Mar 8, 2015
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Jun 19, 1981 (Age: 38)
The Great Gig in the Sky

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Retired, Male, 38, from The Great Gig in the Sky


it depends on where the pkg is being installed to. Nov 23, 2016

    1. wishing4thesun
      *sees Pink Floyd reference in your location field*
    2. HoselotCT
      Today I turned on my ps3 and noticed that the ps3 hen egg had disappeared from nowhere for no reason since it had not installed anything.
      Then install it again but when I start it the fans of my console get 100% and I am worried.
      I also noticed that when that happens my console gets very hot.

      Sorry for my English
    3. Diux97
      Can you play pkg games online? "Hen" will give problems to the psn?
    4. dazer
      hey there, do you think you could possibly help me with a problem?
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      2. pinky
        if you haven't, I'd post on the forums. I stopped trying things on the ps3 like four years ago, so my memory is fading.
        Nov 28, 2019
      3. dazer
        which forum should i post in?
        Nov 28, 2019
      4. pinky
        I'd post in the ps3 help forum.
        Nov 28, 2019
    5. Fallen777
      need help for ps3 superslim look in pm conversation your are added looking forward for your reply
    6. Meeman
      Breaking News! Facebook have banned the link from their site as it officially goes against their community standards. The community which regularly discusses PS hacking and occasionally plots assassinations of high profile sesame street characters, has officially been warned not to post links to the psx-place site. Stay tuned for more.
      1. Filipe Santos
        Filipe Santos
        Glad I ain't on Facebook!
        Oct 22, 2019
        Meeman likes this.
    7. ShadowL_990
      HEY pinky i have a problem can u help me
    8. Zazenora
      Just wanted to drop by and say HEY!
      You've been one of the first people I began interacting with commonly around here,
      and I consider you a friend.
      No creepy shit, I promise. I'm just bored and wanted to drop a line on your profile.
    9. ahmessid
      HELLO PINKY.. i just wanna ask you about PS3 HAN, after install psn pkg and anstall rif file every thing ok but after reboot console and enable han the game not work, do i need to install rif pkg every time ?
      1. Nazarenodtr125
        Nov 23, 2018
    10. Yugonibblit
      [email protected] hope your doing well and I hope you have a great day! I've been trying to survive. Lost a couple of good friends. Life seems Dead to me. But I will be ok I think. Keep the great advice buddy. Take care.
      1. Filipe Santos likes this.
    11. King1Day
      Hi, I'm new to this world. Yesterday I broke my ps3 with Ferrox and I also have multiman. It took forever with a YouTube video lol. Well, I'm wondering 2 things 1st is there an emulator with games that's easy to download really craving some old school marvel vs capcom. 2nd question what's the easiest way to down load GTA 5 blus mods
    12. Flodia
      Hi plz I want to inject disk copied game uncharted 3 but when I run true ancestor back up retailer it says game contains splitter files. Plz how do I merge it
    13. henny56766
      hi sorry to ask is there any chance you could make me a 3.55 Rogero Downgrader NOBD mfw i've had a go but failed.
    14. Yugonibblit
      @pinky hope your doing well:) What's with the blank posts?
    15. Yugonibblit
      Glad you like it, thought you would be the best to give a reality opinion on the subject, in short I thought it was valuable info for devs with experience in all aspects of the venture to the other side:)!
    16. Yugonibblit
      Thought you might like to check it out I guess it's some kind tool for the ps4. Hoping to hear your opinion on it. Wanted to ask you first.:)
      1. pinky
        I watched a short video of that. it seems to be the same thing as what's already available. what I'm wondering about is this cfw that's in the works, what they released a dev version of yesterday. I think you need a kernel exploit just to use it since it's in bin format ready to be converted to .js/html for use with the system. there may be a way around that, so I'm curious. :)
        May 21, 2018
    17. Yugonibblit
    18. Yugonibblit
      Hey @pinky, what the hell is hyper connect v1.2 ?
      1. pinky
        no idea. I've never heard of it.
        May 21, 2018
    19. rositasucita
      hi I need help how upgrade hdd keeping han games installed and acounts I have 160 and I want ro replace it. thanks for your attention
      1. pinky
        you can backup/restore the hdd. that option is in the xmb. make sure to sync your trophies, since I believe they don't transfer. you need a third hdd as the middleman for this.
        May 15, 2018
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    20. rositasucita
      the pkg is signed rif and installed un secondary profile I say to aldostools is better use another profile and start again because in all games not have name of buyer and that means the profile is shut down.
      thanks form your answer pinky
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    Jun 19, 1981 (Age: 38)
    The Great Gig in the Sky