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Following the release of OFW 4.66, PS3 Dev kokotonix has updated PSNpatch to v4.66.01. This update adds various features including a 4.66 version spoofer for 4.46 and 4.65 Cobra CFW's, better detection for REBUG systems running in normal or rebug modes, and many other improvements[break].[/break] For a list of all the changes, see the changelog below.



I'm sure you have all seen that Sony has released mandatory system update 4.66 for the PS3. Don't worry though, the PS3 Scene Devs have been hard at work to bring us 4.66 compatibility for their homebrew apps. For example, ARCH has updated the Spoofer Enabler/Disabler to V1.08, adding spoof version 4.66 and adding support for various 4.65 CFW, specifically including Rebug Cobra 4.65.1 and Habib Cobra 4.65 v1.02, as well as standard 4.65 CEX CFW such as Darknet, Ferrox, etc[break].[/break] ARCH has already released v1.09. See those details below with an updated download link.

Update: Checkout the latest v1.11 Release found below


Just out is another PlayStation 3 firmware update. Reading multiple sources I have yet to find any information regarding it. All we know now is that it is a mandatory update. So those playing online on custom firmware will have to wait it out. I did notice via a Tweet by respected developer @Evilnat that he is in the process of adding a spoof to SEN Enabler.

PS3 OFW Update.gif

Developer deank has updated some of his multiMAN Tools & Add-ons: lastGAME is a small multiMAN add-on that will load your last played game on the XMB for quick access, Also stDISC , short for Showtime Disc Access, allows for optical disc access to deank's Showtime builds.. Also the gameDATA tool was updated with 4.65 CFW [break]d[/break] Support, this tool allows for you to install packages / game data onto a USB Device rather then your internal drive by default.. Use the port closest to your disc drive for best results . View additional details from the official release notes found below courtesy of developer deank:

Also, checkout these recently released multiMAN Motion Backgrounds. (10 XMMB Waves) & webMAN (standard) v1.31.00


Abkarino has released version 2.0 of a tool called PlayStation 3 NAND Flash Tool together with some new algorithms by himself and RPS. This version coupled with the two algorithms mentioned below will solve the remapping of bad blocks that one faces when using FlowRebuilder.


Here is some new EyE Candy for multiMAN thanks to the motion background feature in the manager. There has been a couple of Waves for the XMMB that have been previous included by deank in his FULL versions of multiMAN. but there were many colors lacking well that has changed with this PSX-Place exclusive release. I actually was looking for something else on the net and i came across these Cloned XMB Videos from a person named werprince over at [break].[/break]

So immediately i said to myself these would be great for multiMAN's Motion Background feature. The original ones were in .mpg format and needed converted to divx. I did that but they would not work. So i asked for a bit of help to why these converts were not working and deank himself gave me a tip to included a blank audio file (as the motion backgrounds need an audio file even if its silent) So i did and of course that was the trick. There is 10 colors in this collection making the XMMB mode even more realistic to the XMB, you can install them one by one or you can use the Package Install option to add 9 of the 10 to multiMAN (multiMAN only supports 9 motions backgrounds to be stored).

Motion Background.PNG

Downloads & Additional details can be found in our forums: LINK
For more information about multiMAN Click here

Following the release of his latest multiMAN update.developer deank has also update his other masterpiece of a plugin called webMAN. this is the original webMAN and does not contain some of the features of the modded: "webMAN MOD" but most of your favorite webMAN features are in this original build that some refer to as the "vanilla version". In this update labeled as webMAN v1.31 the developer has released 3 version of the plugin for COBRA CFW, Standard CFW, & also a CCAPI version all providing support for 4.65 CFW. Also you can view additional information and resources for webMAN via this link in our forums.


Source of Release:
For more information about webMAN Click here

Developer deank is back with a new update to multiMAN (v04.65.02) and also the release of Showtime for multiMAN that also includes standalone CEX/DEX builds of his slightly modified version of Showtime.. New in this version of multiMAN is added support for the "Direct Disc Access" feature in v4.65 CFW . This feature is useful for optical disc for PS1/PS2/AVCHD and other formats as seen below in the release notes from the developer. To view additional details about multiMAN be sure to checkout our forum links here via this link that is always growing with information.



Developer ccregame has released the latest version of reActPSN, this small update has made changes to add support for any future CFW releases, that is if Sony does not make a change in the keys and that has not happened for sometime since 4.21 Firmware. View all the details below and also some notes of a couple PS2 bugs (that are not really bugs) found on REBUG 4.65 when launching PS2 games from reActPSN. Be sure to checkout this forum link of all the details on how to use various features of this multi-purpose homebrew application.


Download: reActPSN v3.20 .rar
Mirrors: Link

Additional Source:

To view additional information and usage about ReActPSN checkout this link
The plugin webMAN-MOD, a collaboration between [email protected] and Aldostools, has been updated recently. In version 1.30.35 load last game is set to off by default, which is something I prefer. Also added is developer Habib's ODE patches and a bug fix.