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Super Moderator / Developer, Male, from Camp Crystal Lake, USA

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May 21, 2019
    1. Diux97
      Can you play pkg games online? "Hen" will give problems to the psn?
    2. Flodia
      Hi plz I want to inject disk copied game uncharted 3 to my super slim but when I launch the true ancestor it says "the game contains splitted files merge it first". Plz how do merge it
    3. STLcardsWS
      Happy Birthday !!!!
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    4. nav
      I have error in multiman opening 80010017 .. please help me
    5. austin55
      when I try to install the cfw it says "the data is corrupted. (8002F957)" Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
    6. Zoilus
      well I feel like an idiot!! im mean seriously, how dumb... instead of writing "All" on the folders that tell the program to show whats in the folders to those with CEX or DEX or to show it to ALL...I was writing it as ALL...all caps...when I did only the A in caps and I eliminated a space after the dash...everything $#&%*^ works!!...arrgh. sorry about taking up your time reading all that stuff below
    7. Zoilus
      continued...but now im trying to load a 3rd and 4th option to the main menu but they don't appear. if i make the 3rd option and I put your stock sound folders there then it shows. but when I start putting my files it just show 1.eboots 2. sprx. is there a size limit or something on the eboot or something im missing? thanks again!
    8. Zoilus
      hey there wonder if you can assist with a issue im having with modifying your Coldboot waves installer v1.5. I've used this program before with GTA to inject eboots and sprx files without issues because it was just those 2 things. so when you open up the program it says 1. eboots 2. sprx, and I can put various eboots and sprx...etc
    9. Meivyn
      This one works like a charm. I don't think there is a more recent version since my PS3 said that it was the same as the one already installed.
      A big thanks for your help ;)
    10. Meivyn
      Can you help me please ?
    11. Meivyn
      I searched for hours, I have not found anything . That is why I request your help.
    12. Meivyn

      Thanks for your reply.

      This EU version don't work on my TV. This is why I absolutely need the US version of Plex.

      Also, if you can teach me how to mod the US version of Plex, I can try to do it myself.

      See ya
    13. Meivyn
      Hello dude,

      I would like to know if you can teach me how exactly you have edited the US version of Plex for No PSN ?
      My console is actually banned, so it's annoying. Tryed to edit EnablePSN=true to false but it was already tagged at false. Still spamming me with PSN though.

      Also, can't download your version, links are dead.

      Thanks for your help, see ya :)
    14. FlamingDazz
      Hi, since today the Netflix app doesn't work, it just kicks me out to XMB. Someone is having the same issue? I'm no good with editing files and stuff, i've re-downloaded and re-installed the pkg of #137 too and it happens the same thing.
      Thanks a lot for any info and/or fix on this ! I've already posted on the proper topic too! :)
    15. trunks9us
      Hey can you do me a favor and upload a mega of the disc conversion for Resident Evil: Code Veronica X [NPUB30467]

      I cant get mine working of the copy I have It just seems to black screen after I mount it with mmcm I am on rebug 4.75 fat ps3
    16. BigNutz
      Hi could you please look into the VUDU app, see if it is possible to by pass PSN login, or region settings?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated

      404 Not Found[NPUP00047].pkg
    17. Shadow_Demon
      Hey brother just wanted you to know "Elite Electronics" is just J#$H now, Death_Dealer's new work is gonna be posted here "". Under a different name. Merry Christmas^_^
    18. Ricflair
      Hey Bitsbubba im new here and im asking a small favour if u could send me the No PSN Apps will really appreciate it
    19. Micheal2445
    20. MixeryMaxe
      Hi. Please check your PM, i have a question to you. Thx
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    Camp Crystal Lake, USA
    Homicidal Super Moderator
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    PS3 CECH-2501B (320GB 4.81.2 REBUG REX) thanks @pinkfloydviste (downgrading) :)
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