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Mortal Kombat modder futuretime23 dropped by PSX-Place with a treat for MK fans. He released version one of his mod called MK9 Trilogy Edition. This mod aims at balancing the games characters and at a later stage will introduce further mods that will add more to the game. While this is
Quite some time ago there was that unexpected update to the PlayStation Portable that pretty much shocked many a avid PSP user. Who would have expected Sony to release a firmware update to the handheld some three years prior to its previous. Shortly thereafter qwikrazor87 released a modded version of this downgrader and now the developer, DaveeFTW, has released his official update bringing Infinity support.


Download: Chronoswitch Downgrader 7.0 | MIRROR
Source: DaveeFTW
That PlayStation 4 has had another firmware update released. There is not much to say about this one as it brings the console enhancements to system performance. Lets hope that these rather bland updates to the console are gearing up to something a little more special. Perhaps, as we watch the PlayStation 4 scene grow, we will see more interesting releases for the console as we have for the PlayStation 3.


Source: PlayStationEU

You can view our PlayStation 4 firmware update thread here.
This has to be one of the most dedicated PlayStation 2 developer that I have followed over the years while writing news for various PlayStation homebrew websites. Don't get me wrong though as I'm sure there are many, that perhaps I have indeed overlooked, but sp193 will always be [break].[/break]that four letter handle that I will identify when it comes to PlayStation 2 homebrew development. The developer stopped by not too long ago with his updated HDLGameInstaller, so be sure to check that one out.

Moving along is the update of HDDChecker. Something we have not reported about on PSX-Place but a very handy tool to have in your arsenal of tools when it comes to your PlayStation 2 needs. HDDChecker has the following features but you need to check the release thread here to get all the info, so be sure to read up.


Exploit Type

  • None

  • ...
With all the buzz around the recent PlayStation 4 hacks and exploit talk here is another round of news that will interest developers working on the new gen console. BigBoss, aka @psxdev, is back and you should remember him with his research into the PS4's camera and the drivers he released for it. Following his more recent [break].[/break]releases that included PS4Client and PS4Link the developer has now added a slew of tools to his github page. Here is the rundown.


  • Runs 64-bit Elf files in-process on Linux, FreeBSD and the PS4.
  • Libc, POSIX and SCE module library for the PS4
  • Generates libps4 through std (C and Posix) and SCE module headers
  • Most recent PS4 symbols by firmware for analysis and convenience
Here is another update to PS3P PKG Ripper. The release thread here has been abuzz with activity regarding this tool as developer Rudi Rastelli strives to bring improvements. This update, albeit a minor one as apposed to his previous release, addresses [break].[/break]two bugs. Lets take a look.

PS3P PKG Ripper V1.21.gif

Version 1.21:
Download: PS3P PKG Ripper v1.21

Source: PSX-Place
Just out are two new builds of Universal Media Server. SubJunk and team rolled out their latest stable build bringing the app to version 5.4.0. This version comes with a few fixes, improvements and further support for you favourite devices. Also in the mix is their latest beta build, now at version 6.0.0-b1, that improves [break].[/break]thumbnails and media position detection. Both versions can be found below which of course are available for Windows, Linux and OS X.


Changelog: Version 5.4.0
Changelog: Version 6.0.0-b1

Version 5.4.0 Stable
TrueAncestor PKG Repacker has another update as the developer brings the tool to version 2.20. Following the previous build we reported this build brings a new engine replacing the previously used PKGView. Also added is the extracting of remastered PSP retail PKG's. [break].[/break]Be sure to check out other tools released by jjkkyu in our custom firmware tools section in the forums.


Changelog: v2.20

Thanks to xiaoyang for the continued news tips.

Download: TrueAncestor PKG Repacker v2.20

Source: bbs.duowan via PSX-Place

Be sure to check out our forums for more PS3 CFW tools and apps.
Following his previous build, developer wborland is back with yet another update to this handy application. This update adds support for PS4 PKG's which is especially nice if this Tweet has any merit to it. (Could not resist lol) The update also brings support for 4k res and Windows 10. You can check out [break].[/break]the rest in the changelog listed below. There are other builds for OS X and Linux via the source.

ps3 game list.png

Changelog: Version 3.4

Download: PS3 Game List v3.4

Source: ps3gamelist
Developer TheFloW has released another update to VitaShell which we reported earlier this month. The update, which brings VitaShell to version 0.2, includes some fixes, added functions and a guide for creating PSP homebrew bubbles on your PS Vita.[break].[/break]


Version 0.2 Changelog:
PSP Homebrew Bubble Tutorial:
Other Release Notes: