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Here is some nice advancements in the PS3 Community that Developer haxxxen (aka tpryor) has shared. The talented developer has converted PRX Loader to psl1ght and with that, the function of the plugin loader can be added to Estwald's newcore. Which then can give the ability for auto-booting plugin's on start-up with Standard CFW's without the use of a Cobra CFW. This is still a bit of a WIP but has advanced very well from says the developer. Checkout some of the quotes provided by the developer below.

Note: This is considered a TEST BUILD and there several issues have been outlined by the developer for REBUG 4.21/4.46, that will be addressed soon.

PRX Loader.PNG

Developer Aldostools has released a new update to webMAN MOD. This modded version of webMAN is a fork of deank's original plugin that contains all the v1.33 features from deank and adds various new features that Aldostools & [email protected]. This update is a small update that provides a few fixes with external Game Data of PS3 Games and the displaying of Game covers. [break].[/break] see the complete changelog provided below:


Download: via brewology
Developer KW has updated his Homebrew application/plugin PSNpatch to v4.66.22. This update has added new stealth extensions for the upcoming REBUG CFW v4.62.2, disabled semi-permanent OFW mode due to compatibility issues with certain homebrews and has updated the PSNpatch plugin. [break]..[/break] For more information, check out the Official Release Thread and the FAQ.


UPDATE- Caution: there has been a report of a brick with using this. This could be an isolated event,
but with any brick we have to take it seriously and add a warning: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

SOURCE: PSX-Place (via KW)
View additional PSNpatch information and usage details HERE
Developer Zar has released IDPset v0.79 for the PlayStation 3. This utility is used to permanently change your Consoles IDPS for NAND and NOR consoles. Also IDPSet will allow you to make dumps on either DEX or CEX based firmwares. To use this properly you must have idps.bin and eid_root_key files on root of the USB. View all the additional details of this application below.

Update: Developer Zar has made a new update with the release of version 0.80, See the changes outlined below.

Following the previous update to webMAN MOD, developerAldostools has now released v1.33.03 to the popular fork from deank's original webMAN ps3 plugin. In this update several new features and options have been added. now Select + Start will show Temperature and Free Space on the XMB menu. A new optional Home Button was added with custom URL option. Improvements to [break].[/break]enabled/Disable PS2Classic on the still being tested REBUG v4.65.2. Then also for user's who do not connect to PSN on their consoles as new OFFLINE mode was added that blocks some of PSN/SONY connections. View all the details of these features in the official changelog provided below.


An new update to PS3DumpChecker has been released by developers Swizzy & littlebalup. This Windows utility is used for checking and verifying your PS3 dumps for both NAND & NOR systems, which is very crucial when performing a Console Downgrade. In this Build marked as 473 there has been some added Tooltips that can be seen in the Settings menu of the application, also [break]..[/break]an option to restore ROS headers. Then to round out this update Embedded TRVK patches is now back, but in the form as an option that can be toggled in Settings menu. View all the details below in the latest changelog and also be sure to visit out PSX-Place Forum link found here


Download: [noparse][/noparse]

Source: (via littlebalup)

A new unofficial update was made to u$er's PRX Loader by REBUG developer Joonie, For those of you that do not know what this homebrew application offers, it's used to load plugin designed for the PS3. Plugins such as webMAN, SEN Enabler & PSNpatch to name a few of the popular plugins. [break]..[/break] This should not be used on COBRA CFW's as those firmwares have an built in Autoboot plugin system. PRX loader is great solution for Standard CFW's to load plugins. For plugins to run you will have to run this application on each boot. Checkout all the details from release notes provided by Joonie below.

PRX Loader.PNG

From just yesterday developer Deank released updates to the official webMAN brining it to version 1.33 and in true fashion a slew of updates for webMAN MOD by Aldostools followed. Check below for all the changes from versions 1.32 to 1.33.


Developer deank following his release of webMAN v1.33 has also included those changes in his popular backup manager. Also with this version of multiMAN the developer has released not only a CEX version but also DEX and a Stealth version of the homebrew application. The changes like in webMAN have been aimed to improved Game Compatibility for various problematic games,[break]dd[/break] the developer was able to confirm that "Shadow of Mordor" can not be launched in Folder Format from both internal and external HDDs. This method should also work with other games, but if you still have some problem ber sure to report these issues to deank. Checkout all the details and changes in this version of multiMAN found below.


Download: multiMAN v04.66.06
A new official update for webMAN has been released by developer deank. webMAN v1.33 contains a fix JB (aka folder format) games like "Shadow of Mordor" That have been known to cause issues. This game can now be ran Internal / External and in both ISO or Folder Formats. Also in Cobra CFW deank has made a change where /app_home will not be redirected to /dev_bdvd.[break]ddd[/break] All versions of the Official webMAN (aka Vanilla version) plugin for the PlayStation 3 can be found below:


Note: Plugins can only be launched via Cobra CFW or on nonCobra CFW using PRX Loader

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