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For now one can take this tidbit of news as a rumor but some info regarding a PS4 update beta testing program seems to have been leaked. I'm sure that these tests are given to trusted sources prior to public release but that is just my speculations with more to follow. I'm not sure if this is surprising or not judging by how some of the previous PlayStation 4 firmware updates have panned out, which usually cast a negative shadow upon Sony. So perhaps, from what reports suggest, a beta program is needed for upcoming updates to the console to avoid those oh so embarrassing [break[/break]moments for the console giant. A testing program that probably existed out of public eye anyway to game developers and more.

Various gaming sites and forums have received a anonymous email which outlines future features that one can expect for the PlayStation 4. These include 60fps share play, zero percent trophy deletion, screenshots, rest mode and trophy detail sharing.


President of SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has announced some very exciting news regarding Project Morpheus. News in from the Game Developers Conference showcases improvements to the device. This includes a massive increase in the refresh rate bringing its frames per second to 120fps and a much lower latency. Other improvements are a bigger display, [break][/break]more accurate tracking and a more user friendly design. The news that I found best was indeed the release date for commercial use, so lets hope they stick to the "first half of 2016".


Warning: Sony has released the latest update to the PlayStation 4. This is a silent update from Sony with no official announcement that I can find at the moment. Reports all over seem to suggest it is causing issues when trying to download. So do not try and update your console until Sony sorts it out. Many users are reporting error codes CE-32939-6, CE-32937-4 and SU-30709-9 when trying to download and then get a download failed notification. So for now you wont have access to PSN. The issue might be due to PSN servers itself rather than the update but I did see a post from a user that even after a successful update he gets error code WS-37117-9. So I suggest sitting tight and see how it plays out.

ps4 update fail.gif

Let us know in the comments below should you be experiencing any difficulties with firmware 2.04.

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Developer BigBoss, known for his developments in PlayStation Eye/EyeToy and PS2 Reality Media Player, has released information of his latest conquest. He has been working on reversing the PlayStation 4 camera for some time and thought he would share his findings to the masses. Below you will get all the technical info regarding Sony's device.


The Plex app is now out for PlayStation 3 and 4 owners. The very useful app that is known on many devices including Vizio Smart TV's makes its way to consoles as a free to download app. The only downside that I see is that many are upset that in order to use the app one has to be a Plex Pass subscriber. Now to me, as somebody [break][/break]that has never used the service or the app, this does not seem so free at all. Reading the comments via the source below one can see that many are upset that a 8 gen console like the PS4 does not 'ship' with such features from purchase. (*cough* DLNA *cough*) What is your thoughts?


Following the release of his last PS3 XMB mod, eXtreme is back with another very impressive PlayStation 4 design mod. The custom shell of the console has the classic PlayStation logo which boasts some pretty cool LED lighting. Check out the video [break][/break]below and also make a note of visiting our thread at PSX-Place which features other mods by eXtreme.



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Sony has released a new System Update (aka firmware update) for the PlayStation 4 Console. This update looks to be a small update and officially Sony States that the usual Improves "quality during use of some applications has been improved". Also be sure to checkout our PSX-Place PS4 Log for all the previous PS4 updates. [break]..[/break]


After the release of PlayStation 4 firmware Masamune, yes they named it, many were hit with the bug that affected the newly added Reset Mode feature. The bug, which was fixed in firmware update 2.01, only affected those who turned said feature on. Sony has now announced yet another update, version 2.02, is on its way so one can assume that further bugs have been squashed post 2.00. Not much to see here [break].[/break]except the usual stability dribble, but just a heads up to those who might want to let others beta test it before updating your console.

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PS4 Update 2.02 is now live.


Sources: @Envisager_ | @PlayStation
After the release of PlayStation 4 firmware 2.00 many had issues with the update. One been the newly added Rest Mode, that if turned on would allow the system to enter sleep mode and never wake up until one resets the console. So as word spread like wildfire on the webs many just made sure to switch the new feature off. Well... lets hope that this is the thing of the past as Sony has just rolled out firmware 2.01 [break].[/break]for the console that fixes this rather annoying bug. No official changelog available yet but I will update our thread containing all updates to the console once available.


Source: Envisager_
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Yes, you read it correctly, the PS4 finally received YouTube support. I was a bit surprised myself to learn that it took Sony an entire year to add YouTube to the PS4. Alas, now we can share our gameplay directly to YouTube as well as watch all the YouTube videos our hearts desire. Simply download the app from the PlayStation Store.



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