VITA / PS TV 4Rows (Connect4 Clone) v1.1 {HENkaku}

Homebrew Game - 4Roms - A connect 4 clone for the PS Vita / PSTV

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    4Rows - Connect4 game for PSVITA
    by Rinnegatamante

    • This is a fast (and ugly) port of an homebrew made with lpp-3ds, just to show how easy is to port projects towards consoles with Lua Player Plus.

      4Rows is the port of the "Four in a row"/"Connect4" sample homebrew provided with the very first PSP Lua Interpreter (

      I just adapated the script for Lua Player Plus syntax (You can check differences from original script and this one by downloading original PSP homebrew ( ) and see final.lua file) and added restart/exit controls at the end of the game and a check for draw matches (in the original ones, if you complete the board without anyone to win, game will just freeze).

      - Frank Buß for the original script

    This Vita / PSTV Release is brought to you by: Rinnegatamante

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