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The console may of just turned 20 years old recently but that is not stopping the Homebrew Community from making new games for platform. A new PlayStation 1 (PS1) Homebrew Game has popped up from developer Sebastian Mihai. This recently released game titled as The 11th Power is similar to 2048, but differs in gameplay, Instead of numbers [break]ss[/break]which can be a bit boring at times. 11th Power uses Colored Balls each representing an exponent, with the object of getting blue balls, No no not the blue balls your thinking of but 3 blue balls not the pair. In attempt to achieve 2048. This clever take on the game is impressive and is can be very enjoyable. Checkout all the details in the release notes below and be sure to checkout additional details in the links provided at bottom of the article


Developer Samson released a PS1 Homebrew Game packaged for the PS3. Zblast (v1.3) a game originally developed by Russell Marks. Samson packaged this PS1 homebrew game using Aldostool's RetroXMB Package Creator Tool (the PS1 Portion of that app). If you like Retro Shooters this is a very fun game and I highly suggest user's give this a try. [break].[/break]