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Well this is nothing new but is very sad and well i figure I needed to speak on it a bit, since i get this questions about these type of claims often,, Scene sites are promoting FAKE NEWS left and right., It really should tell the user who is the creditable news sources in this scene and who is not. Why is not reporting the latest PS4 "progress" about 4.50 PS4 LINUX that has spewed out these fake news sites mainpage? Well, the simple answer is WE DO NOT REPORT FAKE NEWS, so that would be the main reason as there is no legitimacy to the claims of a PS4 4.50 Linux Hack. There is not much news for the end user on PS4 hacking,most of things stay private until they are ready or the time is right . Did you know about other groundbreaking exploits in advance or did they just appear?​
The big update (v4.50) from Sony is now Live on your PlayStation 4 Console after graduating from the closed beta stage the past weeks. This update brings some nice new features for user's and one that make sense for everyone with allowing External HDDs to store your game content & media. Why Sony pushes small HDDs on the consoles and then relys heavily on digital downloads these days were always a mystery to me, user's are often left with little spare space which has no doubt affect many of our purchases and decisions to purchase a game at times, now with expanded space and with external HDD options that will give us all a bit more flexibility and i would expect some additional game sales for Sony as well resulting from this new inclusions to 4.50 OFW.. Maybe one day Sony can take a page from many of the devs and allow us to stream our games from our local networks, Until then checkout the vast amount of changes that Sony has detailed in recent days
With 1.76 having all the hacks recently buying a console on 1.76 can sometimes result in an unactivated psn account meaning your browser won't work. So basically this guide will allow you to enabled the web-browser of a PS4 if it denies you access. This is PERMANENT and requires NO activated PSN account. Originally there was no public or easy fix for this kind of thing until now, I am not writing a tutorial step-by-step since I thought a visual guide for this kind of thing is way easier and shorter than following steps. Luckily for you MODDED WARFARE made a clear and easy tutorial to do this. So if you are someone stuck in this situation give it a try, good luck! ;)
Want to buy a PS4? Think it's too expensive? Well now is your chance to buy a cheaper PS4! That's right February 12th through February 25th Sony is dropping the prices of bundles to $250. It is just the Slim PS4 bundle prices being dropped unfortunately. I have no clue as to what firmware these bundles are on that you can research into yourself. Additionally the Switch is coming out March 3rd in the U.S for $300 so this move by Sony seems reasonable to possibly steal some purchases from Nintendo.

The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PS4 Bundle and the Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle are the two bundles at the cheaper price of $250. Additionally if you order the exclusive Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PS4 Bundle in Glacier White through Walmart ( you also get the $250 price promotion
Ukko's Journey was developed originally for cellphones back in 2008/2009 by LuBlu Entertainment. In 2017 the team decided to port the game to Blu-Play. Developer misthalu says this is a proof-of-concept demonstration to show what is possible with Blu-Play. Blu-Play games are "small-scale homebrew games coded with Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J), and which therefore runs on any game-console that comes with a built-in Blu-ray player", which at present time includes PS3, PS4 and XB1. In other words, you don't need a special version of a Blu-Play title in order to run it on your console. One disc runs on all.​
As seen in this thread here a save editor was destined to be released for PS4 without the need for kexploit. Now while that thread's tweet and this tool aren't related I can't be sure of, I am guessing not. Just stating so that the creator of that thread doesn't yell at me. A Japanese company known as "Cyber Gadget" has shown off on their website a release for a tool called the CYBER save edit. This is a PC program that allows you to edit save files for the PS4. They claim this tool works on the PS4 Phat/Slim and the PS4 Pro. They did not however state if there was a firmware limit. As for buying this tool a single user license is 7,800 yen (68 USD), I am not sure why, but if you want to buy a three user license it will cost a whopping 14,800 yen (130 USD).
So you own a Vita or PlayStation TV and want to use Remote Play? Well if you are a HENkaku user and didn't so this prior to losing PSN access you have been out of luck till earlier this week when Yifan Lu released a method of doing this. I wrote an article about his method and then I even posted a tutorial using other tools to make it a tad bit simpler for everyone involved but now there is a way to do this by simply running an application developed earlier today that has automated the entire process.
PlayStation 4 dev idc released new scripts on Github that invoke the PS4 kernel to decrypt the contents of a PS4 update file (firmware) and pup unpacker scripts, now before you ask no this release is not going to get you any steps closer to a PS4 CFW but as zecoxao outlines on his twitter this can help "porting webkit exploit everywhere, for instance. you can decrypt any usermode elfs from 1.00 to 3.55/3.70 because sony forgot to change keyset",
At the last day of 2016 this update appeared on the official blog from Team fail0verflow, yes the same group of developer's who ported Linux to the PS4 with graphic acceleration and in the past have done extensive work on various console such as the PlayStation 3 among various others. In this update from macan we get a glimpse about the team's current work with interesting details about some of the compelling features that Linux on the PS4 is capable of in its current state. Currently the needed exploits needed to run & Install Linux on PS4 is only available on v1.76 firmware, there is reports of v4.01 running Linux with some privately held exploits, but the latest PS4 firmware has patched those exploits, but more exploits could exist/could be discovered in the future
Developer Subjunk and crew have updated UMS (Universal Media Server) to version 6.5.3. This update has added new support for new renderers such as the Sony Bravia X series TV. v6.5.3 also contain a variety various fixes that the development team has outlined in the latest changelog. This popular DLNA Media Server keep supporting additional devices and continues to be a very polished release. Checkout of the detail of this latest release​