PSP 6.60 Plugins on 6.61 Infinity/Adrenaline 1.0

A simple plugin by Davee that allows 6.60 CFW plugins to work on 6,61 CFW, Infinity & Adrenaline

  1. atreyu187

    Seems Davee's lolhax has went down making this plugin super hard to find. It allows all the old 6.60 PSP plugins to work with his Inifinty patch for ME, Pro, Pro-MOD & Adrenaline users with eCFW on the Vita/PSTV systems. Such a useful tool for all the plugins that never went open source to become viable options again.

    1. It is necessary to take from the archive of the plugin with the extension .prx * - 660_plugins_on_661.prx and throw it to the memory card folder SEPLUGINS.

    2. Then, in text files VSH.TXT, GAME.TXT, POPS.TXT, in which the plug will be used from 6.60 to register a new line the path to the plug-in exactly the same manner as prescribed is usually the way to any other plug-ins, like this:
      ms0: /seplugins/660_plugins_on_661.prx 1
      where the digit " 1 " on the end - includes plug respectively the number " 0 " - off.

    3. This string with the path to be inserted exactly as described - "after the list of native plug-ins, and 6.61 to 6.60 transfer plug-ins" , ie, in this order:

      The plugins 6.61 
      ms0: /seplugins/660_plugins_on_661.prx 1 
      6.60 plugins