Oct 16, 2014
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    1. Mika97442
      Many thanks for your 'ManaGunZ_v1.34_unofficial.v2'. Wish you the best.
    2. Louay
      i pm you hope you respond :)
    3. Dikara
      Pleace help my @littlebalup lv2diag.self for ps3 super slim broken factory service mode
    4. Dikara
      i need lv2diag.self for ps3 Ofw .. broken factory service mode
    5. Dikara
      friend please help me, how to fix dump.bin BAD in detail. Wearing py ps3tools Help me thank you
      1. Dikara
        Please teach me from scratch
        Nov 22, 2017
    6. Louay
      littlebalup please explain to me exactly how the pcb linker work i need (teensy2.0++,360 nand clip.360 nor clip,pin headers...) and how can i you use it i mean is it nessecary to switch from nand to nor or they will work at the same time
    7. Ghafar
      I have PS3 slim , I checked lowest firmware it say 3.50 or later can be installed , currently I am on 4.81 OFW, Kindly tell me can I downgrade my console from 4.81 OFW to 3.50 through soft modification? or Is there any other way to install CFW on my system or any method to play backup
      games ?
      if yes pls guide me.. Thanks a lot
      I need help if any1 can help with this issue they are awesome its drivin me insane... so i downloaded and installed ccapi on my ps3 and computer went into it on the computer connected fine hit refresh it showed all my info like firmware and how hot the ps3 was bla bla bla ok so i installed gsc studio and tried connecting and i get this message "you need to install ccapi 2.60+ to use this library"
    9. mittyredstar
      hi....this nor dump error can be fix ? OFFSET: 0x2000 --- VALUE: 0x00000000 --- metldr REPETITIVE BANDING 0x00
    10. ddubz
    11. ddubz
      I know your busy but could you help me with my e3 dump I'm on 4.78 and after I patch it and reflash to ps3 nor I still can't install rogero downgrader says update data not supported. I posted in your ps3dumpchecker forum here with more info
    12. STLcardsWS
      Happy Holidays :)
    13. Genter190
      Hi, you can help or give the instruction concerning creation of DOS games? I want to create and when I insert the file of game in the exe format, writes that, not all established. How to be if there is a desire to create, but it is impossible, I look for in various territories and there is nothing that I didn't consider demanded. You can even to send in photos or video... If, a time are occupied with it, I can wait... I will be very grateful to you for it. Hi, who is able to be engaged in the program of a retro of xmb create?
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