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Developer deank is back again with another release for the PS3 community and this time around the developer has a new version of multiMAN with the release of v04.66.04. Trying to rid the issues that some experience with black screen games the developer has utilized a USB patch option that was actually used back in the 3.41 FW days and the option can be toggled in "Settings" .. View more information about this release below by deank below ..


Homebrew developer deank has a new version of multiMAN that address a black-screen bug that some new games give on external HDDs, also the developer has added a BD-Mirror option for Cobra firmwares on external HDD. Deank has made some changes in this version that should address many issues that some games gave on earlier version of multiMAN and various managers [break].[/break]. So if you had a game giving you issue then you may want to give this manager a try. For additional multiMAN information and various tools checkout the multiMAN forums here at .


Developer Aldostools has released a new version of PRX + MAMBA Loader, updating to version 1.02. New in this update is the an added hybrid version webMAN MOD v1.31.00, while also providing 4.66 CFW support. This tools is useful for non-COBRA CFW's is used to load webMAN with PS3 ISO Support. View all the details below from developer Aldostools' release notes for PRX + Mamba Loader. [break]..[/break]




Developer deank is back with a new update to webMAN v1.31, following the previous release of v1.31, This update adds support for DEX firmware 4.53,4.55 and also 4.65 for the CCAPI & Non-Cobra versions of the plugin. [break]..[/break]


Developer darkjiros has just released a new DARKNET 4.66 CFW (Standard) . This CFW release comes as a Standard CFW, meaning there is no Cobra 7.X+ Features included. This cfw includes the usual CFW Patches seen in most Standard CFW as well as some extra features like Cinavia Protection Disabled[Break]. [/Break]This CFW has tested many applications and the testing results along with all the release notes can be found below. As with any CFW release this comes with a USE AT YOUR RISK warning and additional tips about CFW installation and other 4.66 Releases can be seen via this link


Alexander is back with another 4.66 Release following his FERROX 4.66 CFW, this time around the developer has released FERROX - OFW 4.66 DUALBOOT. This is an OFW for CFW user's. What this does is allow you to install this OFW to play your disc games safety on PSN, but will allow you to return to CFW allowing. So if your are a CFW user and you want an added protection against a PSN ban. Then using your original disc and a Dual Boot firmware if the way to go see the Translated release quote below.


MD5: 6D7B55377E2EA5B806EB750FA7B8D227

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Developer's Swizzy & Littlebalup have released the latest build of PS3DumpChecker, This tool is very useful in Hardware Downgrades has added support for v4.66 dumps and also has the addition of a new 4.66 no-FSM embedded patch. View the complete changelog for this release marked Build v469 found below and also checkout this link, for additional details about this application.


[noparse][/noparse] - Download

Source: (via littlebalup)
Orion the developer behind the GameSonic Manager has release version v3.35. In this update a Universal Spoof was added for all lower firmwares. Plus 4.66 CFW Support, A new dump NAND feature and more changes that can be seen in the changelog provided below. Checkout more GameSonic Manager details via this link



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Following the update to IRISMAN, another Homebrew Manager for the PS3 has been updated to support 4.66 CFW. Now as developer deank has released his latest version of multiMAN, with the multi-purpose application now maturing to v4.66.00, this update has added Support to 4.66 CFW (CEX) and also adds a 4.66 Spoof for older firmware versions. View additional details [break].[/break] below and view even more information about the feature rich application via this link.

developer deank has released a new version with the changes outline in the changelog below, A CEX and DEX version of the manager. Also a Stealth build was included.


Developer Alexander over at has released FERROX 4.66 (BD EDITION) CFW, marking one of the first CFW releases since yeterday's Mandatory 4.66 Official Firmware update from Sony. This is a Standard CFW for Consoles that have a working BluRay Drive. The developer says a NOBD Edition[break]ff[/break] amongst other firmware varieties will be coming soon. You will find the usual CFW patches found in most Standard CFW Releases in 4.xx. All the details can be seen in the Translated Release Notes found below. USE THIS CFW AT YOUR OWN RISK