust media center that comes equipped with additional support for video and audio codecs then what you would find in the PS3's official media player. Various plugins are also available from within the application such as YouTube plugin giving user's an additional option vs the YouTube app .There are other various plugins you can use that provide ranging functions some include themeing /info / other functionalities. Recently deank has released v5.0.701 and there has been a few cosmetic changes (listed in the changelogs provide) and a couple of bug fixes provided (see 2nd tab)..​

Also available is the .SELF version (of update 5.0.701) the SHOWTIME.SELF is used in apps like multiMAN and IRISMAN, basically its the same as the main project but has a few subtle changes like for example when you exit movian (from app not the in-game xmb) you would go back to multiMAN rather then the XMB, then your saved XMB Videos folders are visible in Movian​
Updated(2) v0.5.0 - Provides External Support for manager's (0.4.0) + NTFS Support (v0.5.0)
(original Article v0.3.0) The PS3 has no shortage of File Management solutions and alot of choices via homebrew managers like (multiMAN, IRISMAN, ManaGunZ or webMAN / webMAN MOD/ XMB Mods / Apps like Comgenies File Manager, FTP support), but developer @tps (aka lmirel) has released another choice in file management for the PS3, this is currently in the early stages and in the currently labeled as a test release. The file manager itself contains basic features, though with a name like Simple File Manager the developer intentions is more then likely focusing on perfecting the basic functions for a Simple File Manager that is easy to use. The ps3 homebrew utility currently supports exFAT and FAT file systems, view the release notes from the developer below​
A new update for Artemis (r6.1) has been been released by the developer @bucanero that included some handy new enchantments for the Cheat System for both PS3 CFW user's and PS3HEN user's ,The app on startup will now check for a new update and process the update automatically, A new plugin selection system has been added, the reason for the implementation is that different version of the plugin run better depending on your console's exploration path (CFW or PS3HEN). For instances on PS3HEN the r5 plugin has performed much better then the later r6 plugin that is suggested for CFW user's. So the app gives you the ability to choose easily which plugin you would like to use. Several other new enchantments make their way in this latest update from a developer (seen the release notes below) that has been impressing lately with some of his PS3 projects like PS3 Apollo Save Tool and PKGi