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  1. JediKnight007
    (Don't read the last post if you already know the story, it's too painful.)
  2. JediKnight007
    Lindsey Lagestee, 1994-2020. I regret not knowing you better, and not hearing your voice. Look out, Heaven, you just got a new singing star.
  3. JediKnight007
  4. mobile1199
  5. Leon120081
    Leon120081 Dheeraj Gumber
    Can u help me to resolve my ultra Slim problem?
  6. nCadeRegal
    I’m an asshole
  7. cualquiercosa327
    cualquiercosa327 esc0rtd3w
    Hello, a lot of thanks
    The app is MoveMe-v2.01-5BNPUO000145D.pkg
  8. Abdelrahim
    Abdelrahim pink1
    That's nice of you, thank you. I have another question of thats ok. Is there any alternative for the e3 flasher? And can the culprit be the fact that my ps is out of its case ? Or if I wrongly positioned screws back ? applied thermal paste wrong ? Basically hardware wise what can be a culprit.

    I couldnt reply on my thread.

    Idk why I cant seem to be able to reply to you on my thread =S
    1. pink1
      I wouldn’t think that would be the issue here. It sounds like you still had a cfw installed when you flashed the hex with the exploit. That will brick your ps3 every time.
      It’s not hard to fix and if you already have the case off that makes it even quicker. I’ll try to get this moved to the thread so it’s all in one place for you.
      Feb 16, 2020
  9. cualquiercosa327
    cualquiercosa327 esc0rtd3w
    Hello, I would ask about the tutorial you did for psn bypass. I have a file which supposedly has been patched but it still ask connect to the psn. The problem is I have no their rap. Would be someway to make it work?
    The file is on nopsn com
    A lot of thanks and excuse me.
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    3. cualquiercosa327
      Hello, I think than the problem is not about rap (I can install and execute it without problem), the issue is it ask psn connection and I could no use it.
      Today I tried to mod using your tutorial
      and I was unable to decrypt the eboot.bin to eboot.elf

      scetool>scetool.exe --decrypt EBOOT.BIN EBOOT.elf

      [*] Error: Could not load IDPS.
      [*] Error: Could not decrypt header.
      Feb 18, 2020 at 6:48 PM
    4. cualquiercosa327
      I go on reading your tutorial and I found than this program was already patched for you.

      It is on the list "[ No PSN Bypass Needed Placeholder ]"

      How could I make it work?I am very interesting on could use this program.
      Excuse me and a lot of thanks.

      It is, yesterday I posted on other place by mistake


      A lot of thanks
      Feb 18, 2020 at 6:48 PM
    5. cualquiercosa327
      Hi again, excuse me for being so soupy. After some reading and testing, I think than the crack could be done but the problem is I need the rap.
      When I load, this message appears
      "This content can be used if you renew the licence in PlayStation Store.
      Proceed to PlayStation Store"
      Again: Excuse me
      Feb 19, 2020 at 11:14 AM
  10. Yugonibblit
    Gorrila's love bananas! They will beat the wall down for one!!!!! Ha ha!
  11. C7TJFVB7-CAZ
  12. STLcardsWS
    STLcardsWS Crystal
    Very nice work :) Thanks for the share of your work
  13. STLcardsWS
    STLcardsWS bucanero
    Nice work :)
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  14. Shaayn
    Shaayn STLcardsWS
    Cards, why theres not remove option in the messages...
  15. wishing4thesun
    wishing4thesun ISAK.M
    Feel free to PM me for anything you want to talk about, I don’t mind. ^^
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    2. ISAK.M
      Ok I guess
      Jan 17, 2020
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  16. wishing4thesun
    wishing4thesun pinky
    *sees Pink Floyd reference in your location field*
  17. armorsnake
  18. larry12222
    larry12222 STLcardsWS
    is there a way to change name?
  19. larry12222
    Very Active on this website.. Been modding for yrs Here to help.
  20. Hatter1031
    Feeling a bit old and slightly helpless. Lmfao!