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TLOU 2 hyped! Dec 4, 2016

    1. stripnwild
      Hey kozarovv! Sabin1981 said you might be able to help me? I've been recreating and building a lot of ps2 to ps4 games. I recently tried creating a multidisc onimusha 4 pkg but when i go to "switch discs" only 2 discs appear disco01 (codebreaker) disc02(gamedisc1) but there is no disc03). im using --max-disc-num=3 and --switch-disc-reset=0 - thanks
    2. mozznick
      Hello Kozarovv your a clever cookie when it comes to ps3 related subjects i have a issue with 2 x decr 1000a of mine where they both show cannot find appropriate storage when turned on.

      The hard drives do spin , and they are also recognised when connected to my pc, i have 4x 400gb segate drives, 2 are formatted in fat32 ,2 are in ntfs format
    3. Zabuza Momochi
      Zabuza Momochi
      Hello, can you help me? I found on the compatibility list of PS2 Classics (I have a super slim 4.84 HEN ps3) that my freezing on naruto could be fixed with " .hack\\infection Part 1". I tried to do a CONFIG file, but found out they're not compatible with HEN. After reading a little bit through psx-place i realized I should do a pkg file apparently, but I don't know how to play the games on them.
    4. bonjovi123
    5. Jay L
      Jay L
      your awesome unmapped forest reminds me of crystalis mechanics c: does it work on 4.82 cfws?
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      2. kozarovv
        It should work fine.
        Mar 3, 2019
    6. STLcardsWS
      change made in resources..... :)
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      2. kozarovv
        Awesome! Thx. :)
        Dec 1, 2018
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    7. Louis Garry
      Louis Garry
      Hi master, we edited the PS2 WE10 (full transfer), after convert to ISO, the game runs on PS2 OPL and HD Loader, but it doesn't work on PS3 cobra (WE 10 original works).

      How to fix it?

      This is the link WE 10 2019 Summer Transfer (password: Rentalps2_) if the master wants to try it:
      REMOVED LINK// kozarovv

      Thank you very much.
    8. Cameoppa
      Hi im sorry i am new to jailbreaking ps3.. I have an old ps3 with broken bluray laser... so i cant play disk on it, so i was thinking of playing games through an external hdd or thumbdrive so that i can pass this ps3 to my little cousin (i have a ps4 already). Can someone please help me to get my old ps3 to play basically ps3 games that ive downloaded online.. It woulf be a great help thank you.
    9. M3106
      Can u give me a email of the ps3 xploit team please
    10. Hero Q8
      Hero Q8

      Can you please send me config-emu-ps4 for Valkyrie Profile 2 cus every time i edit it i got an error
    11. Nabeel AK
      Nabeel AK
      1. kozarovv
        I know :)
        Jun 28, 2018
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    12. Flodia
      Hi plz I want to inject disk copied game uncharted 3 using true ancestor but it says game contains splitted files. Plz how do I merge it
    13. lazar
      hello..can you help me how to mod gta v on ps4 ? thanks...
    14. Yugonibblit
      1. kozarovv
        It was spam, everything should be cleaned already.
        May 25, 2018
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    15. rositasucita
      hi I need help how upgrade hdd keeping han games installed and acounts I have 160 and I want ro replace it. thanks for your attention
    16. Ps3OfwUser
      kozarovv, the people who's use Chrome Os can't execute The etHANol Resigner, because the people who's use Chrome OS (like me) can't execute .exe or .bat files, only can run the ''chrome web store'' apps or extensions, if u can make a Resigner for the people who's use Chrome os they give the huge thanks !!!!! (im spanish, my english is so bad)
    17. rositasucita
      hi! something happend to My ps3 Installed 14 000 raps and in the ps3 cross bar when I launch a game appear error 80029517 says I need to log in PSN to activate system is safe to do that.
      fine thats all thanks for help everybody.
    18. jacobsson
      "If buzzers will not work, I can send you an custom emulator to test. I can change PS2 bios to one used in other (buzz compatible) consoles. But I don't know it will work. If usb peripherials are locked at emu stage, then it will not help. Is worth to try anyway."

      Hi buddy! I'm very curious about your reply above the other day. Did you have a modded 'ps3_net_emu' that might have USB support? That would be amazing!
    19. danyalwho?
      I recently jb my ps3 fat cechJ to ferrox 4.82 and i installed multiman and copied nfs rivals to internal hdd then during gameplay it crashes back to XMB Screen. It does this all the time. I was told that go to debug settings>boot mode then change it to Release mode. Ferrox dont have debug settings so i did rebug 4.81 but it also dont have boot mode. Im back to OFW now. Please help.
    20. stripnwild
      Hi Kozarovv, I've tried to locate config files for silent hill 2 and 3 SLUS versions with no luck, did you ever get them to work? If so could you possibly send me in the right direction. Thanks for your time

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