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This news is a bit late but wanted to get everyone caught up on this project for the PlayStation 4 as Developer Znullptr (David Miller) has recently developed a new emulator port for exploited PS4 console (currently 5.05 being the latest exploitable firmware in public) called PCSX-R which as you may of guessed is a PlayStation 1 emulator. The developer has said he ceased emulation development (source code release is planned) on the PS4 but we have seen a few tweets (1, 2) that could suggest he is still working on a few things (like a mednafen port that maybe is a better options for PS1 gameplay(?) ) but that remains to be seen. This PS1 emulator port seems to be working good enough to play many titles (some issue's are outlined below in the notes by markus95). PS4 gameplay footage can viewed in the videos provided below. So far we have seen this emulation developer soft release several PoC emulators for the PS4 that have included Yabause (A Sega Saturn Emulator w/ speed issue's) / Reicast (DreamCast w/ speed issue's) & ,mGBA (GameBoy Advance). Since this is an early concept and build you have to manually swap your roms for a game you want to play, details about the process can be seen below courtesy of @Markus95 .
And there it is. After other Console Developers like Nintendo, SEGA or ATARI re-released their older but wonderful and classic Home Consoles in it's new and tiny chassis marketed with some catchy words like "Mini", "Retro" or "Flashback", Sony decided "to jump on the bandwagon" by releasing their own Classic Console in a miniature format - namely the "PlayStation Classic". Announced back in September 2018, the PlayStation Classic is a dedicated version of the Original PlayStation (in short "PS1" or as you would know it as "PSX") providing 20 Classic Video Game Titles built-in. And while reviews from other video gaming journalists showed already that sadly, the PlayStation Classic is a bad example how to re-release a "Retro Console" compared to it's competitors, this Thread will help you with Everything you need to know about the Console itself, it's built-in Video Games and how fast several well-known Developers from other Sony Consoles are already tinkering with it to fix several Problems Sony was too lazy for and to provide additional Features like Emulators and other Homebrew etc.​

As the world awaits the upcoming release of the Resident Evil 2 remake, we have some great news for the project that was originally suppose to be RE2 but was later scrapped and known today simply as Resident Evil 1.5 (The Scrapped RE2), as game mode developer MartinBiohazard has released a new patch. It has been awhile since (2) since we have seen a new release but this one comes with plenty of new additions as MartinBiohazard continue the evolution.

While this has not been tested to confirm 100%, it should play okay on PS3 HAN and past patches have worked on PS3 CFW. Are you a fan of the Resident Evil Series? if so here is also another recent mod (for the PC) that may interest you as well >>
[PC] RESIDENT EVIL 2: REMAKE | Dying Light Mod
Here was a very informative video that some of you may of seen I re-tweeted on the psx-place twitter the other day, after seeing libretro re-tweeting, this video shows how you can get the max out of your PlayStation 1 Emulation experience. In this video by Simply Austin we see RetroArch (PC version) which shows some of the latest and new advancements that make emulating the iconic PS1 very sexy.. Give it a look and tell us if you have tricks you use on RetroArch (any platform) in the comments below:​
In July 2016, we seen Ben Heck (Hardware Legend) first got his hands on elusive Nintendo PlayStation (SNES-CD) Prototype Console for a teardown demonstration of the textremely rare "urban legend" that came to surface just several years ago, after being located in an attic of the current owners home. It was not in working condition, but we were able to learn alot about the device as Ben Heck compares various parts and modules to the Super Nintendo (See Video Here), Then at various time throughout the year Ben Heck was trying to restore the Prototype Console to a working state and in late July of 2016 we seen Ben Heck make some significant progress and was able to get some portions working but the SNES CD drive was not working and while no official games were available we do have the Homebrew Game Super Boss Gaiden . Then in late November 2016 Ben Heck once again gets a crack at the prototype that change history and while progress was made with the CD drive we still were not able to use the SNES CD add-on but today Ben Heck releases a video titled: "Nintendo PlayStation Prototype: Finally Working!" So, was Ben able to boot Super Boss Gaiden or Another homebrew Game? check it out.... :
The PlayStation 1 has long lived to be one of the most iconic systems, even in today's generation of gaming. The PS1 was really the frontier that offer main staples of today's gaming world that we see today. While graphically we have seen some great advancements, but the PS1 is still a very playable and enjoyable platform and with that we still see development on the platform. Which brings us to developer @krHACKen who has released a new tool XPINTOOL, this tool for PlayStation 1 Games will decrypt and also encrypt PS1 GameShark V5, Codebreaker v4, Xploder v4 & Cheat Code S language file's. View the full release quote from the dev quote for additional details....
You may recall Ben Heck's Nintendo PlayStation Teardown and repairs to the very rare Nintendo PlayStation (SNES-CD) Prototype. Now the hardware genius is back at the Retro Gaming Expo in Portland Oregon meeting again the Nintendo PlayStation and attempting to repair the disc drive with hopes to play the homebrew game "Super Boss Gaiden" for the SNES-CD platform . The SNES-CD is a symbol of Nintendo's and Sony's failed partnership back in the early 90's with a product even though never released to the public changed the course of gaming history.
We seen several things released by krHACKen for the PS2 community the past several days ago in ID DUMPER & SCEDoormat_NoME Rel.3 Source Code Release , but the developer also has another release useful for the PlayStation 1 Community. TRAXTRACT a GS/PAR Enhancement CD Track Ripper which extracts various elements from a unique file system used in GameShark & Action Replay CDs .
Last week we showed you a bit of news about the rare Nintendo Sony PlayStation (SNES-CD ), as we seen developer's released a a very nice working homebrew game for the system and have a working emulator, but also we told you about a recent Teardown & Repair that Ben Heck was in the process of doing on the Ben Heck Show. At the time there was just the first of the two part edpisode but recently Ben Heck dives into the repair process of the prototype console that is EXTREMELY rare and is a true symbol of gaming history. As this was the launch that really brought Sony to the forefront of the gaming market as we all know the Nintendo and Sony relationship went Sour and the CD add-on for the SNES was a distant dream, but Sony's work as we know it as today did not go to waste
By now most in the community know the history of the Nintendo PlayStation (the prototype CD Add-on for the SNES) and how the relationship went sour between Sony and Nintendo and thus lead to Sony going on their own and creating the iconic Sony PlayStation we now know as today . This week there has been several unrelated pieces of news for the Nintendo PlayStation (kind of a big deal as we do not hear much about this system due to its rarity and the fact it was never in production. If it had it might of changed gaming history as we know it today. Would there be a Sony PlayStation 4 now, or would it of been the Nintendo PlayStation 4. What kind of handheld would we of seen if the two stayed together or would they bound to split at some point?