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PlayStation 1 developer LameGuy64 who you may recall as the developer of a fantastic PS1 homebrew game Marilyn in the Magic World while the developer recently announced the cancellation of that game he did release the source code for anyone willing to continue the project. Now the PS1 developer is back with a new release along with the Source Code provided. PSXNET shows another use to the Serial Port on those early PlayStation 1 models, as PSXNET with help from a Raspberry Pii give the console the ability to connect to the internet​
ePSXe has since been updated as far back as January 2015. This update, which is over a year in the making, brings the PlayStation emulator to version 2.0. This version is said to be compatible with newer versions of Microsoft Windows. Those been from Windows Vista and up. The update introduces language support for English, Spanish, Japanese and Italian. Other​
Marilyn in the Magic World is a homebrew game for the PlayStation 1 created by developer LameGuy64, its a rather impressive project that has unfortunately ran its course as the developer months ago (i know a bit late) announcedthat he has decided to stop development of the project, The Game Developer did provide his source code of the project for any participants who would like to continue the project. This quite an impressive PS1 Homebrew Games, if you have not tried it out yet give it a go. Last version i tested did work on the PS3 and various emulators.​
PlayStation 1 (PS1) homebrew developer isufje has updated one of most impressive looking homebrew games created for the PS1 (ROLL BOSS RUSH). The graphics and gameplay are very impressive for a homebrew game., This game with each update continuous to add new elements to the game as it evolves. Which that trend has continued, as the release of this update has bumped the project to version 1.10a. The developer has informed me that this update was only tested on the PC using the ePSXe emulator and if anyone can lend a hand to test on real hardware the developer would appreciate those efforts to help identify any issues that may need repair.​

Download: ROLL BOSS RUSH (PS1)_v110a
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Many Original PlayStation fans may recall that Serial Port on early PlayStation 1 Consoles. Well the project that has been in development for some times has reached 100% completion and now Pre-Orders are available for the device. PSIO utilizes that port I/O Port (PIO) with this add-on that lets you play your PS1 games from SD card instead of the CD-ROM. Included in the latest details and a FAQ for many questions the public may have. What are your thoughts on this hardware mode for the PS1? [break]dd[/break]


Additional Research from PS3 developer zecoxao as the dev shares some information & findings from ZeroTolerance pertaining to PSXclassics working with decompressed ISOs. Great news coming for the PlayStation 1 gamer on CFW enabled PS3 consoles. See full details and the tutorial in the various quotes from the source (PlayStationHAX) link provided:

Game Mod developer Dark Biohazard who is known for his work on Resident Evil 1.5 (Capcom's unfinished scrapped version of Resident Evil 2), has released his latest patch of modifications for the unfinished game, this patch that the dev has titled the " Magic Zombie Door Patch". This patch released back on the 19th of this month various new rooms such as the Alligator Entrance, Factory Office [break]sss[/break], SeiyaKou's Cell Cultivation and various other additions included in this patch (see full log below). For those of you who are new to Dark Biohazard (aka Martin Biohazard) work the developer has been piecing and modding the leaked pieces of the.Resident Evil 1.5 Game since it surfaced on the net, in an attempt to make it a fully playable game one day. The project has come along way but in no way a finished game, but its work checking out. You must have the Leaked Resident Evil 1.5 game but you will not find that game supplied here. but for those of you who may have this title you can find the patch below along with all the latest details from the developer:​

Resident Evil.png

A new PlayStation 1 Homebrew Game was released in December of 2014 called Fly Little Bat by John over @ This Flappy Bird Clone is interesting as you are controlling a bat, Which makes the character a bit more fitting as you duck, dive, dodge while evading objects,. This homebrew game for the PS1 is impressive and one of the better graphical ports of a Flappy clone. If you are a CFW PS3 user, we have prepared a PS3 Installable version for user's wanting to try this on the PS3, view all the details of this very addictive homebrew creation:


Resident Evil 1.5 has two separate releases that I thought was interesting and should share, the first being a PSP port of the game that was done by PSP developer Coraje187. This port appears to be an early version of Resident Evil 1.5, and is not as progressed as the MartinBiohazzard Builds. Which brings me to the second release as MartinBiohazzard in late 2014 updated his patch to include all his previous additions and fixes and also 9 new playable rooms.​
PlayStation 1 Homebrew is still kicking and very well alive, Just recently we seen the release of the 11th Power Homebrew Game released for the 20 Year old System and now we see a new update to ROLL BOSS RUSH. For those of you who do not know about this. I strongly suggest you to checout this Homebrew Indie Game by developer isufje The first thing any user says about the game, this is one of the best games i seen as a homebrew. It's still a work in progress but there is some great visual that are sure to impress (for a PS1 Style Game). Checkout the recent progress from isufje as his continues to improve and hopefully one complete this game. As it's a stunning hobby project so far.