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Developer Aldostools dropped a link to this 'updated', personal build of PS3 Tools Collection. It has been a while since we have seen a release from the developer but this is not per se a release but rather the dev helping out a member here at PSX-Place. Yes there could be some changes but no changelog has been divulged by Aldostools and don't expect any. Just bask in the notion that the dev did not have to release his personal version[break].[/break] but did so to help out a fellow scener and now we all benefit.

PS3 tools collection.JPG

SvenGDK mentioned a few days ago about a upcoming release of his PS Multi Tools app and after about eleven days here it is. This multi console app, for Windows, has a bunch of features for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. These include signing, modifying, converting, compressing and comparing many PSX file formats. After downloading the latest build from Sven's nicely redone website and installing version 12.0.2 of PS Multi Tools, I did like the surprise addition of the PlayStation 4 option.[break].[/break] This option in the 'select your console' screen is not functional yet but does show that future development is inbound and we can look forward to some PS4 goodies added in future updates.


Features for PS Multi Tools:
PS3 Tools:PS2 Tools:

  • Sign PKG Files
  • Format Large External HDDs in FAT32
  • Modify PARAM.SFO Files
  • Decrypt & Sign EBOOT.BIN Files
  • Compare MD5 Hashes
  • Convert PSX Game to PS3 PKG
  • Convert PS2 Game to PS3 compatible Game
  • Download PS3 Covers
  • Compress or Extract ISO Files

  • Easy SMB Setup to share your ISOs within your Network
  • PAL to NTSC ISO Converter
  • NTSC to PAL ISO Converter
  • Various ELF/ISO Loaders
  • Compress Games into ISO File
  • Extract PS2 ISO Games
  • Format HDD to use with your PS2
  • Download PS2 Covers

Changes and more:
New Features:Bugfixes:

  • ...
After the release of custom firmware 4.78 STARBUCKS by developer Habib which included the new COBRA 7.3, with help from Mysis, that addressed the PS3 controller sync issue. Developer Habib then released the source code of COBRA 7.3 while inviting anyone to add such to Rebug. Well someone did and that person goes by the name of MO3 via the source linked below. [break].[/break]The information quoted below was translated using Google translate and with anything that messes with your PS3 internal files. Wait till others have tested this or be sure to have a hardware flasher with a valid dump nearby.


This quote via the source worries me a bit. So DO NOT install until other PS3 console models have been tested.


Use at your own risk.

EDIT: I just noticed...​
A member here that goes by the name of Red-j dropped by with a bit of news regarding his project, "a little PCB adapter for Teensy 2.0++" dubbed as Nor PS3 PCB v1.1. I'm not going to pretend that I have massive amounts of knowledge regarding hardware mods etc. So to those hardware enthusiasts and developers, below you can find details about Red-j's project. Thanks to Red-j for dropping by the PSX-Place forum and letting us know about your project.


You can check out the rest via the release thread/member news submission here for more details.

Download: Red-j Nor PS3 PCB v1.1

Source: psx-place
There was a update to IRISMAN following its previous release by developer Aldostools. The newer MAMBA payload introduced here had a few issues so the developer reverted IRISMAN to a earlier version of the MAMBA payload. Be sure to use this version to avoid black screens when [break].[/break]launching games.


Changelog: IRISMAN 3.50.10
Download: IRISMAN 3.50.10

Source: brewology
Elite Electronics is back with another great game mod for the PlayStation 3. You will remember them for mods such as their Minecraft and Skyrim Elite Editions. This mod was made by Elite Electronics member J#$H, aka joshchawks, and while he did make a few mods to the game himself, the mod also utilises an abundant amount of mods created by many GTA V modders. The list is staggering and this is a great project because it provides you with just about every bit of modding that one would want in [break].[/break]a single mod pack. J#$H does mention in the release thread that you should stay clear from going online with this. We all know that Rockstar has taken a massive anti mod stance for this version of GTA in particular, so it goes without saying that if you are going to try this out. Stay away from online. Nobody likes a cheater anyways. Other than that here is a bit of info regarding the release. Be sure to check out their release thread for all the details.


GTA V: Elite Edition Features:

I do not know where to start when it comes to news this sad. When a hacker only two years older than I am has passed away. We can remember him when he and his team made the promise that the PlayStation 3 was as hacked as the Wii and they would restore Linux to the PlayStation 3 that Sony took away from us. (aka other OS) Bushing was part of the fail0verflow panel that literally brought us to our knees. Their findings is what has brought us to where we are today. That and what our current developers have brought to the scene is rather remarkable.
OneShell is a interesting UI for the PSP developed by Davis Nuñez. It provides a PC like experience to the PSP with shortcuts, a desktop and start menu. The developer behind it, with the help of others, brings a slew internal applications with it. Albeit in a BETA stage this nifty shell does impress me by the images shown[break].[/break] via the source. Unfortunately I don't have a PSP or even a PS Vita to test this. So get to it and let me know how it pans out.


Oneshell_Beta_03: (via Google translate)

Previous Changes:

language support in several areas of the shell is improved, there are still many to translate and add such support ...

and removed Fixed a bug that made ​​that deleting access, crash the system.

In the beta 01, the start menu, stick with a bug, that uses to sign debugger, and was repaired! XD

Many sections of the shell and now have button_swap support (recognizes the region of your button to accept, yes, now the Japanese are supported XD!)

Basic Controls:
The developers over at Volition, known for developing games such as the Red Faction and Saints Row series, released a nice surprise for PSP owners. On their tumblr page about a week ago they announced the release of a unfinished and unreleased game for the PSP. The game is Saints Row Undercover and at the time of release it was [break].[/break]not playable on the PSP. However Freakler, who reported this on hackinformer, managed to get this working for the PSP. (with the help of Darthsternie and largeroliker) From that report you can find below a few steps that will show you what needs to be done to the ISO in order to get the game running on your PSP.


Volition Release Note:
PSP How To:


Download: Saints Row Undercover

Gamesonic Manager has had another release following the release of 3.82 when Sony released its latest firmware update. Now just after the release of Rancid-0's and Team Ps3ITA unofficial Mamba release, developer Orion has implemented [break].[/break]these new feature into GameSonic Manager bringing it to version 3.85.


Changelog: v3.85

A big thanks to kozarovv for the news tip and massive props to all of you here at PSX-Place for alerting us of the news in the scene and forums. We really appreciate the efforts!

Download: GameSonic Manager v3.85

Source: gamesonic