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We have two version of 4.84 Dualboot firmware that was released for CFW user's. One by developer @littlebalup and also one by developer @Bobby_Downgrades (Overflow) (bobby did make a mistake on his previous Overflow dualboot version but is an experienced developer and took full credit for the mistake while trying to making it right for user's that had issues.) .Now for those of you who do not know about a DB firmware, A dualboot firmware is an official firmware with one key difference and that being it has the ability to install a CFW over it. An idea originally brought to the scene by @habib

So here is the scenario you on CFW already (this is only for CFW user's only) and you have your Gran Turismo 5 (or any disc game) like pictured and you want to play/connect to PSN. However you do not want to be banned and want to reduce your chance of a ban . The good news is you can by simply installing a dualboot firmware for the latest firmware, in this case in one of these 4.84 release and when your done gaming online with your disc based game and you want to play Super Mario Bros. or the Legend of Zelda on your PS3 through RetroArch simply re-install the 4.84 CFW of your choice and be back in CFW land of features, This has been a very effective way to avoid bans on games like first person shooter that are much more proactive in detecting modded consoles (as they should be) ..​
Along with the 4.84 Standard CFW release by @Bobby_Downgrades the developer has also released a suite of 4.84 COBRA (v7.55) CFW for the scene as well. A "Cobra CFW" has the cobra payload injected into the firmware giving the CFW even more features, like the ability to use Background running plugins / ISO Support / Streaming of games from a local point on your network and a variety of extra features not found in your standard firmware. In versions 1.00-6.00 this cobra "payload' was sold on a usb dongle known as CobraUSB by the Cobra Team.

After a year plus of neglect by the team to the people whom purchased the device there were various attempts to crack the device open for all and Cobra Team was prepared, as they secured the device very well. Then there was a person that simply asked them to release it to the public so the community could make use of it, They later agree and did release the source code . Then months a followup release was made by CobraUSB former lead developer (whom was no longer affiliated with Cobra Team at the time and cleaned up the source code, explained what it was doing and also implemented it into a CFW (a re-post as the original forum tortuga-cove is longer active) that marked for the first time without the need of CobraUSB dongle user could enjoy the Cobra features and the community could then expand it.​

@Bobby_Downgrades has released a 4.84 STANDARD CEX CFW, that comes equipped with the usual set of patches for homebrew execution and personal backup support, from there each "Standard CEX" cfw is a bit different with personal touches and features added, this build from Bobby comes with Cinavia protection disabled for disc and hdd and a variety of other XMB mods as labeled in the features on the release notes found below. For Console owners with broken consoles, there is a NoBD and a NoBT version of this Standard CEX releases as well.

