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    1. Abdelrahim
      That's nice of you, thank you. I have another question of thats ok. Is there any alternative for the e3 flasher? And can the culprit be the fact that my ps is out of its case ? Or if I wrongly positioned screws back ? applied thermal paste wrong ? Basically hardware wise what can be a culprit.

      I couldnt reply on my thread.

      Idk why I cant seem to be able to reply to you on my thread =S
      1. pink1
        I wouldn’t think that would be the issue here. It sounds like you still had a cfw installed when you flashed the hex with the exploit. That will brick your ps3 every time.
        It’s not hard to fix and if you already have the case off that makes it even quicker. I’ll try to get this moved to the thread so it’s all in one place for you.
        Feb 16, 2020
    2. Diux97
      Can you play pkg games online? "Hen" will give problems to the psn?
    3. GalacticWarrior
      Aye pink can you help me or nah
      1. Maikeltoledo19
        Hola amigo quisisera saber si puedes ayudar de ante mano gracias
        Apr 2, 2019
    4. GalacticWarrior
      when you install a cfw on ps3 does it install it onto the hardrive or to the nor chip
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      2. pink1
        What errors are they? I can’t look at it right now but if you need you can message me with the dump and I’ll check it out in a while.
        Mar 23, 2019
      3. GalacticWarrior
        yeh ill pm you right now
        Mar 23, 2019
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      4. GalacticWarrior
        I sent it over
        Mar 23, 2019
    5. Nicolas
      Hey dude
      I've got two bricked ps3 super slim and this has happened when they would want to be jailbroken via ps3exploit method
      I'm not sure about their dumps as when I rewrite them on their nor flashes don't work and the consoles can't boot up (beep beep beep and turn off)
      Would you please take a look at them and if it's possible fix them for me?
      Thanks in advance
      with regard
      1. pink1
        You'll need to get an E3 flasher to flash the fixed dump to the nor. When you are ready I'll be happy to help you out :)
        Oct 14, 2018
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    6. alwali7983
      Hi. Pink1, good morning. I was hoping if you could help me. I bricked my ps3 slim CECH-3004B using flash.hex file and don't have a valid backup. I was able to get an E3 flasher and was successful in extracting the NOR dump (extracted 6, all appears to be identical).
      1. alwali7983
        I tried patching it using ps3 dump checker with CoreOFW482 but there were about 65 errors, tried using Flow rebuilder, wasn't successful either. Please is it possible to patch the NOR back to a functioning OFW? and could you please help? I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
        Oct 4, 2018
    7. eddie sin
      eddie sin
      hey how r u... i'm new here i have a play station 3 fat I'VE been trying to jailbreak my system seems like i have no clue what i;m doing i need help here or find somebody to do the job.can someone help me
    8. break
      Thanks for sharing the PS3 - PKG Linker !!
    9. vladrom
      Hello. Sorry to bother you, but I have a problem downloading pkg Linker v2 files. Clicking "Download Now via external site" opens a new window with the error "Restricted Content
      This file is no longer available. For additional information contact Dropbox Support."
      1. pink1
        The link under the extra info tab should be working.
        Jul 3, 2018
        vladrom likes this.
    10. Ser97
      for CFW compatible system, what do you mean?
      I'm sorry I wrote you, I did not know how to do it
    11. kenny2501
      Spaces are not allowed please correct and run the application again. To prevent problems Unicontroller como puedo solucionarlo? ayudame por favor
    12. Yugonibblit
      Great job! Xml luvleenes!
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    13. STLcardsWS
      Someone received two new badges today :)
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      2. pink1
        That is awesome, thank you so much!
        Mar 10, 2018
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