PlayStation 5 (PS5)

PS5 news

The latest move in the next gen hype has embarked on us as Sony unveils the PS4 PS5 logo as CES to leave the gaming community on a cliffhanger. While not much was mentioned about the next generation console we have came to one conclusion that the PS5 logo budget seems to be about the same as the budget for PS3 firmware updates. Also a few days ago i figured it was due time to add a PlayStation 5 Section to the forum as well. Right now there is just a general discussion area for now, it will evolve as the PlayStation 5 is released in the 2020 holiday season We have a dissuasion thread here in the forum about some of the rumors and specs of the next generation console here.

Are you hyped for the PS5? Will you buy at launch or do you like to give the platform time to mature?​