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The PlayStation 4 hacking community is heating up over the past few weeks and even in the past few days. Now the latest news from Team fail0verflow comes on their official twitter page as they state "Who Said 3D drivers for the PS4 wouldn't happen any time soon?". Its seems that the PS4 linux port is progressing very well and now a 3D driver will get the PS4 Homebrew Community off to a good start once a public exploit arises as the fail0verflow team has no plans to release an exploit themselves but give the scene encouraging news as they claim the PS4 may not be as secure as many once thought. [break]s[/break]

The 3D driver is a big deal and something that was missing on the PS3 as we mentioned yesterday, So this should give us the power needed to run a SteamOS on a PS4, Better homebrew games can be made when you have 3D acceleration and even better emulation.. N64 emulators (& more powerful) will not be a problem if we have a 3d driver. The news of Linux on the PlayStation 4 is progressing nicely, but this is still very new and its going to take some time before it reaches the masses, but when it does we will have some nice goodies and a strong foundation created for what hopes to be a vibrant PS4 homebrew community.

DeveloperSource Code:

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With all the buzz around the recent PlayStation 4 hacks and exploit talk here is another round of news that will interest developers working on the new gen console. BigBoss, aka @psxdev, is back and you should remember him with his research into the PS4's camera and the drivers he released for it. Following his more recent [break].[/break]releases that included PS4Client and PS4Link the developer has now added a slew of tools to his github page. Here is the rundown.


  • Runs 64-bit Elf files in-process on Linux, FreeBSD and the PS4.
  • Libc, POSIX and SCE module library for the PS4
  • Generates libps4 through std (C and Posix) and SCE module headers
  • Most recent PS4 symbols by firmware for analysis and convenience
Over at the PlayStationHAX forums developer cfwprophet has updated Simply NextGEN RCO Extractor The developer states this is a small update to provide support for "working with Data Tables of PS4 RCO's" that upgrades the utility to version 1.20. The source code of this tool can be found on the developer's personal github that you can view by clicking this link. [break]ss[/break] All details of this tool can be seen below in the details provided


  • [*=center]Tool

  • [*=center]Platforms
DeveloperDownloadSource Code

  • Simply NextGen RCO Extractor

  • PS4 / Vita

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Just a couple of hours ago Team fail0verflow has published the Work In Progress Source Code of the PS4 Linux Port they have recently demonstrated at CCC on the team's official github page. Things seems to be moving fast, but i will also caution there is alot of development and time needed before this is useful for the end user, so be patient. First off, we have no public exploits for the PS4 to run unsign code (thus we cant run PS4 Linux) at this time. While we have seen conformation of exploits that exist with cturt and fail0verflow but they have no current plans to release an exploit themselves at this time, but both have dropped various hints for the community. We do now know the console has holes in it, from recent developments in the PS4 hacking community the past weeks.. According to fail0verflow they state it should not be hard for the community to find an exploit [break]ss[/break] and in the meantime the team plans to polish the PS4 port of Linux. Which should be extremely useful when the system does see a public exploit arise and we should have a better Llinux Port during this wait for a public exploit to surface. This PS4 port of linux could provide us with support for even using SteamOS on a PS4, with 3d acceleration being a focus on this PS4 Linux Port .. Something that was sadly missing with the PS3 hacking community as a driver for the RSX on the PS3 was never developed for the PS3 Linux Ports.

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Just out are two new builds of Universal Media Server. SubJunk and team rolled out their latest stable build bringing the app to version 5.4.0. This version comes with a few fixes, improvements and further support for you favourite devices. Also in the mix is their latest beta build, now at version 6.0.0-b1, that improves [break].[/break]thumbnails and media position detection. Both versions can be found below which of course are available for Windows, Linux and OS X.


Changelog: Version 5.4.0
Changelog: Version 6.0.0-b1

Version 5.4.0 Stable
An interesting screenshot was shared to the community today as GregoryRasputin of PlayStationHAX was given this screenshot of a full PS4 Root Dump from a Test Kit running Firmware 0.8.2 (Non-Retail Console). While most likely very different then a Retail Consoles filesystem it does provide some additional insight on what we already know about the PlayStation 4. This screen does poses some rather strange things such as the linux references. Looks like the PS4 continues to be a hot subject in December, [break]ss[/break] .


