PS3 4.85 SPY + Cobra v8.01 Custom Firmware R1

A Cobra CFW for 4.85 by DarkSpy

  1. darekspy
    CFW SPY 4.85 COBRA 8.01
    MD5 : AE8B8BCE1EB6571C6E1AF587F6DCC213


    • Based on OFW 4.85
    • Embed COBRA 8.01
    • Included payload for COBRA TOGGLE in LV2
    • Package Manager instead IPF
    • Added ReactPSN support
    • Run games signed up to 4.85
    • Can be installed on any CFW
    • Can be installed on 3.55 OFW or on 4.85 OFW using ps3xploit flasher (ONLY CFW COMPATIBLE MODELS)
    • Removed Cinavia for HDD, BDMV, BDVD content
    • QA flag enabled by default if was enabled earlier
    • RSOD bypass
    • Patched LV0 to remove integrity checks for COREOS
    • Patched LV2 to add Peek/Poke
    • Patched LV2 checks in LV1
    • Patched LV1 to add Peek/Poke
    • Removed epilepsy warning
    • Added gameboot, and few other graphical changes
    • Added patch to disable internet firmware update from XMB
    • Support for PS3, PS2, PSX, PSP iso
    • Removed C00 check in VSH
    • Fixed Polish font in PS2 emulator (Asian users can have minor issues with fonts due to that, for them font file change is required)
    • Added PSP DRM removal patch

    Additional download:
    PSP Launcher (
    Used to mount and play some PSP games on PS3)
    QA Toggle 4.XX (
    Once Toggled (just a black screen) Allows for installing lower firmwares)

Recent Reviews

  1. JediSith1981
    Version: R1
    werkz for me B-)

    upped directly from Rebug 4.84
  2. Filipe Santos
    Filipe Santos
    Version: R1
    Works great!