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We have seen several Retro remakes from Lapy Games hit a jailbroken PS4 like the Duck Hunt Reamke and Wild Gunman remakes from the NES/Famicom era Which those with 7 additional games can be found in the developer's recent Lapy Game Collection (v1.0) release that puts all his created game into a single homebrew,pkg Now the dev recently followed that up with a public announcement on March 6 of the next project and it was another remake :). This time around it's River Raid from the Atari 2600 (see original 2600 gameplay) . That is going back a bit in gaming history but the developer wanted this unity creation for a homebrew enabled PS4, be a more modern representation of an iconic classic game but also still have that Retro gameplay feel from the original in this aerial pursuit. Check it out and leave the developer (Lapy) some feedback in the comments below
Latest Update - v1.0.3 Released (see update tab)
Developer Lapy is back with a new release for the PS4, following the previous release Lapy Game Collection (v1.0), the developer is in midst of also creating another game that is currently in development, a re-make of the classic "River Raid" . Seems likely that i ts the next project to be dropping in the future, as the dev share's various progress & screenshots (1) (2) of the early development. Lapy was also working on another project in between game development and now released a handy utility first created for a friend that he wanted to share to the community. This new PS4 Homebrew utility titled as Easy PKG Extractor runs on a 5.05 exploited PS4 system. While the app does not perform a task that can't be done already via FTP, it does provide a much easier way for some user's to backup installed pkgs of Games or Apps. Basically, If you have something installed but want to free up some space on your internal drive or just want to store it for later time, but do not want to have to re-download the entire pkg again if you simply just delete it. Well, the option to extract the pkg to a USB connected storage device is now easier then ever,. This handy utility will backup your content into pkg format and dump to a connected USB device, so it then can be installed at a later time.​
It appears that TheFlow0 a very well know PS Vita developer/hacker who developed exploits like h-encore & Trinity and homebrew applications such as VitaShell for the PS Vita, has now been exploring the PS4.The developer has made a suggestion to the PS4 Community, as the dev advises anyone who is staying on lower ps4 firmware's in hopes for an exploit should not update past 6.20 Firmware, that got some attention as that could be the next fully exploited firmware that arises on the PlayStation 4. We have seen the release of multiple 6.20 WebKit exploits in the public (seen here from Specterdev (patched in 6.50) and then also Fire30 subsequently with another (different webkit entry) seen here (patched in 6.72)) which these two webkit exploits are the first piece, typically servings as a "foot in the door" or "entry point" for additional explorations / execution of potentials like a kernel exploits once (if) discovered.. TheFlow0's recent tweets (as outlined below) suggest he may of found that next piece in the all important kxploit and that means we may be graduating to 6.20 from 5.05 in the near future. However, this is still a bit early as the dev is just now getting his hands on the actual hardware to put his confident theories to the test (it appears, however he had confirmed (?) some discovery or theories with the latest tweet). This developer/hacker is very talented and well known so there is confidence among many of the claims made are positive steps forward. Stay tuned to the story as this develops, the developer is likely to give some additional progress reports in the future on his official twitter linked below, and we will keep you posted about any news that rolls out pertaining to what appears to be an advancement in the PS4 community that has been seeing a rise in development.
Developer Lapy (of Lapy Games) known for various Ps4 homebrew games (powered by Unity) like the Duck Hunt Remake , Wild Gunman Remake, El Pollo 2.0 & Save the Scene: The Game , are just some of the past releases from the developer. Now with this initial release of Lapy Games Collection v1.0 you can find those game mentions plus some other great one's not mentioned, infact the developer has included all the other games released on the PS4 (homebrew enabled) in this collection totaling 9 games into a single pkg for version 1.0. The release comes with a selection menu to navigate and choose which game to launch as pictured below.

