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PS Vita developer Qwikrazor has released a new name of a new exploited game for Vita firmware 3.36, this time around "Arcade Darts" is the game to acquire from the PlayStation Store for this Exploit, this game is available on the US/EU stores but the game is not available on the Japan and Asian regions. This exploited game is a key piece needed to get ARK-2 eCFW working on 3.36 firmware. [break]d[/break] The significance also in this exploited game is some of you may have it already as this was a previously exploit game that the developer was able to re-purpose. Checkout the details below from the developer and some additional notes by The Z over @


PS Vita developer Qwikrazor has a new "kernel mode" exploit running on Vita Firmware v3.36, the exploit is used for running the "ARK-2 eCFW" via the PSP Emulator which allows for running your PSP Backups as ISOs / CSOs and PS1 Games as PBPs but with the downside of having no sound on your PlayStation 1 Games. However, things like PS1loader, PKG Installer or usage of the Webkit Exploit are not supported [break]d[/break]. The Z over at say this exploit works on all model PS Vita devices and also the PlayStation TV (aka Vita TV). Checkout all all the details below and also at the source links provided.


Sometimes I'm just at a loss of words when it comes to Sony and their constant removal of features for their devices. PS3 had allot taken away, the PS4 has many left out and now the struggling PS Vita is their next victim. The PS Vita YouTube app has been taken down and unavailable for download and will not be supported come April 20th. Well at least it was not April 1st I guess. Then in the next tidbit of news is [break][/break]the PS Vita Maps and Near applications that will be eradicated form your handheld in a upcoming firmware update in March. The only good news there is the mention of the firmware update, so scene developers please take note and not release any exploits unless you want them patched by Sony.

NoTube psx-place.gif

PS Vita YouTube App No Longer Supported:

PS Vita Maps and Near Applications:
I'm a little late with this one but my weekend was somewhat complicated. Enough about that boring bit of info. qwikrazor87 has been busy and released a exploit for PS Vita firmware 3.36 that will allow VHBL and custom bubbles. Here is more from the sources below.


Some progress in the PS VITA scene have been going on lately and recently developer xyzz has released some new developer tools that include VitaDump and GrabNids. These Python Tools from the developer allow for various exploring and allow for some new task that hacker should fine useful. View all the details in the ReadMe contents below.


Source of Release:
Additional Info: vitadevwiki

Additional Source: PlayStationHAX
Following up on yesterdays article regarding the webkit exploit for the PlayStation Vita, developer Davee is back with some more good news. This time around it is for those who have purchased the recently released PlayStation Vita TV. If you have the little box on firmware 3.20 you are in luck as Davee [break].[/break]has ported the webkit exploit to the device as shown in a Tweet some hours ago.

ps vita tv.jpg

Remember that you can test the exploit out via this link on your PS Vita TV.

Source: @DaveeFTW

Additional PS Vita TV info and releases can be seen via this thread
PlayStation TV (aka Vita TV) was just released in North America and the device came shipped with firmware v3.20. So the guys at hackinformer have written a guide showing you how to run Total Noob's- eCFW (TN-V) on the device. If you plan on running TN-V on your newly acquired PlayStation TV it is suggested you do this right away as the method could be blocked soon. The method is fairly simple, to achieve so checkout the details below:


Source of Guide:...​