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Good news for those who did update their PS Vita to firmware version 3.30 comes as developer The Z showcases a proof of concept video via YouTube. The developer does caution against updating your PS Vita passed 3.18 and 3.20 due to them been able to run ARK or TN-V and even the PSOne Loader. So this only goes out to those already running firmware[break].[/break] 3.30, which is said to only run VHBL. The Z also mentions via Twitter that they are trying to use one of the older game exploits that was released a while back when 50+ exploitable games was released by developer Acid_Snake. So if you happen to own the game one would not need to purchase a new one and this also prevents the developers from wasting a new and unannounced exploitable game that can be used in future PS Vita firmware updates. The game in question is yet to be announced.


Source: The_Zett

Additional VHBL info and releases can be seen via this: Link
PlayStation TV (aka Vita TV) was just released in North America and the device came shipped with firmware v3.20. So the guys at hackinformer have written a guide showing you how to run Total Noob's- eCFW (TN-V) on the device. If you plan on running TN-V on your newly acquired PlayStation TV it is suggested you do this right away as the method could be blocked soon. The method is fairly simple, to achieve so checkout the details below:


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