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eXtreme has stop by our forums recently to inform us of some impressive new PS4 Hardware Mods appearing over at and around the communities. eXtreme himself has built anotherimpressive PS4 Mod, as he creates a Cooling Mod for the PS4 console with some additional eye candy for this mod that is a must see. All the pics of this mod can be viewed be[break]ss[/break]low along with several other recently created mods that have appeared over at eXtreme's website. So, be sure to checkout for all the latest Console Mods that always appearing.

Cooling Mod by eXtreme
IMAG2332 (Medium).jpg IMAG2334 (Medium).jpg IMAG2333 (Medium).jpg IMAG2336 (Medium).jpg IMAG2337 (Medium).jpg IMAG2338 (Medium).jpg IMAG2339 (Medium).jpg IMAG2340 (Medium).jpg IMAG2344 (Medium).jpg IMAG2345 (Medium).jpg IMAG2346 (Medium).jpg IMAG2346 (Medium).jpg IMAG2341 (Medium).jpg
Source & additional info: Cooling Mod by eXtreme » PS4 eXtreme Modding

PS4 LED Mod by eXtreme
PS4 LED Mod by eXtreme » PS4 eXtreme Modding

PS4 Cooling Mod by Meistaschrauba

Sony will be releasing two new models of the PlayStation 4. The two models pictured below have two different hard drive capacities. The CUH-1215A sports a 500GB while the CUH-1215B packs a nifty 1TB hard drive. The 1TB version will come as a welcome to many who are looking to buy a PS4 I'm sure. I must say [break].[/break]that I do not see the need for the 500GB option. Sure the price may be a little less but many will surely opt for the 1TB, it's not rocket science as to why. Also pictured below is a new testing kit for developers, for further specifications be sure to read the FCC link below.


Model No.Product NameHDD Capacity
CUH-1215AComputer Entertainment System500GB
CUH-1215BComputer Entertainment System1TB
DUH-T1200AATesting Kit500GB

Thanks to kozarovv for the news tip.

Sources: FCC via dualshockers
Sony has released a small firmware update to the PlayStation 4 (PS4), this update rips the classic line used by Sony as it reads "System software stability during use of some features has been improved.", while Sony never tells us the features that have received the attention, it can make these update a bit annoying. So, tell us here in the comments sections below if you have seen any changes in performance during some of those unlisted mystery features that has been improved. [break]s[/break]

PS4_close up.jpg

About PS4 System Update v2.51

What has changed in v2.51

Previous PlayStation 4 Updates

UPDATE: francesco.lanzillotta who runs stop by our forums and dropped by a NO PSN version of this new application for the PS3. So download inside along with details about this new Application to hit the PS3 & PS4.. [break]ss[/break]

Today you will be able to enjoy the use of the Vevo app for both the PlayStation 4 and 3. For now selected countries include the UK, Germany, France, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, Poland, Australia, Italy and The Netherlands. Read on for more details.


PlayStation 4 (PS4) firmware update of v2.50 is now official, there has been some teasing of this firmware update in recent weeks by Sony and recently hacker SKFU , showed user's how to obtain this beta update early (as we reported here). For those of you who have waited the update is now live and mandatory in all regions. So what has Sony added to this new update? In this update Sony has [break]ss[/break] improved Remote Play, Slight improvements to the media player for videos, Dailymotion Support, Accessibility Options & more have been added to this System Update for the PS4 Console.

ps4 firmware update 2.50.JPG

The much anticipated PlayStation 4 firmware update will be released tomorrow. Dubbed Yukimura version 2.50 will bring suspend and resume functionality that will allow you to continue gameplay from rest mode. Other features include backup facilities, increased social tools and a few trophy organising options. Also for those who have matured to 18 years old that had previously a sub account can now [break].[/break]upgrade their accounts to master accounts.

Tomorrow you will also see a firmware update for the PS Vita. Version 3.50 introduces the ability to enlarge text if your eyes are feeling a little old. To coincide with the PS4's 60 fps Share Play, the PS Vita will now be able to stream at 60 fps when using the Remote Play feature.


Remember that little bit of leaked info regarding a upcoming PS4 update? The one that got heleius banned from Sony's MVP program. If you guessed it right then yes, it's the 2.50 BETA firmware that is only available to developers that are part of said program. Well... not anymore I guess. Respected developer SKFU, via his blog, outlines detailed instructions for you to access the firmware and install it using his SKFU Pr0xy software. Here are the details.

ps4 update.gif

Just remember that this is a BETA firmware and there is no way you can go back to firmware 2.04. So use at your own risk.

For now one can take this tidbit of news as a rumor but some info regarding a PS4 update beta testing program seems to have been leaked. I'm sure that these tests are given to trusted sources prior to public release but that is just my speculations with more to follow. I'm not sure if this is surprising or not judging by how some of the previous PlayStation 4 firmware updates have panned out, which usually cast a negative shadow upon Sony. So perhaps, from what reports suggest, a beta program is needed for upcoming updates to the console to avoid those oh so embarrassing [break[/break]moments for the console giant. A testing program that probably existed out of public eye anyway to game developers and more.

Various gaming sites and forums have received a anonymous email which outlines future features that one can expect for the PlayStation 4. These include 60fps share play, zero percent trophy deletion, screenshots, rest mode and trophy detail sharing.


President of SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has announced some very exciting news regarding Project Morpheus. News in from the Game Developers Conference showcases improvements to the device. This includes a massive increase in the refresh rate bringing its frames per second to 120fps and a much lower latency. Other improvements are a bigger display, [break][/break]more accurate tracking and a more user friendly design. The news that I found best was indeed the release date for commercial use, so lets hope they stick to the "first half of 2016".


Warning: Sony has released the latest update to the PlayStation 4. This is a silent update from Sony with no official announcement that I can find at the moment. Reports all over seem to suggest it is causing issues when trying to download. So do not try and update your console until Sony sorts it out. Many users are reporting error codes CE-32939-6, CE-32937-4 and SU-30709-9 when trying to download and then get a download failed notification. So for now you wont have access to PSN. The issue might be due to PSN servers itself rather than the update but I did see a post from a user that even after a successful update he gets error code WS-37117-9. So I suggest sitting tight and see how it plays out.

ps4 update fail.gif

Let us know in the comments below should you be experiencing any difficulties with firmware 2.04.

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