WoW, is about the only word that can explain the last several days of the PlayStation 4 Hacking Scene, As we recently learned about the PS4 kernel exploit by Cturt several days ago there has been alot of activity. First we had some announcements by Cturt, first being a great read and information about hacking the ps4 in a 3 part article that is sure to be useful for the PS4 community, how useful only time will tell. Then sadly the console hacker then announces he is ending his research on the PlayStation 4, but it appears that others could resume his work. Shortly after this information was poste[break]ss[/break]d by Cturt a leaked portion of a conversation by flatz that was roughly translated made claims that it was not Cturt's work but the comments were taken out of context and was only about a small aspect that the two developers had squashed after that private conversation. You can see Cturt Comments about it here (gbatemp) and then flatz comments here (ps3hax) So this appears to be various people work but indeed alot of Cturts work.

[New Update below] - Dec 13: In the PlayStation 4 hacking scene there has been some developments over the past weeks. Recently cturt announced a Kernel Exploit in the PS4 firmware, this kernel exploit is actually patched in latest firmwares and will only run up to Ps4 firmware v1.76. However this kernel exploit, while patched in later firmware's is still a huge discovery and will prove to be very useful for the PS4 community. As developers will now have a closer look at the security and workings on the firmware with an angle they previously never had access to. Which has already produced some progress on a rumored PS4 Jailbreak [break]ss[/break] from valid sources in PS4 hacker Cturt & Others ( but beware there are many FAKE ps4 jailbreaks out there connected to alot of scams to land a quick buck or to infect your system with malware and viruses.).

ps4 greatness awaits.jpg

Then today Cturt makes the groundbreaking announcement as the developer states "Just broke WebKit process out of a FreeBSD jail (cred->cr_prison = &prison0). Guess you could say the PS4 is now officially "jailbroken" :P" in a recent tweet, followed by another tweet that reads " Can successfully dump RAM from other processes (like SceShellUI) using ptrace! Next step: patching RAM...". While this "jailbreak" is only working upto v1.76 firmware at the moment it does not do many user's much good, but it does give hackers and developer more access to the system that is starting to show its holes in security. One can only hope developers and hackers can produce a jailbreak for later firmwares. These things...
As some of you may be aware of there is an exciting new release for PlayStation 4 Owners with an unofficial Ps4 Remote Play Client for the PC. This projects release date is projected to be this Wednesday (November 25). With this PC app you will have the ability to use your PC as a remote device for controlling and viewing (remote play) your PS4 on a PC. However there is something to be aware of about this release before i go farther developer Twisted has made his upcoming userbase aware that [break]ss[/break] the dev. does plan to charge a fee for this application, with a price that is projected to be in the range of £6.50/$10 . The developer states his reasons in the latest blog post about the upcoming release. There has been and will be many opinions if this should be free or not, If it's the developer's work and time that took to create this. Then the decision should rest on him/her, but that opinion is just one of many......


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A while back developer CTurt made the PS4SDK open source PS4SDK and in around the same time announced code execution and the PS4 file browser. Some interesting reading for those that have not been following much about those advancements. In a recent post by the developer, CTurt, [break].[/break]via github, has gone a little deeper explaining certain aspects of PS4 security and recent exploits. Definitely worth a read in my opinion.


The post, linked in the source below, covers these topics.

PS4 security article follow up:
  • Code execution
  • WebKit process limitations
  • Graphics
  • Brute forcing with code execution
  • Canvas
  • Controller
  • USB flash drives
  • Cinoop
  • More on processes
  • Root confusion
  • Loading modules from their name
  • Finding function offsets from function names
  • Threads
  • Reading memory protectionListing all memory pages
  • GPU
  • Registry
  • More proof of the lack of kernel ASLR
  • Dumping files
  • Encryption
  • Saves

Source: CTurt via