Also interesting the developer states on twitter alongside this release "dusting my Unity for PS4 much more to come..." so it appears we could be seeing more projects from Lapy in the near future. Which is good to see as the PS4 Scene is starting to see an uptick in development..​
With the very first introduction of our new Series of Developer Interviews - as known by "The Power Supply" - you were already allowed to dabble a little bit with Volume 01 of the series, where you got a deep look into the work from well-known Developer @deank he did for this scene. While he worked mainly for the PS3 Community, we thought it would be only fair to bring you a PS4 Developer with Volume 02 of this Interview Series today. This Developer maybe don't have the same long reputation as deank have since he began to tinker with the PS4 as his very first Sony Console. But this doesn't mean that he isn't worth to ask some questions. :) We covered his Achievements already in the past here in this Forum, especially when we provided you our yearly Overview about the CCC Events held in Germany. In fact, you should be familiar with him and his Lecture he held back at 35C3. So please give an warm welcome to m0rph3us1987, while in his Interview, we will talk about his Lecture he held, we will learn how he sees the current situation in "PS4 Development and Hacking" and we will get an deep insight how he began to learn writing some code in his young age. So allow us to introduce him further.​
Following the initial release of R1 and the followup of R2, developer @OsirisX has just released R3 for the PS4 Port of RetroArch with new core being added, various bug fixes to go along and also a release of the promised source code is included as well.. The new update provides ps4 support for Flycast (Sega Dreamcast), Bettle PSX, Virtual Jaguar, ScummVM, Stella-2014 (Atari 2600), Vectrex and SameBoy are the new cores included (emulation like dreamcast is experimental and many games have speed issues) in this release This update is based on RetroArch v1.8.4 and the Core Updater has been enabled, multi-controller Support has been added (up to 4 can be used), previous R1/R2 only one controller was supported. Also some cores that need have added support for keyboard and mouse controls. This port has evolve quite nicely and should be even better with now the source code release and likely will becomes part of the official release as this is still considered an "unofficial" port, but likely to become the official port.

Also the developer has created a Core Updater, which provides another method to update the cores. It help keeps the main pkg lite and you can also download indvidual cores via RetroArch itself as that bug of downloading cores has been fixed. See all the latest details below pertaining to the R3 release.​
In this inaugural edition of The Power Supply (A new developer interview series) we have the pleasure to interview one of the legendary developer's of the PlayStation Homebrew Community. A developer whom has contributed on a variety of projects and been a master of some of his own . Very well known in the PS3 scene, this dev is responsible for projects that include the AIO Homebrew known as multiMAN, or the popular ps3 plugin known as webMAN (not to be confused with a forked version called webMAN MOD by aldostools). Then later on the emergence of the sMAN plugin can be from only one person and that developer is of course @deank . The developer has graciously given us some time for a Q/A interview to kick of this new series. Dean will give us a bit of insight on himself, along with his development journey on the PS3 . Also, we have asked the developer if he still has plans for a multiMAN (PS4) release after a small hint in the past that suggested the developer at least was contemplating the idea , Also, does Dean have any immediate plans for future development on the PS3/4, We have these answers and more from himself in the discussion below, so lets dive into:.​
Universal Media Server has now been updated and matured to v9.2.0 by the UMS team, lead by developer Subunk. The UPnP / DLNA & HTTP/S Media server works on your PS Vita / PlayStation TV, PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PlayStation 4 (PS4) and a tons of other devices you may own (see tab below for all devices supported) This is an extremely well built project that has been in development for years now and continues to evolve and grow with the dedication from the UMS development team. This utility will run on many operating systems and will connect to your supported devices to stream your personal collections of media (audio/video) via your locally connected network. See many details included below and also at the UMS official website we have linked below:​
PS2 Classic GUI (by @The Darkprogramer ) is an essential utility for PlayStation 4 user's with homebrew capabilities (aka jailbroken) console when it comes to the creation of your own Custom PS2 Classic packages. These packages can contain your individual ps2 game's from your collection to use one your PS4 or you can even prepare homebrew pkgs, as some PS2 Homebrew is capable of running through the Ps2 classic emulator on the PS4 (a few examples). This utility makes preparing and customizing the packages very user friendly (includes a built-in tutorial) and then exported is a ready to install pkg on your PS4 capable of running homebrew (currently that is from the PS4HEN exploit on firmware 5.05)

The developer did state on twiiter "There are a few eggs hidden as well." However there has been no changelog listing for this update? So, be on the lookout and comment below if you notice any Easter Eggs... There has been one potential easter egg shown with this tweet
(Update R2 released) Developer @OsirisX is back with release 2 of the PS4 port of RetroArch , this unofficial port (based on v1.8.1 of the main project) now contains 37 libretro cores adding an additional 12 since the initial release, those cores include the arcade core FBA & also a Sega Saturn Yabause (curious how that compares to the standalone from znullptr), while N64 emulation still needs some work the parallel_64 core included in v1 has seen a new companion and n64 offering in the addition of the Mupen64 core. The new n64 core does offer some small speed improvements from parallei_64 and may still need some improvements to come in the future hopefully (please share your results/feedback below, which games are working for you?).. Also a bug other's and myself experienced has been addressed, the issue being (in r1) where we could not launch any content in other locations, such as in playlist has now been fixed in the r2 release. That is a welcomed bug to be squashed as now playslist/collections/favorites ect.. should work fine. The PS4 homebrew scene looks in alot better position then it did weeks ago. You have to really stop and look the PS4 now has 37 different things it can now run that was not possible a couple weeks ago. Stay tuned as this is port is sure to mature even more with time and likely become an official release sooner or later for the RetroArch project. The libretro team has already expressed support..​