Also note Cobra CFW versions as well have been released (>>additional info<<)
Developer @Evilnat was quick to provide a Spoofing solution for 4.83 (& lower) CFW user's who may be making the wise decision of staying on a lower firmware and not so quick to jump to a 4.84 CFW right away that does not have the various supplemental homebrew's and tools updated for 4.84 yet. If you want to stay on top of those release's be sure to checkout this thread in the forum. The Spoof in SEN Enabler allows for a lower firmware to connect to PSN, but also note that it could be a potential trigger for a PSN ban so be aware of that when spoofing. For more info about SEN Enabler you can always checkout the official release and support thread located here in the psx-place forums.​
The official release of RetroArch v1.7.6 has been released and one of many highlights in this release is the official introduction of the PlayStation 2 Port of RetroArch from developer fjtrujy, After the developer launched the Nigthly builds this marks the first official release and offers 4 libretro cores to start out and those include 2048 (Puzzle Game) / QuickNES (Nintendo NES) / FCEUmm (Nintendo NES / Famicom / Disk System) / PicoDrive (Sega Genesis/Master Drive/32x), to keep up on the progress give the dev's twitter a follow and look to this thread, where pkgs for running this on PS3 HAN and the PS4 through those console's internal PS2 emulators .. Plus we have the latest progress report on the upcoming PS4 port as well. As of writing this the PS3 link was not up, but we have alerted Libretro and will update once we have a response (Update: PS3/PS Vita/PSTV/PS2/PSP builds all online). Checkout some of the highlights below and be sure to checkout the included source link at the bottom for FULL release notes and details surrounding v1.7.6​
UPDATE - PS3 StoreHaxx now been released (See included link)
PlayStation Store App with ALL functionality removed! It has been modified to only display the Unique Console ID (IDPS & PSID) and nothing else.
Coming Soon (original Article): As the PS3Xploit team continues the journey in an effort to bring PS3Xploit Tools and Hacks from 4.82 firmware to 4.83, a mission that is in development currently from @bguerville and @esc0rtd3w. During the research the team has stumbled upon a trick they decided to share very soon with everyone that entails the dumping of IDPS / PSID on 4.83 and lower and also is compatible with both Official Firmware & Custom Firmware along with any model PS3 Console. There is no exploit within this "release", this is only a funny poc to show that the Store app has untapped potential BUT this release DOES NOT bring us any closer to CFW installations from OFW 4.83 or the ability to use etHANol (aka HAN) hacks whatsoever. The team is currently still working on those other tasks and while there has been progress in their research for 4.83, it's a long journey and there are No Guarantees or Estimated Time of Arrivals.
Update (2x): Reports are coming in this PS2 Homebrew is also working on PS3 HAN & PS4 (5.05).
With progress making headway on the upcoming PS4 port of RetroArch from a group of developer's, Another developer (fjtrujy) started progress on a PlayStation 2 (PS2) port several months back (view previous progress) and now has a port that progressed enough for a public soft release, Now available in the new RetroArch PS2 Nighties for anyone interested in downloading and trying out the multi-system emulator on your homebrew capable PS2 hardware. @fjtrujy warns that many things need implemented yet and many pending issue remain and only these early release contains two cores currently 2048 and QuickNES. Which is likely to grow and a good gauge to base what is expected for the PS2 port, Would be to view the PSP as that should be a good baseline of what to expect and the PS2 may be able to handy more then the PSP likely.​
Christmas is over and the Year 2018 is coming to an end, but we have still to Talk about the Progress Reports for RPCS3 from November and December. While they released their Report for November today, their hard work still shows that with every new month, their Emulator is showing huge improvements by getting more and more Games running within the Emulator. Last month was no exception. In fact, the Team behind this wonderful Project (which you can still support by the way) celebrates a new milestone for November since it is the first time, that the percentage of Video Games in their Compatibility List have been risen above >80% for Titles, which are both "Playable" and "Ingame". Just in case if you wonder what this means now, it implies that from 3038 Game Titles for the PS3, you can load and play with exactly 2444 of them with minor or even no issues at all. Isn't this impressive? Well, I don't know what you feel now but when I read this high amount of Games which are supported, I needed to savor this slowly with my tongue. But way more needles to say is the fact that wich such a hard work this Team is keeping up, the gamble has already paid off not only for the Team behind this Project, but also for the whole community and I think we can already say that playing PS3 Games on a PC isn't just a niche anymore.​
Update v6.01 was released a minor update details below
While features can be limited on HAN enabled PS3 Console's (especially in comparison to CFW enabled PS3's), the HAN Toolbox provides a number of great features for PS3Xploit's HAN straight to the main menu with some great modifications to the PS3's XMB. A project lead by @DeViL303 in the previous version 0.1-0.5 (along with various contributions from @pink1 also @Berion ) has now been updated with new features by @ShaolinAssassin (along with some assistance provided by @lmn7 ). One of the differences the project now contains 3 version to choose from a Superlite , Lite & Full version, the difference between the features these builds offer are outlined in the included release notes, where you can also read about other newly introduced features like a New File Copier feature (from USB device),DEBUG pkg enabler, NoPSN App downloader (for HAN compatible apps) & even more can be found in recent release of HAN Toolbox v6
Developer @deank needs a little help, so he can help us all. The legendary dev known for various projects like the iconic multiMAN / webMAN & SMAN for the PS3 needs some help to keep multiMAN's web services going strong into 2021. To accomplish this goal the developer is seeking 500 Euro's in donations. The good news is deank is almost at 50% with his goal (as of writing this (12/16)). The bad news we only have a couple of weeks to meet that mark. Which in all honesty, should not be that big of an issue and very easy to accomplish. If the many reading this gives a small amount You can find details about donations in the link at bottom of this post..​