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If you are looking to spice things up on your custom firmware PlayStation 3 and have the below version of Mortal Kombat then look no further. Developed by futuretime23 here is the latest version of his Mortal Kombat 9 Trilogy Edition Mod​
Here is a nice piece of homebrew for you PlayStation Portable users. Those familiar with the PSP scene will remember this plugin from around 2014. It was released by a developer called suloku and then abandoned due to the dev not having the time to revisit the project. Moving to the present we have an updated version
A while back I reported using your PS Vita as a controller for your Android devices. The developer behind VitaMote has now released another app. This app, also for Android, will allow you to use your android device as a screen for your PS Vita. The app, used with RinCheat, is called VitaView and is in what the developer calls "pre-stage".​
Developed by ShadowPrince, aka ShdwPrince, this plugin is not only useful if you have some dodgy buttons but will also aid in creating button combo's for your PS Vita games with the touch or press of a single button. The plugin in question is called ADVRemap and in its current state an alpha release. Some have asked the developer if remote play compatibility via PS4 Link will be added,​
When it comes to anything in life the most I enjoy is messing around with some tech I have on hand. Be it my mobile phone, PS3, PC or handheld consoles I'm always up to adding any flavor to them. This bit of homebrew, together with VitaPad by Rinnegatamante, dubbed VitaMote by developer SonryP will get you using your PS Vita as a remote for your Android devices. Now your PS Vita​
Enstone is back with yet another update to Control Console API. This update, as seen in previous ones released, brings compatibility to current custom firmware versions. With the releases by the developers behind Rebug's latest custom firmwares, those been 4.81.1 and 4.81.2, developer Enstone updates CCAPI bringing support to custom firmware 4.81 DEX.
PS VITA / PS TV VITAident Version 0.6
@Joel16 graced the forums a few hours ago with yet another release to VITAident. This release I find the following rather handy, the app will display your current firmware version as well as the spoofed firmware version. I find this sort of info rather handy. Version 0.6 also brings some other improvements and the GUI also gets an update.​
Lets start with a warning here, or at least some advice. This custom firmware is not for retail PlayStation 3 consoles. So this is not for the average custom firmware user. This custom firmware is for those lucky developers, who we are lucky to have around releasing awesome stuff, that have these special development units. These dev units are referred to as PS3 Reference Tool Dev Kits a 'console' used in the development of games and PS3 apps.
As many of us like to do with any device from time to time is to spice things up a bit with some visual candy. That is why most of us enjoy a custom firmware PS3. This release is for any PlayStation 3 owner because any consoles running official firmware or custom firmware can install themes. Although judging by the name we can see where it draws it inspiration from. Rebugification
This Iris Manager port by developer _Slash_ has had two new updates to it over the last week and a half. Play Manager is the name of this backup manager and in version 1.09 the developer fixed a table of contents issue for some custom firmware's. Despite further custom firmware support, that been